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I'd like to hear it from you: is it against the rules if you happen to offer, say, 800k on a Draik Transmogrification Potion (knowing that it costs ten times more)? Also, say the person who was making the trade accepts, and now you have a Draik Transmogrification Potion that you got for 800k. Would that be against the rules? Trades are fair, right? Therefore, if the person who bid 800k never contacted the seller, telling them to accept, would it be okay or not? I saw a board about this and it sparked my curiosity. :o Thanks! c: ~whysomean
It all boils down to intent. Has the account that is making the offer been repeatedly bidding 800,000 NP on lots requesting, say, 8,000,000 NP? Or bidding 40,000 NP on trades up for 400,000 NP? While we do believe that both sellers and buyers should be cautious, we're not about to leave a loophole for dishonest people attempting to take advantage of the unwary. We understand that there are people out there that will make low offers trying to get a good deal, or make bizarre offers just because they don't know better, and we're pretty good at sorting out the weird offers from the malicious ones. If you're out there trying to trick someone, though, don't be surprised if your account(s) ends up in the freezer.

Hey, TNT! *lays out a bowl of gummy rats* So, I was zapping my Neopets and was thrilled to get a Halloween Meerca. I was very happy, and the next day I also got a Halloween zap for my Shoyru! Therefore, my question is whether the Lab Ray favors the Halloween style during October, or was this just a freak-like coincidence? ~lucas4429
A lucky freak coincidence, it seems! The Lab Ray functions the same all year 'round. :)

Hi TNT, I was once an avid Neopets player until I had a lapse in judgment and subsequently had my account frozen. I know the rule (at the time, anyway) was that if you get frozen, you never thaw out. I'm just wondering if there's any way to get un-iced once that's been done (assuming that, like me, you had a bad week, did something stupid, and would never do it again)? I just can't enjoy Neopets anymore, and apparently can't use enough commas x.x ~[username removed]
Hrm, we don't recall any such rule like that... unless perhaps it was so long ago that no one remembers? If your account is otherwise clean and you posted something a bit boneheaded that got you frozen, you may still have a chance of regaining your account if you write in to support (we suggest politely) and honestly explain what happened. If the account has been frozen for too long it may not be possible to return it, though. As always, players who maliciously attempt to abuse the site through cheating, scamming, or repeated mayhem need not not apply. :P

Wow! My Petpet, TikiTickles the Taigar, just won a PPL award!!! *happy dance* I show up on the list as #73. Will I show some kind of medal on my User Lookup, or is that only for the top three trophies? I ask because there IS a medal showing on the winners' page. Thanks for answering, and thanks for picking the Taigar!!! You are wonderful! *hands warm homemade apple pie with optional scoop of ice cream on top* :) ~fleetingfame
Yay! Congrats! To answer your question, the first 150 oldest of whichever Petpet gets chosen that week gets a medal. However, the medal does not appear on your User Lookup. The PPL awards the medal to your Neopet for taking such good care of their Petpet. Therefore, you can see your shiny bronze medal on your Scorchio's lookup. :)


I've been looking around the site for prices on items. People at the Trading Post say that there's a Trading Post price. How do I get to it? ~seanrocks_8
Trading Post (TP) prices are what you see in players' wishlists when you search for an item on the Trading Post. These prices are what various players are asking for the item. Please note that these prices are what individual players are asking, and may or may not reflect the actual value of the item. It's best to be very informed before making big purchases on the Trading Post. Just to be clear, for items that are too expensive to show up on the Shop Wizard, there's no price list anywhere that people are referencing. They are using their knowledge of the Neopian economy, the rarity of the item, and the demand for the item to determine a sale price.

Hello, mighty TNT! I was wondering: are there any fellow Neopians who have earned all the avatars that have ever been released on Neopets? Thanks for reading! ~tirmin
There are players that have earned an impressive number of avatars, but unfortunately it's downright impossible to have them all. There are several sets of avatars where you could only earn one or the other.

I noticed that, if I view my Closet, there is a Royal Boy Wocky Goatee as part of the clothing set. However, when I am customizing my royal boy Wocky, the goatee is not available to be worn! Is the goatee just tantalizing facial hair that Wockies refuse to wear? ~puffalump10
We're checking with the artists now, and looking to identify the problem. :)

Why hello there, TNT! How are you guys doing today? Oh, you're excited to answer my question? That's splendid! I'll get on with it, then! A lot of us Stock Market players feel as though we are being a little neglected. :( Where is our avatar? *hands out muffins* Please? ~melayeti14
Actually, we've been meaning to release one! Thanks for the reminder. We'll make a note to schedule it relatively soon.

HIYA, TNT! *throws random Meepits* Okay, there's a question that has been bugging me since the Bonju secret was discovered. What were your reactions when you found out that the Bonju avatar had finally been obtained? Were you like "Oh, FINALLY!" or "The Meepits might have revealed it!" or "Awww... quick! Let's give them another one!"? ~wenzy_12
Mostly it was being happy for you guys and tears of joy at the thought of never having to read another "How do you get the Bonju avatar?" question that was sent to the Editorial.

For a number of weeks now, I have been unable to visit the Meteor Crash Site and poke the illustrious meteor. I am always either greeted by a very hot meteor or an angry Grundo scientist. A friend of mine has been able to visit like normal. Why can't I? Please omit my name. Thanks! (: ~[username removed]
Odd... that's usually what you get if you are attempting to visit again too shortly after your last meteor poke, but judging from the amount of questions sent in about the issue there's obviously something that's gone wonky. Oh well, it gives us an excuse to badger the programmers now so that they don't get jealous of us prodding the artists. :)

Actually, we just got sick of being poked with sticks. ;_;
P.S.: Where do you guys keep finding sticks on Kreludor anyway?!?

Hi, TNT. Okay, so people were obviously going crazy when the Mystery Shop avatar was released. However, a board was created with people who ALREADY had the avatar but were buying the items just for the sake of "noobs" not getting it. So, my question: is this even allowed? Please remove my username. Thanks. Also, thanks for releasing more avatars! My favourite now is the Discarded Grundo one... so cute. :) ~[username removed]
Ugh. Unfortunately this falls slightly more into the "just being a jerk" category than harassment, so unless they are more directly harassing players, if they want to waste their Neopoints just to be mean, then that's their call. Fair warning to those players who do like to be cruel just for the sake of it, though: the monitors have no love for that kind of behaviour and may respond a bit harsher if you do step over the line. We do take behaviour into account when sending out warnings or freezing.

Hello! *hands out espresso* Why can't we unattach our awesome Petpets that we get from the Petpet Lab Ray? I think it would be awesome to be able to get lucky and resell the zapped Petpets. I don't see how it is different from pounding or trading the regular Neopets we get from the Lab Ray. Thanks! ~gaverbug1
The Petpet Lab Ray is something to do for fun. It is not meant to be an easy way to make Neopoints. Also, comparing the sale of Petpets (items) to the trading / pounding of Neopets makes us die a little on the inside. Neopets are not items.

Hey, TNT! I was curious: where do the clips of art (usually in Neopian Times articles) come from? I've looked all over the site but I can't seem to find a variety of them anywhere. I wanted to use one to put on my Neopet lookups, but sadly I can't find any... thanks for all your help! ~maiils
They mostly come from the rather extensive library of images we have made for The Neopian Times over the years. Unless someone has a nifty Petpage, there's no one place where they can all be viewed by the Neopian public.

Hi, TNT. Uh... just wondering. Why can't we post pictures of ourselves on our User Lookups? o-o It seems a bit silly. ~strahbearies
Neopets is a pet and game site, not a social networking site. We want it to be a safe place for all ages to play, and none of us here want to go to a random User Lookup and find risqué pictures of people like you often find on social networking sites. *shudders* We'd rather just draw the line at no photos at all than have to sort through images and decide if they are appropriate or not. Also, it's just not a safe practice, and it would be practically impossible to keep minors from posting pictures if we let adults do it. There's just too many reasons to say no to this.

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