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Hi, TNT! I was just wondering, could you possibly make it so that we're able to send Neomails to more than one person at a time? Thanks! ^.^ ~freezni
While this would be really useful for people who would use that type of feature responsibly, we're afraid there's just way too much room for players to seriously abuse such a system. There's already far too much spam with Beauty Contest vote begging, scams, and other things that no one wants to have clogging up their Neomail.

If a user gets frozen and is no longer on Neopets, but then someone takes a page that the frozen user had made and posts it, STILL giving credit to the frozen user, can that person be reported/frozen for coding theft? ~cheerchica86
The player who re-posts will need the permission of the the original creator to put up their content like that, even if that person was frozen. While crediting someone is good, permission is needed. If it can't be attained, then the player will need to provide their own content, not someone else's.

What is collateral? I have heard people talking about it, but don't know what it is. Can you help me, TNT? ~redhill_rocks
Basically, it's a type of insurance. Let's say you want to borrow a Faerie Queen Doll from someone. If they ask for collateral, that means they would like you to offer up items that are generally similar in value to the doll. That way, if you run off with the item, or it is lost in some way, they at least have some compensation for the loss. Just remember, though, that collateral isn't a trade. Unless the item is lost, all items must be traded back to their respective owners after the purpose of the lend is fulfilled.

Hi there! : ) Something has struck me recently, and I'd really love confirmation either way. I understand, of course, that discussing religion and God is not allowed. However, am I allowed to portray my Neopet characters as gods or goddesses, similar to those from Roman or Greek mythology? For example, Fluffy63874 the goddess of storms? It seems alright to me, but it might be one of those "completely disallowed, just in case" things. Please don't include my username. Thank you! ~[username removed]
Yes, that's fine, as there is really no current religious meaning attached to such a title. Like you said, it falls more into mythology.

You guys should totally-otally make a Neopet background that is the classic background. Yayness! Wouldn't that be fun?!? ~moose_man190
Actually, there already is. ^_- It's in the NC Mall, but only accounts that are suitably aged can make a purchase in that section of the mall. It's a special treat for those who have been with us for a long time.

It's the ciiiiircle of... erm, Neopets!

Oh beneficent TNT, deliver unto me an answer to this message. The users cry out in despair over the release of your latest feature, the grand Petpet Park, and have somehow got the notion that it will be a pay-to-play addition to Neopia, akin to the NC Mall. Silence their fears, quell their despair, and deliver unto them your divine answer so that the Petpet Park boards may return to peaceful chat and remain not as repeated curses under your name. ~reclusiarchmikelus
Hark, for we heed their cries and answer thusly, child of Neopia.

Without giving too much away early, we created Petpet Park as a world solely dedicated to Petpets and the Neopians who love them. (We very frequently hear things like, "it would be way cooler if the Petpets were more interactive," so we wanted to oblige.) :) The Petpet Park world uses Neopian characters, settings, and history, so it's still part of the Neopets universe, but it's separate from the site itself. Think of it like… any of the video games we've made (and ones will soon be releasing! *shameless plug*). They're set in Neopia, feature familiar characters and lands, tell Neopian stories, and we dedicate whole sections of the site to letting you know all about them, but they aren't actually part of the site itself. You wouldn't spend your site Neopoints in your Neopets: Puzzle Adventure DS game, for example. Those video games are on their own, self contained. Petpet Park is pretty much like that. (Only it's online and you don't need a game console, but you get the idea!) :)

And yup, it will be free to play. Everyone will have access, and there will be extra things you can purchase with Neocash for use within Petpet Park, just like you can purchase things with Neocash to use on Neopets.

So, the Grand Opening Celebration that you see now is an introduction to the world of Petpet Park. More info on Petpet Park itself is coming soon, and there might even be a small mini-plot starting possibly next week, maybe, but don't tell anyone we told you. :P

In 2004 you announced several Rarity 100 items (I have the dates of these items, as I have read the news archives several times). However, these items do not seem to be available. One was a coin, the Emerald Eyrie Coin, and the others appear to be Booktastic books (nine of them, to be exact). Is there a problem with these r100 items that’s preventing them from stocking? Thanks for reading. ~duanezz
These items are released; it's just that r100 items stock very, very rarely, and are quite difficult to track down. We can doublecheck the system to make sure they are still being released, but as they have stocked before, we think it's simply the rarity, not a particular malfunction.

It's almost *Eyrie* how little I restock!

I know April Fool's isn't for another 8 months, but I was wondering all of a sudden: how long does it take you guys to devise your prank? ~mrsnuffleufogus429
We're quite excitable folk when it comes to pulling pranks, so we generally start planning at least a month ahead of time. If it's an especially nifty prank, earlier.

First, let me say that Key Quest is amazing! I see that, for each series of plushies collected, you get a special bonus token. I am wondering if the bonus token for each series is the same thing or different. I don't want to waste more money on obtaining each series just to end up with the same bonus token 3 times. Thanks! ~exfiles
At the moment, every bonus token is a nova, but each one is different. (Regular Nova, Super Nova, etc.) This way, they'll be recognisable as the bonus token, but also unique. :) It's likely that there will be more series than there are novas, though, so those future series will have something different. We haven't decided what, yet. ;)

Do Neopets regain HP when they eat? ~shampooch
If you mean food, then no. They can be given healing potions, though, to regain their hit points.

Hey TNT! I was wondering if you are planning to give Mystical Backgrounds a location in either Neopia Central, the Bazaar, or the Plaza. It's a pain to dig through the old news to find the link. ~reneeshannon
We think you may need to pack up for a trip to the Lost Desert and pay a visit to Qasala!

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