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Hi TNT. I'm sure you know about the boards on the Avatar Chat that lend Hidden Tower NPs. Basically, the lender gives 550k-595k to a person. The lendee must have enough NPs to total 600k with the lent NPs. Then the lendee buys a Baby Paint Brush, getting the avatar. After that, they send the paint brush to the lender so they can resell it. Currently a Baby Paint Brush can be sold EASILY for 585k. Yet people often lend much less, and probably sell the paint brush for more than they lent. Isn't that a sneaky, discrete way of basically getting profit from lending? I know that we don't know how much the lender sells the paint brushes for, and it just seems very confusing. Please answer this and remove my name if you do! Thanks. :D ~[username removed]
You said it. It's just a sneaky way to make a profit off lending, and it is NOT an appropriate practice according to our rules about lending. Please report anyone you see trying to make this "deal."

Hey TNT, how are you? :3 Mmmmmk, so say I don't use my transfer for June. Would I have two for July, or just the July transfer? Thanks. :] nomnomnom. ~mydeadlyescape
No, transfers do not roll over into the next month.

If you reject a transfer, does that still use your transfer for that month? Today a person I've never met before offered me a Neopet I didn't even want, without consulting me first -- I was just wondering if, by rejecting that, my transfer was still used? As in, I can't receive another Neopet this month? :/ I would also like to know the same for if I were the one sending the Neopet and it got rejected... thanks so much for your awesome work! ~pteri
We talked to the fancy programmer of the transfer system, and here's what he said:

If you are offered a direct transfer, no one else can offer you a direct transfer. If you reject the transfer, nothing is counted against you and you are free to be offered other transfers right away.

If you make a direct transfer offer, that counts as your direct transfer offer for the month and you will need to wait until next month to make another direct transfer offer, even if the offer is eventually rejected.

Are we allowed to go to the Soup Kitchen on side accounts? ~cyodrakes_gaze_9
Yes, there is no profit in it at all, just well-fed Neopets. Therefore, that is fine.


My sister liked my Lupe, but since her account is less than four months old and my Lupe is level 6, we couldn't transfer. I then had the idea of putting my Lupe in the Pound so that my sister could adopt her. Well, I placed my Lupe in the Pound, but when my sister searched "Soaring_Eagle2243" she came up with... nothing. I searched the name on the computer I was logged into and found her. Eventually I readopted my Lupe and I'm not giving her to my sister. So why didn't my Lupe come up on my sister's search? ~laurapet131
If an account is not eligible to be transferred to, it means it's not eligible to adopt the same Neopet out of the Pound. The requirements are the same.

I have a Pirate Krawk Petpet with a unique name attached to my active Neopet, but I can't seem to create him into a real Krawk. Another user on the message boards reported having the same problem with a Pirate Krawk Petpet. According to NT Issue #239 (I believe), you said any Krawk Petpet that is a Krawk color could be turned into a real Krawk. I think there is a glitch with Pirate Krawk Petpets. :( ~tiffanydbell
If you're having issues making a Krawk Petpet into a Krawk, here's some troubleshooting for everyone:

1.) Is it zapped by the Petpet Lab Ray? If it is, it can't turn into a real Krawk.
2.) Does it have a unique name? If not, give it a name no other Neopet has.
3.) Do you have three or less Neopets? There needs to be an open space for the Krawk.

Hopefully that helps. If none of those help, write in to support or file a bug report.

I know I have submitted a lot of questions this week, but I was just Neomailing my friend when Dr. Sloth gave me a Bruce Transmogrification Potion (I am changing my avvie to "I heart Sloth" now :D). Well, I was looking at the pic and got the impression that the potion would turn my Neopet into a mutant. So, does the Bruce Transmogrification Potion change your Neopet into a Bruce or a mutant Bruce? Thanks! ~mm_fashiongrrl
Transmogrification Potions, unlike normal morphing potions, will change your Neopet into a mutant version of whatever species is represented by the bottle.

*Waves to mother* Hi Mom, I'm in the Editorial! Anyway, I'm not sure if you have ever answered this question before, but I was wondering: why don't you guys hold a spotlight for guilds? To me the idea seems pretty cool. If you answer this question, thanks. ~fizzledizzle__97
We're sure your mother will be proud. We actually used to have a Guild Spotlight but removed it a looooong time ago for various reasons. So we don't have to answer two dozen questions next week about what those various reasons were, we'll just jump the gun and tell you what some of them are now:

There were just too many issues popping up with it. Either finding guilds that weren't having contests of some sorts, ones that would turn to scamming their new-found masses of members, or guilds just simply being destroyed from having thousands of new members join and flood the boards in a single day. In any case, we're already up to our eyeballs in contest judging, so we really have no intention of bringing back the Guild Spotlight, sorry. :( It's just not worth it at this time.

Hey TNT, one day when I woke up you guys had sent me a Neomail saying that my age was changed to under 13. Why did this happen? :( ~nicky24_9
The Neomail we sent you explains it:

Your account's user age has been reset to under 13. This was done because some inconsistencies have arisen about the age you stated when the account was created. In order to now access the age-restricted areas of the site, you must have a parent fill out a Parental Consent form and fax it in. The information for this form can be found here: //

You posted on the site that you were, in fact, younger than the allowed age limit to post on a website. Our monitors took the appropriate action of reducing your listed age to the one you stated. It is a legal obligation for us to do so to abide by COPPA laws. If you would like to once again be able to post on the site, you will need parental permission as instructed in the Neomail.

Hello. First I heard that you got tired of being offered cookies and milk, so how about cookies and chocolate milk? Did that help? I guess not... moving on... I was wondering why the Neopets account won't accept mail? I have thousands of questions that will never be answered here. ~my_neos_are_cuter_1
We're assuming you mean the account named theneopetsteam. That account is a representative account and cannot be used by anyone specifically to answer questions. If you have questions about the site in general, you can contact support, or if you have a very specific question you can ask it here in the Editorial. We do ask, though, that you do your best to use the resources the site has to offer to try to find out the answer to your question first. Some of the common emails we get about the site are often, "What's a Petpet?" and the like, which can easily be discovered just by playing the site a bit or using the help/search/FAQ section. :)

"Why is blue?"
Well, we TRY to answer your questions... x_X

Well, I was going through my SDB when I stumbled upon some items from the Advent Calendar. One of these items was the "Ultra-Awesome Super Lucky Activity Play Set." I went to read the description and saw the following: "Ultra-Awesome Super Lucky Activity Play Set! ULTRA-AWESOME SUPER LUCKY ACTIVITY PLAY SET 64!!!!" That got me thinking -- did the person who put the description on this item watch the video where the kid flips out over the N64? Is this a tribute to it? ~hmuscha13
Whaaat? Us? Stick tributes and nods to our favourite shows, movies, or Internet culture into our items and site? Pa-SHAW.

Okie dokie, so I've been using Neopets for a while, and I've always liked reading the little blurbs that come up when you move the cursor over an item box. My question, though, is why do some items have extremely interesting, sarcastic descriptions, while others simply explain the obvious? Take, for example, the Strawberry Artichoke, whose description is: "Strawberries and Artichokes Combined" That's not very exciting. :( Thanks for your time! ~rex3388
It's really hard coming up with witty descriptions for every single item, so we just try our best. After coming up with nearly 40,000 of them so far they can really strain our brains.

Well, I recently got a suspension for 24 hours, and I hadn't even been on at all the few days before this. I KNOW that suspensions ARE put on your "record" and that, after so many, you become frozen. After once being frozen (accident) then unfrozen (thanks bunches^^) I feel that my account is once again on the line for something else that I didn't do... I pay for premium, and my parents feel that it is unfair that 3 days of the month (I've never been suspended since the freezing) that they're paying for, I'm not allowed to be on this account. Could you make it possible for us to counter the suspensions, because maybe autobots found a username similar and suspended the wrong user? Please remove my username ^^ and thank you for reading this and hopefully answering. (: ~[username removed]
Neomails and messages that are posted on the site can often remain for quite some time before they are deleted automatically. Just because you had not been online when the offense was spotted and action taken against the account does not mean you are not responsible for it. Also, this is Neopets, not Transformers. There are no "autobots" warning your account for things you posted, just our monitors, and it was not a mistaken identity. As far as the Premium service, that payment is for the Neopets Portal and email service, not your Neopet account. We appreciate your support, but all players must abide by site rules, Premium or not, and are subject to the same punishments.

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