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Hello! I've been on Neopets for a while now, and have noticed many Neopets have boyfriends/girlfriends or even mates/husbands/wives. In an earlier editorial you said relationships like the above were not allowed, so if you came across Neopets like this, would you freeze or warn the owner? Many of the Neopets in plots have relationships like I have mentioned, and all the Neopets I've seen around act like those in the plots. I have never read anything that would be unsuitable for young readers. ^^ So I was just wondering what is and isn't allowed, plus what happens to those who are included in this subject. Thanks for reading, and I loved the Gobbler! Gobble gobble goo! ~moon171s
We would warn the player, or freeze them if they have already been warned for it. The Neopets in plots are controlled by us and, therefore, will always be completely appropriate for anyone who happens to follow those stories. Because we can't have the same control over relationships that users would create, we'd have to make that sort of thing against the rules completely. Just because the people you've seen can have a relationship between two site Neopets that isn't offensive or inappropriate doesn't mean that everyone can. These are the same reasons that discussions of religion and politics are not allowed, for example. Not everyone is mature enough to handle just debates. So, if you see players breaking these rules, please report them so their pages can be cleared and other users won't be confused about what is and isn't allowed.

I made it into the editorial TWICE!

If you were to get a Fountain Faerie quest on your Side account, would it be okay to do it, as long as the item was sent from your main? ~hermione_890_neo
Yep, that's exactly how you should handle it. Random events received in side accounts are all yours!

Ok. So last year one day I was on Neopets and I entered in a word for your Word of the Day thingy... it was the word "cheese" -- simple and likable. But then, about a month later "cheese" showed up as Word of the Day on your site and I was thrilled. I checked my page, however, and there was absolutely no recognition for me. I think it would be nice if you would please give users a nice little trophy or something for getting Word of the Day, because I was really proud and never got recognized for it... and also, please notify me if you post this because I don't get on as much as I used to and I'd like to know if you answered my question... thanks! ~juicerbox
Congratulations! However, we have some bad news. First of all, that area of the site is not a contest of any sort and we don't track submissions that way. Hundreds of users suggest all manner of words every day (the word "cheese" is actually suggested quite regularly), so we don't give prizes for suggesting a word. Secondly, we do not contact anyone if their editorial question is answered. You'll just need to check here each week to see if you made it in.

Mmm... cheese. Nice choice!

Is Hagalugg (Collectable Card) really a Chia? It looks more like a Kacheek to me. My cousin has a Kacheek gallery and really wants to know. ~three_strangers
Hrm, nope... that's a Kacheek, all right! Looks like your cousin should pick up a copy! :)

Okay, here is my problem. I wanted to get rid of one of my Neopets. He had a Petpet on him. When I abandoned him I expected to find the Petpet in my inventory. What happened?!? It just disappeared! ~agren
Unlike weapons, Petpets are not automatically removed when you abandon your Neopet. Petpets stay with your Neopets wherever they go unless you remove them first. Your Petpet is with your Neopet and its new owner.

Now, we all know Jelly World doesn't exist, but if it did, and there was a game there, let's call it... I don't know... Bouncy Supreme, it would seem that there would be some kind of glitch in the "Bouncy Supreme." If there was a cheat code in this game (of course, neither this game, cheats, nor Jelly World really exist) that gave you an extra life, it would seem that you would have to close the window and restart the game in order to enter this false cheat again. On most games, you can just press "restart" after winning and still enter this cheat, but not in this hypothetical game. If it were all real, would you guys and gals, hypothetically, be able to fix this? Of course, this is all in theory. Thank you for answering my hypothetical (and strictly theoretical) idea. You guys rule... hypothetically. ~ joeycool123
Woops! Well, if that game did exist, we would inform you that we would work on it to make the (intentional) cheat code work properly.

There is no jelly, only Zuul.

Hey TNT! I was wondering if we are allowed to share accounts with someone if we want to share a lab map or the Lab Ray. To share the costs and use it for JUST THAT. I really need this answered because I couldn't find it in the Terms and Conditions. I am worried. ~purple_kitty_girl
Accounts are not allowed to be shared for ANY reason. It's stictly against the rules. You may sit with someone and assist them when playing if they aren't able to navigate the site by themselves, but they must have their own account.

Dear Neopets Team -- I recall that, a year or two ago, there was an editorial question asking if any of you played World of Warcraft. I remember the answer being "yes." The expansion pack for WoW is coming out in ONE WEEK (well, as I write this. It may be out by the time you reply XD). ANYWAY... of the two new races, which one do you prefer? The Blood Elves or the Draenei? (I LOVE 'EM BOTH!) --grenadal_cercone
Draenei Shaman!

No! Blood Elf Pally!

Eep. There's no way we could ever agree on something like this. We duel to the pain over it every day. Besides, we'll probably each end up rolling several of both anyway.

Salutations! While I was creating a joke for His Majesty King Skarl, I noticed that one of the choices for box 10 was "Ye Olde Coffee Shoppe." I haven't ever seen this place. Does it actually exist? Thanks. ~ravenclaw_keeper13
Greetings! And yes, it certainly does! It's located in the Deep Catacombs below Neopia Central. Didn't know the place existed? Don't worry, you're not alone. To get there click on the Chia statue in Neopia Central labeled as "Art Centre." A word of caution, however - this area contains outdated art!

Our eyes... the goggles do nothing!

When I won the Lenny Conundrum why did I only get Neopoints? Shouldn't I have gotten an item, trophy, and avatar as well? ~ iluvlupes7211
Alas, only the first 250 winners get an item, trophy, and avatar. Everyone gets a share of the Neopoint prize.

Hi. One of my Neopets has a bad case of Ugga Ugga. She has had it for months now and I can't seem to find any sporkle syrup anywhere. I have checked in the pharmacy every day for months now and they never have it in stock. I've also checked if anyone has it for sale in his or her shop but no one is selling it. The only place I can find some is in galleries and it is not available to purchase. I was just wondering if you have any ideas about where I could purchase some? Thank you. ~ megan_123456789649
Alas the cure for Ugga Ugga is an expensive serum that is hard to come by. Perhaps the kind faerie at the Healing Springs in Faerieland will cure your poor Neopet? ;)

What is a Wocky? ~[anonymous]
This is an amazing question! Truly, what IS a Wocky? Is it defined as a particular cluster of pixels, or simply a drawing? Is a Wocky drawn differently still a Wocky? At what point is a uniquely drawn Wocky no longer a Wocky? One might even imagine a Wocky is a type of creature with a specific social pattern, though what if one varies from the norm? Alas, it seems no one can ever really define what a Wocky truly is. We know it isn't a common type of cheese though, so let us continue removing things it isn't until we at last discover what a Wocky really is! It's neither a jellybean, nor an essential part of a washing machineā€¦

Would a Wocky by any other name smell as sweet?

Hey TNT, I've had this problem that's been bothering me, so I thought I'd ask before doing anything potentially wrong. We're allowed to have 5 accounts per email, but does that also mean we're only allowed 5 accounts total? Or are we allowed to use another email and make more accounts, providing we continue to abide by the rules with those extra accounts as well? ~momohides
Players are allowed 5 accounts total, regardless of what email address is associated with each. :)

Did you create this? // I'm asking because it was posted at a board and I'm worried about it. ~timerus
It's at, so we sure did. :) In fact, Adam created it a long, long time ago to show off his amazing JavaScript skills to Neopia. It's quite amazing, no? Enjoy!

Is it possible to change the option to be able to remove stamps from your album? Dummy me has been collecting stamps, NOT realizing they could not be removed once put in there. I have some great stamps in there and now they are pretty much worthless. Please don't use my name, the shame is too much. ~[shameful, embarrassed user]
Sorry, that isn't an available option, and there aren't any plans to change the situation. Being able to remove the stamps would lower their overall value, and all those rabid stamp collectors would have our hides if we did that. ;_;


If you claim Jelly World doesn't exist, can you be reported for impersonating a staff member? ~ infernodragon02
Of course not! You're just being honest by informing everyone that said world does not exist. Now, if you said, "I'm a staff member and -blocked- doesn't exist!" that would be another story.

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