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I think I must ask myself this question out loud every time I log on but no one ever replies, so I have decided to ask you guys. Why does it cost so much to update my shop by 5 items each time? What is the reason for this? ~natty116
Yeah, it's hard to hear you from your distant computer, so it's good you decided to ask us via the Editorial. Upgrading your shop is an investment, just like in the real world. The more successful your shop is, the bigger you can make it (in order to bring in even more Neopoints). This also acts as a money sink, which is good for the Neopian economy. :)

I'm having some trouble with the codes from Neopets: Puzzle Adventure. When I go to the URL where I can redeem my prizes, all I can see is a Coming Soon banner. Did the Meepits eat the box where you can type the codes, and therefore we will never get our prizes? :o ~bruneti
Everyone should be able to access the page in English now.

Dear TNT, I have noticed that my caption could be voted on. As a result, I was wondering if you could vote on your own caption. Don't worry, I won't vote just in case. ~[username removed]
Voting for your own caption is fine as long as you do not attempt to abuse the system. This means no logging on to side accounts to vote!

Hi TNT! I've often wondered about this, so I finally decided to ask if custom training was allowed before a trade. Like, let's say a person offers a 600,000 NP custom training for his Neopet before he trades it. Is this allowed? Also, are custom Neopets still allowed for trading? I hope this can settle the doubts once and for all. Thanks, TNT! Also, please keep my username anonymous. :) ~[username removed]
Let's make this clear. Trading Neopets is not a spiffy way to buy trained Neopets, or to basically purchase what you might consider a Neopet "upgrade." Trading Neopets is literally for trading Neopets. One for one. There should be no Neopoints, paint brushes, special training, or anything else involved in these trades.

Hey, TNT! I've noticed that, when baby Ogrins are sad, the picture shows them without a nose. Is this a glitch, and will it be fixed? ~frostedflame
Oh, that's freaky. We'll have an artist look into that. x_X

Hey TNT, a player Neomailed me out of the blue today about selling some items in my gallery and I have a question about something they said. They wanted to trade "five items of their choosing" from my gallery for 20,000 Neopoints. Now, I didn't even consider this offer because the items in my gallery are not for sale and never have been, but it did get me wondering if that sort of trade (offering a set amount of Neopoints for "items of the buyer's choosing") would be allowed even if both parties agreed; it just seems like a really easy way for either the buyer or seller to get scammed. I'd really appreciate it if you could clear this up for me, thanks! ~[username removed]
What an odd request. x_X While we don't really have any rules regarding something like that, we do suggest that you not enter into such an agreement, as it can only lead to trouble. When trading, it's best to be very clear about what items are being traded and have a clear, agreed-upon price. Otherwise things can just end up in a mess.

In Key Quest, is it considered cheating or strategy to not take your turn so that the power-up another player played on you will not work? I think it's cheating. So, Great Gods of Neopia, is it strategy or cheating? There are some out there who think it's strategy (or at least use that as an excuse). ~copper316
This is considered cheating; it is not strategy. Please avoid not taking your turn to get an advantage. We are working on fixing this.

If you wouldn't try to pull it over on someone
you're sitting down playing a board game with,
don't try it in Key Quest.

Is posting "Check Sunny Neo" on a board considered reportable? Some say that it's an offsite link. Others say that it's fine, because it's a Neo-friendly site. So... can you clarify? ~prettylittletroll
Please avoid posting any offsite links on the boards, whether they are Neo-friendly or not.

If someone had four side accounts and got the Christmas Paint Brush on every one of those accounts, then sent them all to the main account and sold them at the Trading Post or Auction House, would it be considered cheating? ~hamtarro
Yes. This would pretty much define cheating on Neopets. You may only visit the Advent Calendar on your main account and claim your prizes once per day. Anyone caught abusing this (and trust us, plenty have tried) will have all their accounts frozen.

Could you please tell Sloth to stop dumping chemicals into the sea? Maraquan Krawks seem to have turned spotless. :( ~shadowkat1313
D'oh! We can fix it, we suppose, but then they'll lose their spotless reputation!! Da-dum-CHA!

Hi, TNT! I was just randomly wondering... in a lot of the stories on the site, the kids don't match their parents' species. Like, in "The Tale of Woe," the mom and dad are a Zafara and a Skeith, yet their kids are a Gelert, a Lupe, and an Ixi. Are they adopted or something like that? ~stripeybadgerfluff
Nope, that's just how Neopets works. :)

If you're still thinking about the above question, just stop.
It'll only hurt your brain. Just accept it and move on!

Hey hey hey, TNT. I just had this idea. Why don't you implement some sort "kindness / popularity / fame" system, where each player gets a score and other people can raise or lower that score depending on how that player acts? For instance, if someone is nice to you and lends you something, you can raise their kindness / popularity / fame level (or whatever you want to call it). It gives people a reason to be nice, and it also may stop people from being mean on the boards and whatnot (because people could then lower their level!). Of course, there would have to be a limit on how often you can raise or lower another's score. Also, there'd be a few things that would have to be worked out, but I bet you could do it! Thanks for reading this long question. :D ~gooie629
This has been suggested in the past and, while (if properly used) it'd be a nice tool... well, admit it -- it'd get abused to heck here. We're concerned that groups of people would gang up and grief other players using it, and it'd just be a social mess, so best to keep players as safe as we can and avoid that type of system.

Hiya! If your friend wants to share an account with you and you know them in real life, can you? Thanks! *gives all of The Neopets Team milk and cookies* ~__hanele__18__
No, accounts are meant to be enjoyed by one person. Even if you know someone in real life it is against the rules to share accounts. Trust us, it almost always ends up in a huge mess for the players involved with a lot of hurt feelings. We don't want that happening, and will freeze accounts that we find to be shared.

Hi, TNT! While I am very happy with the new gift boxes that allow you to send Neocash items to others, is it possible to actually send Neocash itself to friends? I have a side account on which I'm 50 Neocash short of an item I want, and I have exactly 50 Neocash on my main. Is it possible that Neocash will ever be transferable? (If not, then perhaps in small amounts?) ~dragon10044
Sorry, we don't have any plans at the moment to make Neocash transferable to other accounts.

I purchase a scratchcard from the kiosk in the Haunted Woods almost every day, and sometimes if I do not get three matches, Sidney will say, "That card was a jackpot winner... and you blew it!" Was the card really a jackpot winner?! ~xyra101
Hehe, we think Sidney just says that to mess with people and to get them coming back. We wouldn't take him too seriously. ;D

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