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I heard somewhere that you can make your own games for Neopets. Is this true? If so, how? ~every1_luvs_me_1_1
Hrm, perhaps whomever you heard this from was speaking about the customisable Hannah and the Pirate Caves and Mini-golf courses? You can create your own levels for these two games and post them up for everyone on the site to play. :)

o_O You are aware that Baby Space Funguses are pink by default, right? ~liongirl308
DOH! Thanks for catching that. There were several *headdesks* heard all around the office once this was reported to the rest of the content staff. We're planning on fixing that by, um... slightly altering the colour and claiming it's purple. *nods* FORGET ALL THAT YOU HAVE SEEN!

Was I not pink enough already?!?

You have frozen many, many honest people for what you call "cheating" by having widely available browser ActiveX plug-ins that refresh screens automatically at preset time intervals. Refreshing a screen isn't cheating. It isn't a "program" that buys things or plays a game. How rottenrottenrotten of you. ~[removed]
Wow. Umm... where to begin?

First, Neopets itself is a game. It's played by visiting a series of pages in a web browser. So, technically, having someone else (whether it's an automated program or a person) refresh pages for you means that they are playing a game for you, which you agree is cheating. But let's forget that for a minute and use your other example.

What is the difference between using a program to outright buy an item, and using a program to help you click on that item and buy it before anyone else even sees it? Not much. Despite which of you actually did the final purchasing, the program is giving you an advantage no one else has, right? This is exactly what auto-refreshing programs do. If you can refresh a shop every two minutes using a program, that greatly increases your chances of getting an item. It's more precise than a human, and you can be off making Neopoints at Scarab 21 in another window while waiting for the shop to refresh. How is that fair? The same can be said about refreshing for avatars or Random Events, too. You are not doing the refreshing, so how can you say that you are the one earning the rewards?

So basically, none of those people were "honest," despite what you (or they) claim. They broke the rules and were frozen for it. Everyone should start on equal footing on Neopets, and while we have no control over connection speed, we do have control over whether or not we allow third-party programs. How well you do on the site should be determined by skill (and a bit of luck, of course) and not by how well you can download programs and install them on your computer.

By the way, a program being "widely available" does not make it okay to use. There are lots of things in the real world that are the same way. ;)

Dear TNT, I had a Random Event where Boochi fired his ray gun at sir_loops_alot but thankfully missed (it's not really something to be thankful for, but anyway...). I was on the Battledome board and someone said that, if you fight Boochi, you could be zapped baby by one of his weapons; is this true? ~darkeest_night
No, this isn't true. Perhaps they meant that, when Boochi fires his ray gun at you, you get him as a challenger? In the Battledome, Boochi does have a ray gun weapon, but it only does a small amount of damage and cannot change your Neopet in any way.

I'm just another lousy weapon in the Battledome. :(

When the Tarla alert goes off on the Neopets Toolbar, there is always a rush of people asking for the link on the Games and TOW boards. Is this fair? It seems to me that the Alert function should only be for the ones running the Toolbar. If you are running a browser that doesn't support it or refuse to have the Toolbar, should you be able to click a link and snag the prize? A user stated on the board that they would continue to post the link until TNT said it wasn't OK. Could you please clarify this? Thanks! (Please make this an anonymous question)
While we'd prefer it if you did use the toolbar (which is why we created the prize system in the first place), we do realise that there are people who simply aren't able to install it even if they wanted to (especially because a Mac version is not yet available). The only way for these people to even have a remote chance of participating is if some kind person gave out the link, so we have allowed it. This may change in the future, of course, if the toolbar becomes available to all, but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it. :)

My Neopet has Neomonia. The cure is medicinal soap, which costs approximately 2,200 NP. The Pharmacy never has this soap stocked. I have around 600 NP. I tried using the Shop Wizard, but the prices are too high for me. They are around 17,000 NP. I am trying to earn Neopoints, but the Pharmacy never restocks. Will my Neopet die if it doesn't get its cure in time? ~funfunfun101
Aww, no. Your Neopet will never die, so don't worry! We see you've already discovered the Healing Springs as your Mynci has 23/3 hit points, so keep going there. Eventually that kind faerie will cure your Neopet's disease.

Is it against the rules to buy a scratchcard in the kiosk and scratch it, then buy one in a user shop and scratch it? I love Neopets! ~neo_pteri107
Nope. This is just fine! You can scratch up to 5 cards a day at the Kiosks and it doesn't matter where they come from. It will automatically halt you if you try to scratch a 6th, so don't worry about keeping count yourself.

You can use any scratchcard you like!

Hi, TNT. Can you tell me why you lowered the maximum we can charge in a shop from 250,000 to 99,999? I would really appreciate it! Thanks! ~ wheels18035135
Actually, items could never be sold for more than 99,999 NP. Anything priced at 100,000-250,000 NP was considered a "gallery" item, and could not be bought from the shop. Now that there are separate galleries, there is no need for the 100,000 NP+ pricing, so you may not price anything higher than 99,999 NP in your shop anymore.

I typed "Meowclops" into the search bar and nothing came up. I know Meowclops is a Petpet, and Petpets are items, so... how come? Oh, and Meowclops are the coolest and would be awesome as real Neopets! ~squeaky_button
Only items that are rarity 98 and below show up from the search bar. The Meowclops is retired and therefore has a rarity of 180, making it far too special to show up with lesser rarity items. And sorry, there aren't any plans to make Meowclops into real Neopets. *sniffles*

We all know that you can get rare items such as a Draik egg and a paint brush from the Trading Post, Auctions, and (quite rarely) shops. But how do people get these items without getting them from another Neopian? Where do they come from in the first place? ~ meerca_neggs
Draik eggs restock in Merifoods, and paint brushes come from Random Events, contest rewards, the Alien Aisha Vending Machine, and even the Fruit Machine, as well as other special site events.

Why am I sold at a food shop?? /sob

Why are Draiks considered Limited Edition and not restricted like Krawks? ~shocknterror
Draiks were once released as a limited edition Neopet during their first day in Neopia. The Krawk, however, was never released en masse.

HI TNT! If someone buys something from my shop, then puts it in their shop for a jacked up price, is that okay? Should I report them? This happens to me a lot. Thanks! ~synchrogator
Yep, this is just fine, and a normal part of the Neopian economy. ;)

Hey TNT! I was wondering something. Let's say I'm part of a good guild that I don't want to leave, but I want to create a guild that's oriented toward Plushie Tycoon. Is it ok to have a side account for the guild you didn't want to leave, and have the main account create this supposed guild, or can you get frozen for it? ~dragonluvr458
This is just fine. You can lead/be in a different guild in each of your accounts without punishment. Just don't spread yourself too thin!

I have a question. How come it is allowed to say World of Warcraft on the Neopets boards and on Neomail, but not allowed to say Runescape (I hope this appears to you, and doesn't say r-disallowed word-). Runescape and World of Warcraft are both similar games (although I'm sure I'm gonna get a bunch of angry Neomails telling me why one is better) and you pay for both. (Well, Runescape you only partly have to pay for.) The point I'm trying to get to you, through all the parentheses, is that it seems unfair to allow one game's name to be said, and even announce that you play it, while not allowing another game to get the same treatment. Is there a reason? ~joeycool123
Yep, there is a sound reason, in fact. Runescape is blocked because we had problems with players trying to sell or trade Runescape items or accounts for Neopet items/NP/accounts (which is, of course, against the rules). As of yet, we haven't had similar issues with World of Warcraft so there has been no need to block it.

In the new Neopedia article on the Tooth Faerie, it gives you the idea that older Neopets do not lose teeth and that younger ones do. Is it true that, when older Neopets are your active Neopets, you won't get a Tooth Faerie RE? ~christenjoi
No, the Tooth Faerie Neopedia is more of a fanciful story about her, since actually she's just a Random Event on the site that gives away a few Neopoints. Your Neopet's age or whether it's the active Neopet has no effect on the Random Event. (Additionally, your account's age has nothing to do with ANY Random Event. Users of any account age all have the same chance at Random Events.)

They had to think of SOMETHING to write about me!

Hiya, Neopets Team! I was just wandering around Neopia, and I happened to come across the Petpet shop in Shenkuu... the shop's name was Fanciful Fauna. Okay, my point is, Fauna is the name of an Acara, who is a protector of Altador! However, the shopkeeper named Fauna was a Koi... could you clear this up?!? Thank you so much! Enjoy Neopia! ~catlover60023
The name of the Koi shopkeeper isn't Fauna, actually; "fauna" is a word for animals of a certain region. :)

Dear TNT, I've been wondering if you have to put your username down when you submit a Caption Contest entry or a Mystery Pic answer. ~alishagonsiorowski
Nope, our system automatically logs the username. This goes for Lenny Conundrum, the Editorial, Storytelling… basically, if we need your username, we'll specifically request it in the instructions. :)

Are we allowed to do plots on other accounts? I finished a plot on this account, and I want the sidebar on my side account. Is this permitted? If it is, can I collect the daily prize from King Altador? ~lolsmiley13
Nope! You may only complete the plot on your main account, and you certainly can't collect dailies from sides. Remember, anything that awards you items or Neopoints cannot be done on side accounts.

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