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I was just wondering why, since by Neopian time the day has already started, you wait until 2:00 PM NST (Neopian Standard Time) to come out with the news and other updates? I realize that other places in the world have different times zones, but Neopia has its own time zone, and therefore shouldn't be based upon when other places should get the news and updates. Thank you for your time. :) ~pizzachalet
Neopian Standard Time also happens to be Pacific Time, due to where our office is located. The news goes live in the afternoon because that's usually how long it takes us to write up the news, gather all the art, judge any contests, make sure everything is uploaded, and a whole slew of other things before having it all translated into several different languages as well. :) Updating the New Features page is quite a lot of work really, and not something we can accomplish first thing in the morning, though we try not to put up the news too late.

Hello, TNT! *throws hot dogs, jello, and ice cream your way!* My Neopet owns a Petpet that was zapped. It has been owned for over 800 days but is not in its original form. If the PPL Award is given, will my Neopet receive the award for the zapped Petpet or the original Petpet? Thank you for all the great work you do on the site on a regular basis! (if printed please remove my name) ~[username removed]
No, any Petpet that has been zapped is not eligible for the PPL award, even if the original incarnation of the Petpet had been old enough to win. Even if it had been zapped back to its original form by the Lab Ray, simply being zapped makes the Petpet ineligible. The only way to make it eligible again would be to remove the Petpet and give it back to the Neopet. This (of course) would reset the age of the Petpet, though.

Hi, I wanted to know where I can find the Elite Boutique. I saw it mentioned in the Editorial a few weeks ago and have been looking for it since. Thanks. ~[username removed]
If your account is old enough, you can visit the Elite Boutique by going to the NC Mall and looking near the upper right. There will be a red circle with a yellow star in the middle. Click that to visit the boutique! If you can't access it, then that means your account isn't old enough yet. D:

Hi, TNT! *gives cookies* I was just wondering what would have been the prize of this week's Lenny Conundrum (326) if there were less than 250 correct answers, and if you are going to do that again later (with the same prize)? Thank you! ~epyslone
We're gonna keep that a secret in the hope that curiosity will help encourage players not to spread the answer, and we may do it again. It's entirely up to our LC judge.

It's a mystery to everyone...

Hi guys! So, I was wondering... you have board monitors, but do you have Neomail monitors? Thank you! If this is answered, please exclude my account name. :D ~[username removed]
Yes, all areas of the site are monitored. No, that doesn't mean we're reading everyone's Neomails and every single board post. Yes, we do use a system that helps us spot inappropriate posts. No, there is no "bot" that freezes you. Yes, the system alerts a real, live breathing human being employed as a site monitor to look at the post / Neomail and decide if the player has broken one of the site rules, who then chooses the appropriate course of action. Yes, we are telling the truth. No, there is no giant conspiracy. I mean, look at us; our Word of the Day yesterday was "dung." Do you really think we're capable of masterminding all those convoluted conspiracy theories that players come up with?

I recently bought my first Petpetpet for one of my lovely Neopets, but it won't attach. I was over at the Help boards and they told me that it sometimes takes a while for it to attach to a Petpet. Is there a specific amount of refreshes it takes to attach a Petpetpet to a Petpet? Also, how come we can't paint or name them? ~xxipodsxx
There's no specific amount, so best to just leave it in your Inventory until it decides to hop onto your active Neopet's Petpet. While doing so, we recommend keeping other junk in your Inventory to help distract the Pant Devil and other nasty things. As far as naming and painting them... they're just little Petpetpets, just the size of a bug. We're very curious if you name the fleas on your real pets. :O

Hey, TNT! I was wondering if there are any Emerald Eyrie Coins that exist in Neopia. I know they are of a high rarity, but I've never actually seen one anywhere. Thanks! :D ~sixaroo
Apparently, that coin just doesn't seem to like restocking. It has a rarity of 100, yes, but we're not surprised that you haven't seen one before. They really do restock though, honest! There have been at least a few, if not more.

Hi, TNT! I'd hand you a coconut but I just can't knock one off at the Coconut Shy. Anyway, I was wondering: is there really a difference as far as which coconut I knock down? Like, in a group of five coconuts, is one of them the jackpot coconut, or does the possibility exist that all of those coconuts are rigged? ~superduperpoke
Rigged? What in Neopia makes you think that poor Quiggle has rigged his own game? We mean, just because he has a hammer behind his back and you see an occasional nail fly out when you knock down a coconut... well, to answer your question, there is no jackpot coconut, so just throw as hard as you can and hope it's hard enough to knock out a nai-- erm, knock down one of those amazingly sturdy coconuts.

Hello, TNT! I saw that you updated quite a few worlds recently, and I have an interesting question that does not involve the location of the Hidden Tower: will you ever update Jelly W-- *gagged and dragged away by Meepits* ~dragonstorm_75
*Watches her get dragged away* We honestly prefer to update worlds that, ya know, actually exist. Sheesh, silly players.


Hey, TNT! Thanks for the awesome Maraquan Poogle colour. :D However, am I just imagining it, or was there no new Poogle clothing released for Poogle Day? ~dragonsflame_uk
*waves hand mysteriously* Of course there was Poogle clothing on Poogle Day! Though, uh... because a lot of people seemed to, uhh... not notice it, we're ehh... going to mention it again this upcoming Wednesday in New Features. Yes, that works. *sweats*

Well, once again I got scammed at the Trading Post... I asked 725k for a Honey Potion and I got 725 NP. I didn't pay attention and accepted it. I don't even remember the username so that I could report what happened or anything like that... you guys should really make a trading history or something for these kinds of things. *goes to vent on Punchbag Bob* ~wassabi_spice
Oof, that stinks. We'll spare you the lecture about always doublechecking offers. Rest assured, you're not the only Neopian to have learned that lesson the hard way. Well, as someone once said, it's best to learn all those nasty tricks that scammers use on Neopets with Neopoints rather than in real life with real money. D: As for reporting the person, please do, even if you don't remember their username. While reporting the username is always helpful and appreciated, we should have no problem tracking down who it was even without that information.

I love how, in Chariot Chase, you can choose the color of the Alabriss you want to use. I was wondering, though: why is there an electric one when you can't paint an Alabriss electric? (please remove my username) ~[username removed]
Hehe, it looks like this question got answered by this past week's news. Don't worry, we asked ourselves the same thing, followed by, "Wait, we don't even have an Electric Petpet Paint Brush!" We decided, "Well, easier to go with the flow, and why waste good art?" Therefore, you guys lucked out and got an Electric Petpet Paint Brush from the mess. :D See? Sometimes we make good mistakes! For the sake of trivia, this is also remarkably similar to the way that the Starry Petpet Paint Brush came into existence. *embarrassed laugh*

How do you decide on the order in which items appear in the Safety Deposit Box? Sometimes it seems random, while at other times the items appear as though they're in the same order as they were deposited. ~cujo_338
They are in the order of their item number, from lowest to highest. Whenever we create an item, we give it a unique number that corresponds with the order that we added it to our database.

In the Editorial from week 410, somebody asked what time it was when you answered their question. You stated the time was exactly 2:44:16 PM. However, did you get the time before or after you typed everything else? And, in the event that you copied the time after you typed everything else, by the time you pasted in the time it would have changed. You could also consider answering the question by stating when you published the NT. If you are stating that the time was mentally established, this could also be faulty, considering that that may not be the true answer. Then there's always the issue of milliseconds. So, TNT... what time was it REALLY? ~kevinpayravi
Time for us to stop reading Editorial questions and go get some more coffee.

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