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Hi TNT! I don't play Plushie Tycoon, but I was looking at it, and it says that you start with 50,000 Neopoints. My question is, are those your account's real Neopoints, or are they just in the game? If you play the game badly, could you actually wind up losing points? If the points are only game points, could you call them something besides Neopoints please, as it is very confusing! ~seashell_0
They are only in-game Neopoints. Once you start playing it's fairly obvious. We don't think it's caused enough confusion to warrant changing it at this time. *nod*

Hey, TNT - have a brownie. They're far better than cookies. Were the purple Cybunny pajamas inspired by the pink bunny pajamas from A Christmas Story? ~saphira_27
*innocent whistle*

You'll shoot your eye out, kid!

Is there any way we can find out what our Neopets' ratings are without rating them ourselves? ~psychic_gurl_rose6e
Nope! Not at the moment. You'll just have to give your Neopet a 5 (or an honest vote if you don't really think they're a 5) to see what their average rating is.

Hi, TNT! I was just wondering… how do you choose which questions are most worthy of being displayed? There can always be unique questions that many think are important but don't bother to ask. Also, if I may, about how many questions do you usually get each issue? ~lheml_bannana2
We simply try to find questions that either haven't been answered, haven't been clarified enough yet, or we simply find too amusing to pass up. Also, throwing rocks at us, giving us cookies, or whatever else has absolutely NO relation to your question getting in. You see it a lot because almost everyone does it now for some unfathomable reason. In this past week, we've received roughly 1,737 questions to the Editorial. If only that were 400 less. :(

Rocks, cookies, yada yada yada... hi TNT! Can I just say: Best. Advent. Calendar. Ever.? Seriously. (Bowing deeply in your direction.) Thank you. Okay, now for my question(s). How do TNT members feel about making resolutions? Did anybody there make any interesting, unusual ones - or one they'd like to make really, really public in an effort to have more chance of keeping it? ~velvet_paw
We asked some staff members what their resolutions were. Here were some responses:

Mr. Insane: 1680x1050.
Dragona: Can't talk. Eating socks. (At least, that's what we think she said.)
Dirigibles: Run a marathon.
Mr. Insane (again): I resolve 2(x^2)x into 2x^3 (We get this type of stuff a lot from him.)
snarkie: Speaks for Neopets.com, which resolves to
Soup Faerie: (She ignored the question and sent a video link of a baby tiger. We warned her for posting offsite links and turned all her Neopets into mutant Grarrls to punish her.)
El Picklesaur: convince The Phantom Orange Shirt Guy to create an "Arm Wrestle-A-Staff Member" game (featuring El P as one of the challengers, of course).
Viola: Resolved not to make a resolution.

Hey TNT! You ROCK! *magically makes all TNT members have a rock for a head* MUAHAHAHA! *cackle* Anyway, what does VIP Neofriends actually DO? ~raellyz
It makes them appear on your dropdown list of possible Neofriends to send an item to. This makes it so you can have a large number of Neofriends, but don't need to scroll through hundreds of usernames to find the Neofriend you want to send an item to.

The only reason that people use (: is because :) makes the smiley face icon, and your smiley face icon's a little silly. It's like you were taking a picture of him and he blinked. Are you trying to make a reference to Forest Gump or what? ~in_fair_verona
Ahhhh. Well, thanks for the explanation! Yes, we agree our smilies are a bit... erm, lame. *tacks a redo onto the todo list of doom* We must have missed any Forrest Gump reference we may have accidentally made, though, because that bit confused us. D:

I'm not blinking... I just look a bit... smug.

Good morning, TNT. Let's say, hypothetically, that a certain gelatinous land existed, and that (again, hypothetically) it contained a game with a non-existantly colored Chomby. Now (once more, hypothetically), let's say this game had a teaser for a hypothetical movie. If this WAS a real thing, what would be your comments, hypothetically? ~akarroa
We would hypothetically deny all knowledge of such a crazy hypothetical statement!

Hi TNT, you guys rock! Anyway, I understand why kids under 10 are not allowed to send Neomails, post on boards, etc., etc., but why can't they name their own shop, or their own shopkeeper? No offence, but I was without permission notice once... one with glowing orbs? *shudder*. I understand that you're bound by that COPPA thingy mentioned in Editorial 323, but if the under 10 year olds are typing their own stuff in and there's no way to reply, then surely that's okay, right? ~courtenay224
We have to make sure there is NO possible way for users without parental permission to post private information about themselves. As ridiculous as it seems, players could name their shopkeeper "Sally Jones of Cooltown Elementary School" and that's way too dangerous. We're bound by law (and our own desire to protect our young users) to do everything we can to stop something like that from happening, which includes blocking unique shopkeeper and shop names, Neodeck names, pet descriptions, etc.

There is a picture hanging in the bedroom (I think, it's been a while since I played the game) of Eliv Thade's castle. Who is it of? I would have thought it was Eliv before he died, but it barely resembles him. ~subdimension
Well, that was a unique question! We played our way into that area of the game and took a look for ourselves. That is indeed Mr. Thade while he was still alive, before his descent into madness.

Rather dashing, no?

I have a JubJub. Yes, he is very cute, but he is destined to be a garlic JubJub. His name is (aptly) Gharlik. He has eaten nothing but garlic since he was born, save for one trip to the Soup Kitchen. He loves garlic in any form, but he has told me he has one problem. He gets so thirsty. There is nothing for him to drink that has garlic in it. He would be very grateful if the powers that be could throw some garlic into an extractor and make him some garlic juice so he won't be thirsty anymore. I hate to see him get dehydrated, so if you could do this for him, I would be very grateful, and I certainly know that he would be too. Thanks for listening to my request. Kind regards to the TNT fabulosos. ~onlyart
That's a travesty! We'll have our Neopian chefs get right on that and create the tastiest garlic drink there ever was... if that's actually possible.

Wow, TNT! Thank you. I don't know how long you've been doing this, but I just noticed today that there are no ads on the site when it is your birthday. Maybe I never noticed before because I was premium for almost 4 years and just recently "lost it." Don't get me wrong, it's nothing you did *pats you on head* so don't get offended. I plan on getting my precious premium back very soon. Personally, I can hardly play without premium. So... back to the matter at hand. You guys do rock, because you make us feel nice on our special day when nothing else is going right. Again, thank you TNT. ~_xx_billie_xx_
You're quite welcome! :D In addition to the ads being removed, you also get an increased chance of Random Events. We had done other birthday things in the past, but people were abusing them. :( So we're glad you like the alternatives. :)

I was looking at this Neopet, and it had a cool cloud on it that was snowing. I tried looking for it everywhere, but I couldn't find that picture! So, my question is: can you show what items a Neopet is wearing when you're viewing the Neopet's lookup, the same way you're able to when viewing someone's Neohome? That would really help. ~sonali_rulez_111
If the wearable item is animated, it's most likely an NC Mall item. If this is the case, check their Site Feature Trophies to see if they have their NC Mall Album viewable. There you can see what items they bought, and perhaps figure out what item you were admiring. In this case, we believe you are describing the snowy day cloud available in the trinket section of the NC Mall.

And yes, showing what a Neopet is wearing is on our To Do list. ;)

I have an admirer? *blush*

Haii. Well, I was just wondering if a user could report you for harassment if... okay, example: someone lends someone an item for an avatar, at their own risk, but the person doesn't return it. If the lender posted their username, and a bunch of Neopians sent that user polite Neomails asking them why and to give it back, could that user who didn't return the lent item report them for harassment? I'm confused. D: ~learning_2_unlearn
We see this a lot, and understand why it's a rather grey area. If the person who lent the item posts that the person scammed them and didn't return the item, that's fine. It's not harassment. If they tell everyone to Neomail the person into giving it back, then that's bordering on harassment. If other players Neomail the person on their own accord asking about it, it's not really harassing unless the Neomails are hostile in nature. In any case, the person who did not return the item should be reported so they can be frozen for scamming. If the lender does post a board about it, it should only be to warn others not to trade with the person until they can be frozen.

My Neopet has been "unhappy" for almost a week. How do I find out what is wrong with her? ~sweet_lyric
Well, it looks like she's healthy and well fed, so perhaps you should try giving her a toy to play with? Or perhaps buy a grooming item and brush her mane for a while? Unis love to be groomed. Also, a few rides on the Roo Island Merry Go Round would certainly cheer her right up!

So TNT... have you ever seriously thought of charging users Neopoints to create a topic/thread on the Neoboards? Mainly to reduce spam and make users think before they post a random or unnecessary topic? ~soccerbaby032491
We did have an April Fools gag called "Neocharge" where we announced we would charge players for every page view (it's a bit wonky with the new site template so forgive us). HILARIOUS! Anyway, this is something that has been brought up, but Neopets is meant to be a community where people help each other out, or just talk about Neopia. If we charge NP, we'll end up weeding out the people who need the boards the most - those who need help and don't know the site that well. They won't have the NP to chat, and won't get the help they need. There are lots of other reasons not to charge, but we can't list them all. Unfortunately, we'll just have to deal with the trolls and spammers by ignoring them so they don't ruin our conversations.

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