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Hey, TNT! Love your work! I have a question. I was on a lending board and one of the lenders said that they hadn't gotten their Jetsam back, so I offered to help her get another one. She then said no thanks, because she didn't want another one, but rather wished that we could make sides just to lend. So, that's my question: are we allowed to make sides just to lend? Thanks! ~helplessly_confused
As long as you're not using it in an attempt to scam or trick someone, we suppose that there is nothing wrong with it, as long as you are obeying the side account rules and not creating more than five total accounts.

I love customisation and putting looks together for my Neopets; it's one of the things that really makes the site fun for me. However, I often feel that my creativity is randomly limited by items that, for no obvious reason, cannot be worn at the same time (or that disappear under other items or Neopets' own fur coats). Would you consider releasing an "advanced mode," much like the one you have for creating gallery layouts, where we ourselves could assign wearables to layers and thus combine and stack things exactly as we see fit? It would open up some REALLY cool new options for us customisers, and I think that the worst you'd have to fear is a bunch of extra weird looking Neopets with three overlapping hats, which really isn't very frightening at all. ~raza_
Sorry, this isn't possible at the moment, but we are always trying to advance the options for layering to make it more fun, so keep playing and it should only get better as we continue to add more options.

I'm getting on my hands and knees for this. Please, please, PLEASE can we have a Sent Neomail box? It would make Neopian life so much easier if you could know what Neomails you have sent already so you don't send the same thing again and again. P.S.: I will be sending this in every day until it gets answered. Have a nice day! ~iluvspike4ever365
We will look into the possibility of this, but we are not sure if it is something we can do at the moment.

Does the free Neocash that users receive for events, such as Daily Dare, expire after one year? ~dragonfire_k13
All Neocash expires one year after receipt, whether it was purchased (using PayPal / through a Neocash Card) or received free of charge as part of a site event (Halloween, Springtime Celebration, etc.) or activity (Expellibox, Daily Dare, etc.).

When you buy something at the NC Mall, are you using the oldest Neocash you've redeemed or does it not keep track? I'm asking because NC expires a year after you get it and people are wondering whether or not the Neocash they got a year ago will cause all of their NC to expire, even stuff that they might have gotten a week ago. ~terragainsborough
Neocash is used in the order that it is received, oldest to newest. Only Neocash that has been in your account for one year will expire, and it does not trigger Neocash that isn't a year old yet to expire.

That's some good news!

Dear TNT, I was on the Pound boards when I happened to look up at the "logout" link and see that I had 50 NC. I did not buy anything to get it or play for it (I already spent my Daily Dare Neocash). So, I was wondering if this is some kind of glitch and if can I spend it? XD ~x_xsammehhx_x
It's all yours! The Neocash was a gift from Rosie on Wednesday. :D

When I tried to claim Rosie's prize for the Springtime Celebration, I accidentally clicked twice and only received a Negg Nobody Found Last Year and a Filigree Carousel Negg. I already had 75 NC before I tried to claim Rosie's prize and noticed that, after I claimed the prize, I still hadn't received the 50 NC. ~usha1234567890
If you didn't receive your 50 NC, try going to the NC Mall area of the site. Sometimes that helps to fix it. :)

This week the Gobbler was given the PPL award. I looked at the list expecting to see my Petpet's name on there but Wobbles was not listed, yet he is older by a few hours than the Petpets that won. How come Wobbles was passed up? Does my Neopet still get a trophy? This happened once before, when I had a Snicklebeast attached a while ago. What do you have against Wobbles?!? ~swtazcandy180
We have nothing against poor Wobbles. Please remember, though, that we often judge the PPL several hours before the news goes live. The ages you see those Petpets as are the age that they were when we ran the script that finds the oldest Petpets of that type. So, when you see the news and notice that your Petpet is currently older than the ones on the PPL page, keep that in mind. Your Petpet has kept aging, but the ages on the PPL page are frozen in time. Also, for Advent Calendar Petpets, it's very difficult to win the PPL unless you were up right at the stroke of midnight and equipped your Petpet nearly instantly.

Hey TNT, I'd offer you some of my lovely cottage cheese, but it's just so darn delicious! XD Anyhoo, I recently submitted some ideas / suggestions and was pleased to receive a speedy response from a lady by the name of [helpful staff person]. She was very polite and professional. I was just wondering, for those of us who are of age, is there a way to get a mod-job with TNT, or a job working for TNT from home? ~spooffy_puff
Ohhh, does it have peaches in it? *drools* We'll forward your kudos to our support staff; We're sure they'll love the warm fuzzy. For those of you who are over the age of 18 and interested in working for us, check out the employment page.

Okay, so this has been running through my mind for quite some time now. I've noticed a lot of people trading their Draiks / Krawks, or expensively painted Neopets for basic "glitched" Neopets (Neopets with no eyes, etc.). Why they feel the need to have a glitched Neopet is beyond me. Now, this is all fine and dandy, sure. Trade with whatever Neopet you want, but... won't you guys, oh wondrous TNT, eventually "fix" those aforementioned glitched Neopets? ~linds4y
Yeeeeah... we think the players trading for glitched Neopets might have stumbled into a game of Staff Basher and gotten knocked over the head a few too many times, but hey... it's their choice. Just realise, guys, that these glitches could be fixed at any moment, so don't come QQing to us if you traded your Draik for a green Quiggle!

Hey, I'm not complaining!

Okay, so this has been bothering me for a bit and I need an answer from the masters. I was making a font with certain song lyrics in the siggie, and I was told that I could get warned because the lyrics mention death. I went through the Chat Rules and there was nothing in there saying that I can or can't have a siggie / font set mentioning death or dying. Can you clear this up for me? Also, please remove my username if this gets in. ~[username removed]
We checked out your siggy and it seems to be somewhat related to suicide, so that's definitely a bad signature. Anything hinting at / discussing / shedding a positive light on your own death is really not welcome here. If you need to talk to someone about such things, please discuss them with an adult you trust.

Hi, so I was able to get into Petpet Park! Someone asked for the link, though, and I was wondering: since Petpet Park is part of Neopets (but not exactly in Neopets) are we allowed to post the link or not? Thank you! :D Here, have a brownie ('cause they PWN cookies). ~amzing_crystals_
Yes, you are allowed to post Petpet Park links. :)

Could you perhaps let everyone know on the Petpet Park page that, when you make a Petpet Park account, you're also making a Neopets account? That way people don't accidentally exceed the five account rule. (: ~acarcrashtoadmire_x3
This is true, and we will be adding a message to the page soon. Please make sure you use your Neopets accounts that you already have if you don't need / want another account.

I heard that there is a cheat where I have to send an email to [email address] to get free items. I'm starting to believe that this cheat is true since many people claim that it has worked for them and they've gotten many rare items. Am I allowed to try this cheat out? ~[username removed]
NO. Do not try it, do not make a side account to try it. Report it, and report anyone you see saying it works. There is NO WAY to get free Neopoints or items by mailing people, going to offsite links, etc. All those accounts that you see saying, "It worked for me!" are accounts that were scammed and are now being used by the scammer to perpetuate that scam. Report any and all accounts that support a scam. Also, do not try to "catch" the cheater for us by going offsite or contacting them. We're trained to deal with stuff like this, and we don't want you guys putting your computers at risk hunting down scammers. Please just report them to us.

Hey, I was recently lent a Meowclops for the avatar. It was on a Neopet, via The Pound. The person didn't check how many Neopets I had, whether I had the correct amount of Neopoints, etc. So there I was, waiting in The Pound, having forgotten that I had four Neopets and not knowing I was 2,000 NP too low to adopt the Neopet. I only remembered seconds before, when I had no time to do anything but hope and try. I pounded a Neopet (something I now sincerely regret, since it's been adopted by a German so we can't communicate), and took 2,000 NP out of the bank, by which time somebody else had adopted it. The person wouldn't give the Neopet back, saying that the rules wouldn't let them. Since then, I have been slightly harassed by the original owner. Am I the one to blame? Please don't show my username. Thank you! *throws basket of cookies* ~[username removed]
Egads, what a disaster! It seems both of you were simply careless: not using the transfer option instead of The Pound and not thinking ahead to the cost of the Neopet. The person that received the Neopet in The Pound is under no obligation to return the Neopet or Petpet unless they want to. Unless there was foul play going on, it seems like it was an accident and that no one is really to blame, though it's sad that the lender is out a Meowclops. :( Both of you, please be more careful in the future.

So, lately, I've seen a lot of people who actually think that the person drawing images is the same person who activates the items, makes the games, and updates the news. This sounds far-fetched to me, and I'm vocal about it, but the petty bickering won't stop without evidence. I know you've given hints of having more than one employee before, but for the sake of ending an argument, could you let this reply be an official statement with regard to there being more than one person in your office? ~lobstrosities
Oh goodness, we know what you mean! We see this on the boards all the time. "Why did they make a new Flash game while we're still waiting for plot prizes?" or "Why are they still drawing new items when they need to release old ones?" or really amazing ones like "Why are they writing Neopedias when the slot games still need to be fixed?"

Basically, because our Flash game creators don't draw and program items, our artists don't code the items they draw, and our writers - as talented as they are - would probably run from the building screaming if we asked them to troubleshoot Flash game code. There are hundreds of people working on very different tasks here at Neopets, so just because some things are getting done doesn't mean that no one is working on other things. ;)

Dear TNT, is it possible to get Neocash from the Wishing Well? ~leeta
Nope! Our Wishing Well is a bit behind the times. But, then again, stone wells never were really all that advanced, even magical ones.

Community notice:
The Delicate Enamel Negg that Rosie gave away yesterday when you visited a secret location on Mystery Island went directly to your storage shed, rather than your inventory. If the pop-up said that you received it, but it didn't appear in your inventory, check your shed!

I hope you didn't *shed* any tears about missing me!

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