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I was talking with my guild when a question came up... would you get both the Slorg and the Meowclops avatar with a Slorgclops? Or is it just a plain Petpet with no avatar? Thank you TNT! ~kool_slorgs627
The Slorgclops is a completely different Petpet from the two that form it, so sadly, no; you will not get either avatar from it. :(

I have identity issues.

Why are images for guilds suddenly being blocked? I know links are blocked, but the layout for my guild is blocked, so I changed hosts, then it was blocked again. I'm on my third host. Why do you keep blocking host sites for images?
Mostly we block sites where people are able to host web pages, because often, these sites are used by scammers to trick people with "free NP" scams that can allow them to steal your account. Sites that are image hosting only should be fine. :)

Also, remember that anyone who ever offers free Neopoints, paintbrushes, or amazing items and asks you to either instant message/email/Neomail them, or go to a web page off Neopets – report them immediately. They are only out to steal your account!

Is it reportable to advertise your friend's BC entry on the Neoboards? ~surfer_dude_363
You may only advertise your own Neopet in the Beauty Contest. Having your friends advertise for you wouldn't be fair, since not everyone has 100 Neofriends to help. Also remember that spamming people for votes in Neomail or on the Neoboards is not allowed, even if you are advertising your own Neopet. There's a board created just for advertising, so use that.

Um, I have a question. If you were to receive a warning for doing something and your inbox is full, would you still receive the warning? Just wondering. ~erosionsette
Hehe, sure would. Mail from theneopetsteam always goes through. ;)

Uh ohs.

Hi TNT! I'm a helper of a Christian group and they all use Neopets. Anyway I was wondering since some of the kids can't make it to church on a steady basis and miss some of the meetings if it would be against the rules to create a guild, make it just for the group, and be able to discuss religion without being reported? If this gets answered please don't include my username. Thanks! ~anonymous
We're sorry, but Neopets is not the proper place for this, regardless of the type of religion. There are many free places on the internet where you can set up your own web pages, or make a discussion group, so it's not necessary to use Neopets for religious (or political) discussion. Please adhere to the Terms and Conditions of the site and refrain from making faith-based guilds or boards. Thank you.

I played a game a while ago (Feed Florg to be exact) and my score was 263. That was before the score to get a 3rd place trophy was 237 (which it is now). I do not have the Feed Florg trophy at all and my high score is past what I need for a trophy. Did I not get the trophy because I got that score before it dropped to 237? I hope this question made sense. Also, please take out my name if this appears on the Editorial! Thanks! ~anonymous
To get a trophy, you need a score that stays within the trophy area of a high score table until the daily "judging" that takes place sometime in the wee hours of the night NST. If at that point your score is still in the trophy area, you will be rewarded with a trophy (that will never go away, even if you fall off the high score chart). Even if you have an old high score that you got previously listed in your personal high scores, and it is higher than the current scores on the game's high score chart, you will not be credited. Just as a reminder to everyone -- the high score charts clear at the beginning of every month.

Hey NT! I was wondering... you are the only guys with that super awesome "TNT Esplode" avatar. I've never seen anyone else with it. Is there ANY WAY to get the avatar with the dynamites on it? :D Thanks for answering! ~kai_pawz
Nope, sorry! Only theneopetsteam (and some official accounts used for notification) can use that avatar. Anyone who sends you a Neomail and claims to be The Neopets Team or a representative and does not have that avatar is lying and should be reported.

TNT is dynamite! *weak laugh*

Once and for all can you answer this question? At the Rubbish Dump, does the amount of people refreshing there have any effect on the number of items or the rarity of the items appearing at the dump? Also, are people allowed to create threads on the NeoBoards setting times to go to the Rubbish Dump and refresh? (please don't show my username)
No, this is a rumour that was started by a player. While it's a good hypothesis, that's not how the dump works, sorry.

Hi, I was signing up for a new side account because I wanted to make a Petpet gallery. I thought it would be nice if it was just my name - "Emily." I searched in the sidebar, "Emily," and up came a red Uni, but no username. I thought it was a bit strange that such a common name hadn't been taken, but was happy nonetheless. Anyway, I signed out. I typed in everything that was necessary for an account, with "Emily" as the screen name. I pressed submit, and it said that username had been taken. I searched again, and again all that came up was the Uni. Since the username *wasn't* taken, why can't I use it? ~harry_potter_fan4444
If you cannot create an account with that username, then it is in fact taken, sadly. In this case, it didn't show up in the search because it's frozen. There is a way to view the user lookups of these users, though, and that will tell you for sure if they are taken. First, go to your own user lookup and look at the URL at the top of the browser. See how the last part says "user=harry_potter_fan4444?" Erase your username and replace it with the name of the account name you'd like to check, then hit enter! If the next page says, "This account has been disabled," then the account is frozen and is not available. However, if it says, "Sorry, nobody by this name exists in Neopia," the account name is available for you to create. :)

My Neopet was zapped into a Peophin not too long ago, and I am thinking about pounding him if he doesn't turn into another species in a couple of months. The problem is, I heard from someone that pounding a labbed Neopet is a freezable offense. Can you please clear this up for me? Thanks! ~xxsundancerxx
o.O Well, that's a new one! No, pounding your Neopet is not a freezable offence, regardless of whether it's labbed or not. The only way pounding a Neopet would get you frozen is if you managed to get into someone else's account, and pounded their Neopet, but at that point, you've got bigger offences to worry about. ;) Pounding your own Neopet is just fine.

But... but I'm so pretty ;_;

I have noticed that some of the games have no high score boards. I am not including some of the Luck and Chance games, but some of the action games, like Monster House: Yard Attack and Double Chocolate Cookie Crisp do not have high score boards. Why is this? Is it because it has not been around for a month yet? Thanks. ~mikeyrulesneopia
Sponsor games have no high score boards, as they are only temporary ad games. Only Neopian games that are here to stay (for the most part) have high score tables that players can win trophies from. :)

Last week you talked about how taking someone else's code and putting in your own graphics was stealing. A lot of people ask other people to help them for their shop, guild, etc. What if what you get is someone else's code but new graphics? Would you get frozen? ~writingkid
Well, if the original creator helps you by giving their permission to use their content, there is no problem. ;) Generally, though, this is not the case. Simply replacing the graphics is still stealing the code someone else worked hard to create, and that is not allowed. Typically, the creator of the code should first Neomail you to ask you to remove it. If you do not, and a monitor views the report and determines that you are, in fact, taking someone else's code without permission, then yes. You can be warned or frozen.

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