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Hi TNT. Okay, I was reading the Neo rules to refresh my memory, and I came across rule 6, which states the following: "You may not offer web design (such as making banners, dolls, blinkies, guild layouts, etc) or other services and use Neopets images or materials to earn money, Neopoints, or Neopets' Items. This is a violation of Neopets copyright and trademark rights and is strictly forbidden." So I got all confused. Can Neopians make fellow Neopians banners and guild layouts and such and not charge a price for them, or is it still against the rules? Please answer this before I get myself reported! ~courtneycat1995
As long as you do not request or insinuate that you want to be rewarded or reimbursed for your art or code, it is just fine. ^_^

Okay, I've basically combed the old Editorials and couldn't find the answer to this: why is there a 15-minute wait before we can cancel trades? I know you guys might want to let people offer and stuff, but I've noticed that after about 5 minutes, people don't offer any more. Was this part of a plot or something, 'cause it's really annoying to have to wait 15 minutes before selling my items if I make a mistake in the wishlist. >.> ~idril_teenelf
Basically, it's to stop players from spamming the Trading Post with lots. This way players cannot repeatedly or continuously place and replace their lots trying to appear in the top 20. Also, it gives us more time to catch bad players that place scams in their wish lists since they cannot immediately try to hide the evidence by taking the lot down right after it goes through the top 20 and gets the most notice.

Be careful not to bid on one of these plushies
thinking it's a real paint brush! :X Be watchful!

Hi! I was looking for the link to download the Coco Roll game for my mobile phone. Since Jamdat was purchased by EA, the old link no longer exists and the game isn't listed on EA's page. Is Coco Roll still available to buy, and if so, where? Thanks, from a number of aspiring avatar collectors. :) ~musiclives2001
Eep! We'll have to do some digging on that one. We'll get back to you next week with our findings. (Sorry in advance for the wait!)

Please, please, please, dear TNT!!! I faxed a parental consent form more than 2 weeks ago!!! I am very annoyed when I click on something and it says, "sorry you don't have permission." Did you lose it? Forget about it? I just want to be able to do all the things on Neopets, the most wonderful site in the world. Please do not forget my consent form!!! ~ [anonymous]
Don't worry, we haven't forgotten or lost it! It's just that it takes *quite* a bit of time to open literally hundreds upon hundreds of envelopes and go through all the faxes of parental consent forms. After we've opened them and got them in a giant stack, each paper must be looked at to verify if it looks forged by the child or not (so don't even try it!), and then the account's status must be manually updated to allow access! So please, we understand that you are excited about fully exploring the site, but it does take time x_X

Dear TNT, if I combined a Spardel and a Mallard, could I undo it or return it back to its original form if I didn't like the Petpet? ~pony_leader_
Sorry, the Cooking Pot is a one-way device, so be sure you've had a long talk with your Petpets before dumping them in there! :X


Okay, so the plot is over. I was still working on the potions, though. I tried to go to Neovia to get to Sophie's Lab and it wasn't there! Am I not able to complete the plot?! Please let those who haven't finished the plot finish! I would really like to finish this wonderful plot! Please answer my question! ~shannontrish
Alas, plots are one-time site events, so once everything has played out and the event is over, the plot itself comes to a close. We're sorry you weren't able to finish the potions part of the plot, but don't worry. You will be credited for all the effort put forth up to that point! And, to clear up any rumours or misconceptions, this plot is closed. There's no "fake ending" and it will not be open forever like the Altador plot. That was a one-time deal. ;)

I took the Petpet quiz to find out what I am, and no matter how much I change the answers I give (just for fun to see what changes) I always get a pink Slorg. I even tried it on my brother and he got pink Slorg too. Is this quiz rigged or something to give that answer? Because, if so, that's kind of annoying… ~yayarox62295
We're afraid the quiz is very precise and no matter how you try to change the outcome by switching answers, it won't be fooled!

Aren't you pretty? ^_^!

Well, as you know, there is a game called "Avatar Simon" that us avatar collectors like to play. I saw a board hosting the game so I clicked on it. When I was reading the rules that the board creator had posted, they said that, in order to join, we had to vote for their Neopet, which was currently participating in the Beauty Contest. Is this allowed and can this person be reported, or is this just frowned upon? Thanks for your time. =) ~_futurebillionare_
This is not allowed, as you cannot trade anything for votes, no matter if it's another vote, item, NP, or even a posting game. Rather than reporting the person, it'd be nice to politely inform them that it is against the rules first. Everyone makes mistakes, right? :) However, if despite repeated warnings, they continue to make new threads with the same infraction, please report them, but only if you feel they really aren't going to stop unless they are warned. If their obvious main purpose is really to get votes for their Neopet, then they should be in the BC chat anyway.

Uh yah, hi! Umm... I've noticed something that I would like changed. How come Darigan Draiks do not have wings? The Darigan Krawk gains them when painted this color, but Draiks lose theirs. Don't you agree that a Draik without wings is sad? Could you please right this obvious wrong? ~chysea
The Darigan Draik is very sad that you don't like him the way he is. :( But, we'll check with our head art guru and see what he thinks. ;)

Hi everybody! I have a few silver and gold battlecards that I want to put up for auction... estimated value is over 2,500 Neopoints and rarity index over 110 each. However, every time I try to put these items up for auction it says, "Sorry, Silver/Gold _____ Battlecard is too cheap to put on the auction. Only items that sell for roughly 200 NP or more qualify." I REALLY don't get it... ~linchek
The estimated value of an item that shows up when you click on an item in your inventory doesn't really mean much in the Secondary Neopian Market. If you want to know how much your item is really worth, we suggest checking the Shop Wizard (or, if it is worth more than 100,000 NP, check the Trading Post or Auction House). The Auction House judges worth by the approximate value based off the Shop Wizard.

3,575 NP for me? I wish! ;_;

I was just looking at the Neopets Job Opportunities -- just for fun -- and I wondered: are Neopets' employees allowed to play in their personal accounts during working hours, or is that a fireable offense?! ~gypsylilies
Actually, since it is preferred that us employees are knowledgeable about the site, we are actually encouraged to play a tiny bit each day (as long as we get all our work done, of course)! Nice, huh? :D

Hey TNT! This is a question that's been bugging me for months! When you take your Krawk Petpet to the Fungus Cave and it turns into the Neopet Krawk, what gender will it be? Does it depend on the gender of the Neopet that has the Krawk Petpet or is it just random? Please tell me! I need to know!!! X) ~giancita
Oh, good question! We consulted in a dimly lit room, feasted on jelly beans, and finally have come to the conclusion (after looking through some code to make sure) that it is, indeed, completely and utterly random.

Mmm... jelly beans.

Awesome year and plot!! I've got to say that the Tale of Woe was the perfect ender for the plots part of the year :D It was fantastic! All the plots and other activities this year were amazing, starting with the Altador plot through the Altador Cup and Cyodrake's Gaze and finishing with the Tale. :D We Neopians couldn't have asked for more fun and wonderfully surprising things to do. Please give yourselves a huge pat on the back for all the great stuff and keep bringing them to us next year!! ~jadenewt
Staff #1: O.O Woah, what's this?

Staff #2: I… I think it's praise.

All staff: Ooooohhhh…

Staff #1: It's so shiny and warm! Q_Q

All staff: *huddles around and basks*

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