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Please help me! :( I accidentally transferred my Neopet to a user who does not exist! I spelled the name wrong. Is there any way to get it back? I can't adopt poor Neopets from The Pound anymore... ~iciclernia
Oh dear... never fear, though. Since the person doesn't exist to accept the transfer, your Neopet will be heading back to you in a few days. It may be a little confused, but otherwise unharmed.

Okay, so I saw on a Neopets help site that there is an unconverted faerie Hissi. However, there is no converted one. What would happen if you had an unconverted faerie Hissi and then clicked the "convert" button? ~agb2001
The faerie Hissi is an unreleased Neopet. This means that, even though some art was done for it, it was never released on the site. As a result, there are no converted or non-converted ones in existence. Since you can't convert a Neopet that doesn't exist anywhere on the site, it's not something to worry about. ;D

So I got a Fountain Faerie Quest and did it, but I didn't use the Rainbow Fountain. I then got another Fountain Faerie Quest (yes, what a lucky guy!). If I complete this second quest, will I lose the first one and only be able to use the fountain once, or can I use it twice? Is it one time per quest? Thanks! ~catita_potter
Man, some people just have all the luck! You will need to use up the FFQ that you already have before turning in the second quest; otherwise, the old one will go *poof*.

I tried to enter my Neopet into the Spotlight competition and got this message: another Neopet has already entered the spotlight for the upcoming week with the same item combination as Adelraen. Why can't I enter my Neopet, too? My Neopet may look different than the one entered. He could be a different species or color. Shouldn't he be allowed to enter too, and not be excluded just because someone else has a similar look? ~xsqueexx
Mostly it's just to make the competition more pleasant for those who enjoy scoring the entries, so they don't have to see the same thing over and over. Think of it as a little nudge to really push that creativity. :D

Hey, TNT! *gives you a big smile* Anywho, I was recently reading someone's screenies when, in one of them, she got a Ghost Draik Morphing Potion as a prize for a Taelia quest. She noted that the screenie was taken a long time ago, so my question is this: is it still possible to win one of these, or any morphing potion? ~wildxpup609
Oh yeah, we remember that! For a while Taelia was handing out a couple of different Draik morphing potions as a reward, though as that person said, it was for a relatively brief time many years ago. With regard to whether she still gives them away, we checked and she, in fact, does not.

Bummer D:

Hey, Dynamitians... I have a quick question -- I want to attach a Petpetpet to my Xweetok's zapped Zamillion (say that three times fast!). Can a Petpetpet be attached to a zapped Petpet? I have no plans of ever removing the Petpetpet or the Petpet. ~dreamerxo22
We tried saying it three times fast, but only made it to two before we got tongue-tied, flailed around, and accidentally knocked all our Neopets plushies and WoW action figures off the tops of our desks. As far as your question, yes, you can attach Petpetpets to zapped Petpets. As usual, though, if you ever remove it the Petpetpet will go *poof*, like so many other things... such as our sanity, for instance.

I'm very angry at the Money Tree, because every time I try to pick up an item it's always gone before I can even get a glimpse of it! Can this be fixed? If it can't be fixed, that's fine. ~happybunny_50
We're sorry, but the Money Tree is offended that you'd suggest he is malfunctioning simply because others got to the goods first. In fact, he's calling Lawyerbot now. Run! D:

Hey TNT, what's up? Okay, so I went to the Mystery Pic competition page, and it said that this week's picture had been judged and a new one would start tomorrow. I clicked on a link to the picture before that, then I clicked on the latest one that I had just seen, which apparently had already been judged. I then got an error pop-up window that said I had cheated and was being reported to TNT. Are you being serious, or is this just one of your jokes? Please remove my username, thanks. =)
US? Joke around? PA-SHAW.

I was asked today if I could take a friend's Neopet in trade, zap it for her at the Lab Ray, then trade it back to her. I don't mind, but I don't want to do anything that would result in any of my accounts being frozen. Could you, O' Wise TNT, shed some light on how you all would feel about this, since trading is now perfectly fine and some people are most likely already doing this? I would not accept anything in return for doing this for her. I would just zap her Neopet and let the ray have its way until she was happy with the results, then trade the Neopet back to her. ~tears_ofan_angel
We think this is a bit of an abuse of the transfer service and request that people not use it for this purpose, as this has not been allowed in the past, either.

Hi. Why aren't we allowed to transfer Neopets as many times as we want in a month? Will we ever get more than one Neopet transfer a month (like two in and two out a month)? ~redhot_too
Because it breeds abuse of the system, which (as you can see from the question above) has a lot of room to be abused. We are planning on upping the total number of allotted transfers per month, though.

Can you feed Petpets? ~[username removed]
Not in the traditional sense like you're able to feed a Neopet, but there have been reports of Petpets (like those sneaky Drakonacks) stealing a snack if they are left sitting by one in your active inventory. It's not required to keep them healthy, though, or anything like that. Petpets are pretty low maintenance for you guys since your Neopets take care of them.

Hey TNT, I'm in yer HQ, stealin' yer cookies. =P ~panama80
You no steal cookies! Release the attack Poogles!


Dearest Editorial answerer(s), recently on the Pound boards, people have been offering trades like: "I'll trade you my UC Plushie Kougra for a 4.7 mil custom divided over 2 Neopets, a Royal and a Faerie. Since I'll be getting 2 Neopets and you'll only be getting 1, I'll also give you my Blue Poogle, so it's a fair 2-for-2 trade." Is this against the rules? ~jebbica
Oh look, more abuse! *pretends to be shocked* No, this is not allowed. Neopets can ONLY be traded in a 1-to-1 exchange. You can trade the same person one Neopet for one of theirs, and then another one of theirs for another of yours, but they cannot be a part of the same deal. Therefore, no 2-for-2 as part of the same exchange.

Hi! :waves: Is it okay to have the Wheel of Monotony spinning in one browser tab while earning Neopoints from other games in another browser tab (if they are in the same account)? ~analliecat
*waves* Yes, you're welcome to use multiple browser tabs or browsers, or even be on different accounts with different browsers while you enjoy the site, as long as you aren't up to any monkey business! Remember "monkey business" includes earning Neopoints on accounts other than your main, which isn't allowed.

So, let's say I trade a Neopet for a 3 million NP custom. Would it be allowed for me to send the Neopet that I want customed over and, rather than having them paint it, ask that a Mootix (which costs 3 million) be attached instead, serving in place of the "paint job" custom? Technically you can't profit from it, as Petpetpets disappear when traded, but Mootix are still items. I asked people on the Pound boards about this and got VERY strong mixed answers as a reply. Also, are you allowed to trade Neopets using aged avatar Neopets / Mootix as an extra? I desperately want answers to both of these questions. Please remove my username. Thanks! ~[username removed]
One Neopet for another Neopet is what you are allowed to trade. Petpets, extraneous items, Neopoints, or even extra Neopets are NOT allowed to be considered part of the trade.

What has been going on this week? You've hiccuped twice on New Features images. ~scifi_crazy
We were having some issues with the admin side of our images, which caused the oopsies. It's been fixed now, thanks to the heroic efforts of our programmers. *trumpet flare*

When trading a Neopet, there are currently three ways people do it. One, I trade my island Kacheek for your zombie Aisha. Two, I create (or paint/morph an existing Neopet) an island Kacheek and trade it for your zombie Aisha. And three, I send you my Kacheek, you paint it island, THEN you send me my Neopet back and I send you the zombie Aisha. The third method is my question -- is this acceptable? ~impishmars
The first two are fine, but the last would be a no-no, since you are basically selling the zombie Aisha for a Mystery Island Paint Brush, and that is not acceptable.

I know what a gallery is, but is there a specific point to having one? Is it just so you can show off your stuff? Also, how come the gallery isn't attached to your shop anymore? It was better that way, so when people stopped by your shop they could see your gallery. Who would bother to click on someone's gallery just so they CAN'T have the items? ~twilite_melodies
We think that, overall, most players are happy with the change. No doubt, your shop's customers are quite thrilled about not having to scroll through an expanse of gallery items looking for the item that they need. Also, remember those days when you could make the mistake of mispricing your multi-million NP item for 10,000 NP by accidentally leaving off a zero while trying to enter 100,000 NP? We ourselves lost more than a few items that way! D: We're pretty glad that's a thing of the past.

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