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*Hands over a Palm Fan* They are great! Is there a glitch atUnderwater Fishing that is stopping Neopets with 500 or more skill level to gain Levels? I know several people at 500 that are no longer gaining levels, yet they still fish daily. Thanks for your time & have a great day! ~crusher_9966
Hiya, 500 is the skill level cap for Underwater Fishing. While of course everyone is welcome to continue fishing, there will be no more level gains past that.

Howdy, TNT! This is my first time submitting a question to the Editorial, so I'm a bit nervous! Anyway, it seems that on September 9th, 2009 at the hour of 6:00 AM (NST), Draiks were released for creation through "Create a Pet." This caused an obvious uproar within the Neopian community. My question is as follows: was the release of the Draiks an accident or intentional? A lot of people are wondering. Everyone has tried to come up with their own theories, but I'd love to have TNT explain the whole situation. ~tamstari
We could blame this one on the Meepits, but honestly it seems like this was a glitch on our part. It was one of those horrific, blurry-eyed early morning moments when support suddenly asked, "Why are Draiks being released?" promptly followed by us flailing around and stopping it A.S.A.P. We talked about the matter and decided not to remove the created Draiks, as we were hoping some good would come out of it and the price of Draik morphers and eggs would take a dip (not to mention the technical disaster and emotional trauma we would cause by taking away everyone's new Neopets). We're very sorry to anyone who sat there refreshing for more, or recently dropped a cool 10 mil on a Draik and felt a little cheated. But hey, at least it made the day exciting... right? ._.

Soooo... I have a question. There are lots of specific rules about having a side account on Neopets. I've followed them all pretty perfectly, but I'm curious about something: the Igloo Garage Sale limits you to ten items a day. Does this mean that you cannot purchase items on your side account? It would be a lot cheaper to feed my side account Neopet this way! ~_lizzica_
The Igloo Garage Sale counts as any shop, so please do not purchase items from it on your side accounts. You're more than welcome to send food or Neopoints to your side from your main to ensure all your Neopets get the care they deserve. :)

Last week someone asked about off-site credits ("copyrights" was the word they used), wanting to know if this was against the rules since it could, in fact, be taken as off-site linking. However, you answered them by saying that we could sign our work, but to not use the copyright symbol. I'm still curious, though: can we or can we not sign our work with, say, the URL to our off-site portfolio? Or our username on that portfolio site even? I think that's what they were getting at. ~princess_ainrann
You can sign your Neopets username (if it's a different username than the one you submitted with, we may think you stole the art), but please do not put the URL of your portfolio or link to that popular art site on your image. If it has an off-site link, we won't be able to spotlight the image. We've had to pass on a lot of really gorgeous art because of this in the past. D:

Why did the site go down for three hours on Labor Day? Did the Meepits take over? ~sweetminny22
This one we will blame on the Meepits, because as humble Editorialists, we have no idea about the workings of all those wacky gizmos that make the site run. *throws dart at dartboard* Let's see, the site crashed because... *squints* Meepits chewed through the server cords! Bad Meepits. Bad!

Phase one, complete.

Hey TNT, how come you have to be 13 to Neomail and chat? I think it should maybe be 12 or 11! I was just wondering if you can change that. Thanks! ~cassie123_bamagirl
*flicks on recorded message* COPPA, the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act, prohibits us from allowing players under the age of thirteen from being able to submit personal information without parental approval. Thirteen isn't an age we just randomly made up to allow you access to Neomail and chat; it's a law we have to abide by.

I know we're not permitted to talk about real life illnesses on Neopets, but is it permitted to have Neopets named after them? I've seen a few, including serious mental illnesses, which I personally find offensive (remove my name if you choose to publish this). ~[username removed]
If you're not allowed to be discussing it, you shouldn't be naming Neopets after it either. If you see a Neopet named after something like this, please feel free to report it so we can look into the matter.

Hey, TNT. :D I have a quick question pertaining to art commissions on Neopets. I know that they are not allowed and am not trying to change that. My question actually pertains to some users on Neopets who have their art on an offsite website. My question is as follows: let's say Sally has her art there, and she offers to accept commissions on that site, drawing unicorns, puppies, and such. Then, Ariel comes along and commissions Sally to draw one of her Neopets. If Sally complies, could she get in trouble? Please remove my username! ~ [username removed]
Yes she could. Artists cannot accept any form of payment (be it Neopoints, items, or real money) for producing art that is based off of our intellectual property. We love to see Neopets art, and think it's wonderful that it encourages you to draw, but it can't be a way for you to make a profit.

Dear TNT, why do items appear that say you've donated them when you visit the Meridell Rubbish Dump? Does going to the rubbish dump take items from your Inventory or Safety Deposit Box? ~starry_night8806
Hehe, no. It doesn't remove any of your items. It's just programmed to display you as someone who has made a donation when you visit the page. :)

Hi! I have a concern. I had 24 Negg tokens, so I went to look at which Neggs I could buy. When I came back I had zero Negg tokens. What's up? ~ssc289
Well, considering that there's a Genius Negg in your Inventory (which happens to cost 24 Negg tokens), we're guessing you accidentally clicked it, or clicked the Negg without realising that it purchases the Negg soon as you click on it. As a general warning to all, please be careful in there, hehe. We suppose it would be nice of us to have an "Are you sure?" button in there to stop this from happening. We'll see if we can harass a programmer to take care of that.

Maybe it was for the best!

What are the majority of TNT members going to reroll when WoW: Cataclysm comes out... Goblin or Worgen? :) ~alarandria
*looks around and whispers* I think most of us are going for Worgen, though the faction discount and awesome new mount for Goblins is tempting. Time is money, friend!

If someone enters a question in the Editorial one week and it doesn't get answered, is there a chance that it will get answered the following week? ~ponzi1999
Unless we purposefully save it because we don't have time to wrangle up the person that can give us the answer, then it is unlikely, since by the following week the question would be buried under an avalanche of more recent questions.

Heya, TNT! ;D I was just wondering, how many people a week send in Editorial questions TaLk!Ng LyK d!$? :] That must be quite annoying for you guys. ~reckless4romance
Surprisingly, we get very few questions written in 1337 speak (thank goodness). Most people have figured out the general style of questions that get answered in the Editorial, and that type is not one them. We do get questions with some Very odd Capitalisation and other minor things, but thankfully the questions themselves seem to scratch away at our sanity rather than the grammar skills. What kind of questions, you may ask? Why here, we thought we might give you a sneak peek at the REAL Editorial -- the questions we look through and spare you from each week:

"So, my question is, when you haggle in a shop run by NPCs, are you the guys behind the haggling? Or is there some program doing it?"

"Hiya. I've been hearing that Neopets was sold to a company called Viacom. Is this true?"

"Which species is Lord Kass? Pteri or Eyrie?"

"Can you see us through the moniters? o.o"

"What happens to the neopoints the lever of doom takes?"

"Are chocolate Neopets edible?"

"Where, when, and how did Derek Eyrie died?"
(These are still the most common questions asked of the Editorial.)

"Why are Organic Red Grapes colored purple?"
(While a valid question, we suppose, it's been surprisingly asked no less than 38 times by different people. o_O)

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