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Have TNT officially released the Altador Plot yet? Because when they released a new screensaver, they said "If your screen needs some saving, why not download this new Screensaver featuing the constellations from the Altador Plot?" Sooo... has it been released or what?!?!?!?! Thanks for clearing it up! ~xwiltedx
Erm... yes. It's currently still in progress, as a matter of fact! Has been for about a month. If you haven't started yet, you'd best get busy! There's not much time left. ;)

If your pet has won the Beauty Contest, but then you delete your account through, would it still be shown in past winners, or will it just be deleted? ~dissuasion
The past winners are stored in their own area, so if your account is frozen for any reason, they will remain there.

In a neopets magazine story, Jhuidah told a pet that they could mix several items in the cooking pot to get an Island Paint Brush. Just to set the record straight, is this really possible? ~akarroa
No, this is not possible.

Although... now we're getting ideas.

Hrmmm... Island Paint Brush, eh?

Okay, just kidding. We're not sure which issue this is in, or what article, so we can't say for sure where the mix-up was. If it was contained within a fictional story, it was probably just some creative license taken by the author to make the story more interesting. If it was a guide, or an editorial of some sort, that's completely our fault for not checking before it was published! In either case, we're very sorry for the confusion! You cannot mix any combination of items at the Cooking Pot to get an Island Paint Brush.

Could you enter a beauty contest picture but your Neopet is a diffrent species or is this against any rules or anything? (Like if I drew my pet as a lutari, but it was a Uni.) Thanks! ~lindseyp1237
Your picture must reflect the actual species of the Neopet you're entering. So if your Neopet is a Uni, your image must be of a Uni, too!

Do you need to re-enter the user lookup contest every week? I want to enter it and don't know. ~horselover9482
Once you enter, there is no need to enter again until you hear back. You will definitely receive a Neomail telling you whether your entry was rejected, placed on hold, accepted, etc. Re-entering just puts you back at the end of that very, very long line, which means a longer wait! That database currently has over 25,000 entries, so it's taking a while to go through them.

Aside from the scamming aspect, is it against the rules to "sell" your pets, by charging neopoints to a person and then telling them exactly what time that pet will be released into the pound? ~monkee396
This is EXTREMELY against the rules. Giving, swapping, and lending Neopets are fine as long as no profit is made. (As we've mentioned before, though, this is at your own risk and we do not recommend it!) However, if you cross the line and sell your Neopet, either for items or NP or ANY sort of profit, both the seller AND the buyer will be frozen. This is clearly spelled out in the Terms & Conditions. Please make sure you've read them. :)

To clarify, since some people seem to have twisted words with this answer... nothing has changed! These are the same rules that have always been in place. "Swapping" means trading one avatar pet for another. For example, "I'll lend you my Halloween Lupe for your Mutant Grundo so we both get avatars, then we trade back." This is a form of collateral we've seen used many times and it has been asked several times in the editorial if this was alright. Yes, it is (again, at your own risk), since there is no profit made. You may NOT "swap" pets permanently, however, as that is akin to selling.

On and off the boards there are debates on the actual name of the Darkest Faerie. A friend and I have a bet going. I say it's Jennumara and my friends say it's just the Darkest Faerie or the Sleeper... so could you please settle this debate? Thank you. ~littleheart50
We're afraid you've lost! Her true name remains unspoken. We can, however, tell you that her name is NOT Jennumara. Jennumara is the name of a dark faerie mentioned in a Neopedia about a grey faerie. She and the Darkest Faerie are not the same faerie.

Compare me to Jennumara?!
You and she will soon share the same horrible fate when I have my way.
Now to just escape this statue in Faerieland.

Why are there no invisible shopkeepers? ~niimou
Good point! We'll see what we can do... but wouldn't one be enough really? :P

Ok. Let's say I buy a Krawk Petpet. (Hypothetically) And BEFORE I went and turned it into a Neopet Krawk, I were to paint it, let's say... Faerie. Would my Krawk Neopet come out Faerie, or would it be just a regular blue/red/green/yellow Krawk. Secondly, how does the krawk color get chosen? ~ms_scorch
Your Krawk Petpet will become a Krawk of whichever colour the Petpet was. So yes, if you paint your Petpet Krawk faerie, when you take it to the Fungus Cave it will become a Faerie Krawk Neopet. If you leave it unpainted, it will be a green Krawk when it turns into a Neopet.

Please tell me, what kind of pet is Sloth? ~mojoojo
Well, actually. He's... *laser blasts and loud noises*

NEOPET? You dare think that I, Doctor Frank Sloth, am one of these disgusting furry creatures!?! Eat laser!


Last week you said "item pools," where people collect money to purchase avatar items, are illegal. I understand this and your reasons for disallowing it. My question: Is a Guild Avatar Item Lending Library considered an item pool? Our guild's Lending Library is stocked by direct item donations from guild members and by items purchased with funds collected by selling overpriced items at the guild's store. If this is not allowed, let us know and we'll stop! We all want to follow the rules here!
No, this is not allowed. Items pools are item pools, regardless if it is a group of strangers, friends, or guildmates doing it. We're very sorry, but please discontinue this practice! (It's not the answer you wanted, we're sure, but thank you for checking to make sure you were following the rules!)

TNT, please answer this because it is really confusing me. In Editorial #159, you said you can win a Kadoatie from Kad feeding. However, in Editorial #234, you said it is safe to kad feed on side accounts because you can't gain any items from doing so. Was the Kadoatie prize forgotten, or is it impossible to win one from Kad feeding? Thanks for answering! ~ misterp55555
It was intended to be a prize from the start, but several things have made it so that we had to remove this functionality. :( (Before you ask, no one won a Kadoatie from it before it was removed!) Sorry for the conflicting information. To clear things up, you cannot win a Kadoatie at the Kadoatery.

is very sad.

You should give it
Free Kadoaties

Hi! I was just wondering about the altadorian plot. Usually a comic comes out, and I'm really looking foward to it, especially because it's taking place in Faerieland, which is my favorite. So, are they coming out soon? I'm sure they'll be fantastic. =) (like always!) ~ skittlezmaniac
We're glad you like the comics! But that probably means you'll be disappointed with our answer to your question. :)

The Altador plot is a "mini-plot" so there will be no comic to speak of. It's taking place entirely in Altador. (:o! Was that a hint for future clues?!) The portal in Faerieland is merely the current way to get to Altador. This plot is basically something we're doing to hopefully entertain everyone while we're planning our next big event. Oops... erm, there's no big event coming soon... like in June or something. Honest.

If there were, though, it wouldn't involve the Battledome. Seriously. There is no war planned for quite a while. *slays rumour and hopes weapon and codestone prices will drop a bit, finally*

What is the minimum amount of levels needed to obtain the "Too High to Count" status?
Level 181, oddly enough. Guess someone didn't like round numbers....

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