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You have 2 different items called Snow Blumaroo... can you PLEASE give them different names? I've been looking for the snowman Blumaroo for my garden but keep finding the other one... THANK YOU IF YOU READ THIS AND FIX IT; NEOPETS IS THE GREATEST EVER! ~angelica_lestat
Woopsie! Sorry about that. We've changed the name of the older one (that was an advent prize) to "Sitting Snow Blumaroo." Please note that this one is a toy, and the more recent Snow Blumaroo is a garden item you can place outside your Neohome. :)

Hey, how come *I* got renamed? Pfft!

Since Volcano Run is in the game graveyard, is it still possible to get the Volcano Run avvie, or is it retired? D= ~sleipnir000
Hey! We don't give avatar hints in the Editorial! Nice try, though. We almost let on that you could still get the avatar with the new version of the game. Close call!

Is there a way I can find out the usernames for the accounts signed up to my current email address? I only know the usernames for three of them, and I've been wanting to have another account. Every time I try to create a new one, though, it says I have five. Therefore, there must be two accounts out there that I've forgotten about, and I'd really like to know what they are, so I can put them to use. ~bigsis1228
There is no way to find all the usernames associated with one e-mail address, so we looked into it and we think this will help you: the five allotted accounts per email address also include ones that have been deactivated in the past. So even if you have 5 accounts and deactivate one or two, it will not "free up" any spots on the email address. Those are probably the accounts you're forgetting, if that helps. :)

I was thinking -- the way to unlock the winter sidebar ISN'T by staying up on Christmas Eve or Christmas night until midnight and refreshing at Terror Mountain... right? ~narelliagiven
More hint requests?!

Ah, since it is a once-in-a-year opportunity, we'll let you off the hook this time. If you are celebrating Christmas, please don't upset Santa by staying up to midnight on Neopets. Should you meet the requirements, you'll be able to collect the sidebar by visiting the Advent Calendar at ANY time on December 31st.

It's a mystery to everyone.

I was eating some Islandberry Crunch the other day (it totally rox my sox, by the way) and I saw the web address for neopets.com/jake. Then, this morning I was reading Neopets The Official Magazine and saw it again, so I logged on and took a look. I found a comic that looked like a plot, but usually some sort of notice goes up on the new features before a new plot, so what exactly is this comic for? ~mergirl294
That's just a continuation of the comic that was printed on the back of the Neopets Magazine. The URL we printed along with it was so that you could log on to the site and see the rest of it. It's not a new plot or anything like that. It's just Jake on one of his many adventures!

This is a question that's been bugging me: my friends Caty and Liz play Neopets at school. Consequently, so does this boy. He says a celebrity plays Neopets, and his other friend knows the celebrity. He also says that the celebrity paid you to keep his User Lookup private. Is he a big fat liar? ~lissy555
Erm, well... either someone was misleading them, or they have very active imaginations, we can tell you that much. If any celebrities do play Neopets, they are anonymous from us as well. We don't make user lookups "private" for them or anyone else. If they didn't want anyone to know who they were, they could just keep a blank user lookup and not go blabbing about it, right? ;)

So, in all likelihood, the folks who are blabbing are not who they claim to be. While it's very possible that these people play Neopets, we're pretty positive they wouldn't shout it on the boards for everyone to hear. We suggest you just ignore such people. They're likely just attention seekers wanting you to give them items or Neopoints because they're "famous."

Hi there TNT! I was just wondering why there was a Neopet that looked a lot like a Kiko HOVERING in the air in the Advent Calendar movie for the 14th day of Celebrating? Is there some sort of secret Christmas Kiko Flying Potion on the market?? o_0 ~x_groovy_girl_x
What, do you expect Kikos to bounce around ungainly? Much like Peophins, they have the ability to hover outside of water.

We CAN bounce, though!

I often see on user lookups people write notes such as: "TNT: I share this computer..." or whatever. I was wondering if writing this makes a difference, or is even required if you share a computer, or sign on other computers? ~painfully_yours
Nope. We keep telling everyone that it's utterly pointless and it doesn't affect anything at all, but no one listens so we'll say it again. :) Anyone can type something on their UL, and we have no idea whether it's true or not. (Really, would someone who was breaking the rules using multiple accounts to earn Neopoints just admit it?) We must rely on the evidence we have to make our decisions. Use the space this text would take up for beautifying your lookup instead!

What makes a book a Booktastic Book? Why is it so much more special than a regular book that it gets a special award? ~mizzypeepers
Booktastic Books are books that are sold from the book shop on Kreludor. If your Neopet has read more Booktastic Books than others, he or she may appear on the high score table and be eligible for a trophy. Of course, the same goes for regular books, too! It just takes a lot more books to get on that list.

That "Dr. Alexander" sounds familiar. Is he that fiendish Krawley guy from the Tale of Woe? Just wanted to know. Merry Christmas TNT!!! ~neo_ash_94
Wha?! Dr. Alexander stole the heart of our favourite nurse Lucy. The dastardly Krawley would never be able to fool her. The two fellows couldn't possibly be the same Neopet.

If you give your Neopet a Transmogrification Potion, can you paint it or will it forever remain mutated? Trolleys taste like cheese! ~emmypops
It will stay mutated until you paint it another colour or it is changed by the Lab Ray, Rainbow Fountain, etc. In other words, it's just like any other colour. :) And thank you, we never knew what trolleys tasted like. Good to know!

We're much like any other potion, really.

Hey. :) Do you think you guys could make it so you can copy your Neomail before you send it? Because a lot of times, when I type a Neomail and send it, I get a "page cannot be displayed" message and then have to retype everything. I think it would be really helpful to be able to copy and paste your Neomail instead of having to retype it, if this happens. Thanks! :D ~buffy_fan714
Actually browsers already have this function! If you're using a PC, just highlight your text and hit "CTRL+C" before sending your Neomail. If something goes wrong, you can go back, click the text box and hit "CTRL+V" to paste it right back in. Voila! If you're on a Mac, use the Apple (or command) button instead of ctrl.

I have a quick question for you all. I've gone to Neopet lookups and noticed that the Petpet or Petpetpet is a fake. For example, it is a Darigan Meowclops or a baby Cooty. The thing is, it looks real, it is in the right spot for the Petpet and Petpetpets to go, and it has a name and age. Is it against the rules to have something like that up? I have an Usuki Petpet, but it's above my Battledome stats and you can clearly see the real Petpet. Thanks. ~ruthie22410
It's fine if it's evident that the Petpet is "fake" or just an addition to the regular Petpet. (In other words, you have nothing to worry about!) It's not okay, though, to fake the real Petpet. Just as with Neopets and your user lookup stats, everyone must be able to see what you REALLY have attached to your Neopet. Falsifying any of your Neopets information is not allowed, including what Petpets are attached to your Neopets.

Hi TNT! I'm just asking -- can you change main accounts every month or so? Thanks! ~zbelac
Uh, no. This doesn't quite go along with the spirit we intended when we said you could change main accounts. While there is no definite number of times you can switch, we imagine it would be more like a one or two time thing. Basically, you may switch accounts if you feel serious about leaving an old account behind and starting anew or moving to one with a new name. This shouldn't be something done lightly, and please do your best to stay committed to your new main account. Randomly swapping back and forth all willy-nilly-like is basically using multiple accounts to play Neopets, which is not allowed. (Just because it's not every day doesn't mean it's okay.) We do realise that you may find a username you like better down the line and want to switch to that one, for example, so we're trying to accommodate by allowing you to switch. But make a decision. Pick one account and stick with it, eh?

Dear sirs/madams/undecided/robot/el picklesaur: I would like to complain about the advent animation and the gift of snot covered cookies on the 14th of December. I hope we shall not receive such disgusting images/prizes again. Yours crossly, ~calcom
We're sorry you didn't enjoy the carefully crafted animation and free gifts. We'll make it up to you, though! Here, have a cookie…

They're delicious!

Someone told me that, on a certain day, an avvie will be available from the Advent Calendar. Is it "legal" to go to the Advent Calendar on THAT DAY ONLY on a side account to retrieve the avvie, then discard the items? Oh ^^ my mother says hi! ~talkitive_567
Nope! The Advent Calendar gives out free gifts and Neopoints, and it is not allowed to collect such things on a side account. This is true regardless of whether or not there is an avatar involved and regardless of whether or not you discard them after you pick them up.

Hi, talkitive_567's mom!

The whole side account thing has been making me paranoid for a while now. Is it okay that I have 3 side accounts, plus my main account, all linked to the same email address, or will I get frozen for that? ~creedmb31
No, no, that's just fine! You may have up to 5 Neopets accounts connected to one email address. Your main account is the one where you can restock, play games, do dailies, participate in plots, and everything else Neopets has to offer. You can then have up to four side accounts which can be used for guilds, chatting, taking care of Neopets, and other activities that you don't profit from. There's no need to worry about having 2-5 side accounts unless you are abusing them by playing games, doing dailies, plots, or restocking on them. If you need Neopoints in side accounts to take care of your Neopets or get Secret Laboratory access, then you can transfer the needed NP or items from your main account.

In short, no worries, mate!

May I use the pre-made Neopets backgrounds to enter the Gallery Spotlight? Thank you very much. ~florabell123
Sure! We judge mostly on the content of your gallery, but while we do like to see original art to make it stand out from the other entries, we know not everyone is a Photoshop wizard.

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