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Okay, first off, please thank everyone that helped get the Pound up for me! I'm SO glad it's back. Now for my question: I want to transfer my Neopets from one of my other accounts to this account, but two of them are still using the old art from before you changed how the Neopets look. I want to know if, when I transfer them, will they stay with the old art, or will they be changed to the new art? I couldn't find anything about this when I looked through the Pound FAQ and I want to know before I transfer. If they get to keep their old artwork, give the people that helped with the Pound pancakes. ;D Thanks a bunch! ~fromidam
Neopets featuring old art will NOT be automatically converted if they are transferred. However, once they are in the hands of their new owner, that player will have the option of permanently converting them. So if you do not want your Neopet to be converted we suggest being careful with the lending out of an unconverted Neopet unless you're willing to risk this happening. Once a Neopet is converted it cannot be changed back, even if it is someone else who did it.

Thanks so much TNT for getting the Pound back up. I love the transfer feature! My question is about Lutaris. I know that, in the past, if we tried to abandon a Lutari it would run away. Are we able to transfer Lutaris now? ~daidriap
No, Lutaris cannot be abandoned without running away, and they will not allow themselves to be transferred. Sheesh! They are such willful Neopets, aren't they?

Aww, they're too cute to stay mad at.

A gal I know put one of her Neopets in the Pound quite some time ago. The day before the Pound re-opened, the Neopet's lookup showed it as being in the Pound, as it should be. Now that the Pound has re-opened, the Neopet isn't there. If I look it up, I get a "The owner of this Neopet has had their account frozen" message. I realize it’s possible that someone else who was just as excited about the Pound re-opening as I am went just as quickly to the Pound as I did upon the re-opening, got the Neopet first, then immediately got their account frozen. However, given the timeframe and the fact that I’ve seen some posts saying similar things on the NeoBoards, I’m doubting the someone-else-got-that-Neopet-right-before-I-got-to-the-Pound-and-then-immediately-got-frozen scenario a bit. Is there some kind of glitch going on with the Pound? Are some Neopets "stuck"? Thanks a bunch, TNT! ~spiritsearch
Part of the issue with the Pound opening is that there was an insane number of Neopets backlogged in the Pound. And we mean like, millions. x_X That's what caused the instability that the site experienced. We couldn't release the Pound until the next day because we had to transfer those Neopets out of the Pound (and that's a very slow process). We're going to continue to try and release those frozen Neopets slowly back into the Pound to avoid making the site asplode. Hopefully, all will go well. *fingers crossed*

I think that the map pieces should be numbered (like, "Piece of a Treasure Map 1-9"). That way, I wouldn't have to look up the term Piece of a Treasure Map twenty times on the Shop Wizard, waiting until I find my piece because there is no way to tell them apart by name. The Piece of a Treasure Map set has 9 pieces, and some cost 130k due to inflation. Also, can I only win Piece of a Treasure Map pieces from Scorchy Slots? ~thegooblop
Treasure map pieces can also be found through a site Random Event, in addition to Scorchy Slots. As far as numbering treasure map pieces and the like, well, this is part of the fun... after all, no one numbers real treasure map pieces.

Hi, TNT. Thank you so much for the Pound, but as you might have already guessed the re-opening has caused a few adverse effects. I know you already answered about a Neopound Board being created, but are you willing to reconsider? There's already a lot of begging going on at the Help Chat - with it being overcrowded by Pound topics - and people are finding it more difficult to get their questions answered. Re-directing them to existing Pound surfs doesn't really work, either. It just seems that a Neopound Board would be a good solution for everyone. Thanks so much for reading my request. ~ethan_redshaw
We are planning on adding a board for the Pound soon, though we are not sure when exactly. :)

Hey, how's it going? Listen, I have a problem. See, I went to the Pound the day after it was supposed to be opened, and I went searching for a painted Neopet. Well, all I got were the basic green, blue, red, and yellow colors (and two purple Grundos, but they don't really count). I'm just wondering... why am I not finding painted Neopets, especially after around half an hour of Pound surfing? Is it something to do with a new account age rule, or am I just unlucky and need to be more persistent? If you answer this I'll give you a fluffy kitty. =) Thanks. ~x_musicxisxmyxlife_x
No, your account is plenty old enough! We are guessing it's because of two things: 1.) There's an insane number of people surfing the Pound right now and snagging painted Neopets quickly, and 2.) Painted Neopets are now more likely to be transferred than simply stuck in the Pound.

We answered. Now where's our fluffy kitty?!?

Dear, dear, dear TNT. I have a question of rather large importance to me, myself, and I, and anyone else whom this may have happened to. I was rearranging my acquisitions in my gallery when I discovered that an item I traded for is no longer in my gallery. I then did a search on the Shop Wiz for the item and, lo and behold, the item name is no longer coming up as a valid item name. Moreover, other galleries that I know had the same item (Kougra collectors, we must unite!) are also now missing that same item. Please, please, please tell me what happened to my Pocket Neopet Kougra, and why it doesn't come up on a Shop Wiz search or TP search. Please restore my item, wherever it vanished to! It cost me a lot of NP's, and I really, really, really, really want it back! ~catmagyck
We are certainly not in the habit of deleting items rather than replacing them, so we looked into it. Your Pocket Neopet Kougra can now be found in your gallery as the item Red Kougra Play Set. It's the same item, but with a different name and art. It is also just as rare as it was before, so your investment should still be sound. This also happened with the similar Kacheek, Aisha, and Draik items.

Let's say you use the transfer option to receive a Neopet that's being lent to you. How long will it be before you can use the transfer option to give it back? There appears to be a lag of a certain number of days. ~indulgences
It is currently set to once a month, but we soon hope to have it set to once per day.

Dear TNT, first of all - congratulations on getting the Pound working! The new transfer option is great, and I was really looking forward to it: I thought that, by using it, I could give away the clothing I had accumulated in my closet from Lab Ray zaps. As things turned out, though, it looks like these items will be gathering dust forever, as I cannot donate or even *sob* discard them... so why is it not possible to transfer Neopets with paint brush clothes from colours other than the one the Neopet is currently painted, and might you reconsider this in the future? ~max_frei
We put a lot of thought into the Pound, especially with regard to transferring paint brush clothing. We decided that it just wouldn't be right for players to transfer around Neopets that had been painted several times, as this would just be too much of a cheat to get free paint brush clothing. It was a tough decision to even allow the paint brush clothing of what it was currently painted as to be allowed to be passed on to another player. :-/

Earning stuff yourself = good!

A lot of people have been getting confused with the new transfer system as of May 1st. I understand that the Pound being back is a brand new thing, but I was just wondering (since it's not stated anywhere in the FAQ): can you transfer a Neopet to another account (say, a side) every 30 days, or literally every month, like the monthly freebies/game resets? Thank you for answering, if you do. :) ~im_a_lostprophet
The FAQ says that you can transfer a Neopet every month. By this, we mean every calendar month. So, if you transferred a Neopet on April 30th, you could transfer another Neopet in early May.

I've been playing Neopets off-and-on for almost eight years now. I love the new transfer feature in the Pound, but as you know it has developed into a black hole of confusion. To my knowledge it has never been okay to swap/trade Neopets. For example: I have a Lupe and Person A will give me their Poogle for my Lupe. This is bad. However, if I wanted to move my Lupe to my side account, this is fine. Nonetheless, trading behavior is rampant now and I'm just wondering if we can get a specific and concise YES or NO on the issue. So many players, including older ones, read past Editorials and say it's permissible while many others, such as myself, still believe it to be wrong. Am I wrong and trading has always been okay? Or am I right and the rules, since changed, now make it okay? Or was it always wrong and is still wrong? Unfortunately, I am not so concise, but I thank you in advance for clarifying the issue! ~folgers86
To explain as simply as possible, the first thing someone should understand is that, once they choose to let their Neopet go (even if it's to a friend), the Neopet no longer belongs to them. Therefore, they need to be sure that letting their Neopet leave the account is what they want, because this is solely their responsibility and choice. Secondly, as of this writing, the selling of Neopets and trading of Neopets for items, Neopoints, etc. is also against the rules. Therefore, if you are caught doing it you could lose the Neopet and your account.

I have a question concerning the whole "no posting outside links on the Neoboards" rule. What about telling somebody to do a Google search for something, and telling them to "click on the one titled ____." Is that okay, or is that a no-no as well? I like pointing people to good game guides, but a lot of the better ones are located off-site, so I'm not sure what to do. ~digitel_anime_fan_20
While we totally understand that your intentions are good, we really don't want anyone to attempt to redirect anyone off-site from the boards. Not because we are jealous and don't want to share you with the rest of the interwebs (though we do love having you here!), but because of account security and helping players avoid scammers.

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