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Why isn't Poogle Solitaire in the Game Graveyard? ~silvertai1
Only Flash based games are available in the Game Graveyard, we're afraid.

RIP Freaky Factory! *sniffle*

Are we allowed to send avatar items to our alts so that they can get the avatar too, or is that against some rule? ~ [anonymous]
Yes, this is just fine, again because you aren't making a profit. Avatars that require you to visit dailies or play games are not allowed to be obtained on side accounts since you are then making a profit while you do so. Sending a Faerie Queen Doll to your alt to get an avatar is just fine, as long as you don't then use that Doll to make a profit on that account. You'll have to send it back to your main if you want to sell it or trade it.

Before you do anything, just ask yourself, "Will I be making a profit?" If the answer is yes, then it's not allowed.

Dear TNT, I have no idea whatsoever how to get to the Neopian Plaza! I cannot find a link to it! PLEASE tell me how to get there! My pet is sick and the hospital is there so I don't know what kind of medicine it needs! ~bruces321
Woah! No need to worry, the Neopian Plaza is easy to get to. When you go to Neopia Central, there is a blue text link directly above the map that will lead you straight to the plaza. :) There will be a sign on the map soon, but you can use the text link in the meantime.

Why is there a desert Cobrall plushie, but no desert petpet paint brush? ~trainer_nella
That plushie is actually a stuffed version of a monster you fight in NeoQuest, not a standard Petpet. :)

Desert Cobrall Plushie says nothing.

Dear TNT, I would like to know if you have to resubmit a question that you want answered by the editorial section each week, or if the editorial section keeps the questions for another week? Basically, if you don't publish this question this week, is there a chance of it getting published another week? ~ indigomollyryan
If you think your question is really pertinent, please submit it again after a week or two. We literally have tens of thousands of questions, and we honestly do our best to go through them and pick out the best ones, but we simply can't read them all. So yes, feel free to resubmit important questions, and hopefully we'll spot it! :)

Just wondering, what happens to pets when Boochi zaps them but they can't be painted baby yet? ~ light_faerie382
Boochi will "miss" hitting your Neopet with his ray gun. If you really want a baby Neopet, and think Boochi is your best chance, make sure your active Neopet has the ability to turn baby.

Why is it that some Shoyrus have one eye, but some have two? ~farm_girl_111590
All Shoyrus have two eyes! The standard image of them just happens to be a side view of their face, leading some to believe they only have one eye. The other eye is just on the other half of their face, which is not visible. :)

Was there ever a Mystery Island Plot? ~ neosquirt_2529
There sure was! The Volcano Mystery Plot ran from mid September thru October, 2003. It was a puzzle plot, much like the recent Lost Desert and Altador plots. The avatars you could win from it were:

For saving Jhuidah

For being one of the first hundred to solve the plot

For being one of the first 1,000 to solve it

What is that thing in caption contest 23? ~ ghost_king_101
That's a Fuzio, an early version of the JubJub. :)

Why does the Tombola need money? The Tiki Tack man owns the Tiki Tack, so wouldn't he get money from item sales? ~isop76
It would seem no one really buys anything from Tiki Tack for some reason. His shop just can't cover the cost of all the nice things he hands out daily. :(

What happens if I remove my discontinued Cyclopian petpet? Will it change to another petpet on me? ~faranya
Yes. If you remove a Petpet that has been updated into a different Petpet, it will revert to what it looks like now, and your poor Cyclopian will be no more. Our advice? Don't remove it. ;)

Cyclopian! Distant Meowclops ancestor!

Sometimes when I look at someone's user lookup something on the page says 'The Neopets Team: More than two people in this house play neopets.' I was just wondering if this was an actual warning or someone just put it on their lookup. ~ mergirl294
That is not added by us. It's a note to us from the person who owns that lookup. However, notes like that have no effect on actions taken by the monitoring staff. :) Some unscrupulous users will say anything in order to not be frozen, so unfortunately, we can't trust those messages to be true regardless of who posts them. We have to rely on the data we have to make our determinations rather than the word of the user.

I've heard that by donating to the money tree, your can increase your chances of a random event. Is this true? If so, when donating neopoints, does it go by the amount you donate or the number of times that you donate? I also heard that taking items from the money tree can decrease your chances of a random event. Is that true? ~ im_102_years_old
None of that is true at all. Random events are just that... random. :) The ONLY way your chances of receiving Random Events is increased is when you're using the Birthday sidebar theme, and that's only available on your or Neopets' birthday.

Jowlards dont appear on the search bar! Is it a super rare item? I bought it for 6,000 so it doesnt seem like it. Please Answer This. Thanx ~ppu129
Any item that is rarity 99 or above has too high a rarity to show up on the search bar. However, just because an item like the Jowlard (rarity 101) has a high rarity number, it doesn't necessarily mean that it's truly "rare." Omelettes are a good example of this. They're also rarity 101 but since they're given out for free, they only cost a handful of NP. :)


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