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Is there going to be another war soon involving Altador? We're all wondering. =D ~texas_tiger13
There will be something very minor accompanying Altador (we were just as worn out by the LDP as you were!), but there will NOT, we repeat, NOT be a war. Please head over to the Battledome board if you'd like to complain. ;)

TNT: Are you all secretly controlled by meepits bent on taking over the world and hypnotizing all of us so that we are sweaty meat puppets? I just wanted to know. ~chubadooba
Meep MEEP!


Meep MEEPmeep!



...Meep meepmeepmeep.


We don't know what you are talking about. Neopets is run by human slav—erm, employed humans. Move along now!

Either the Neopian Headquarters or the neocam is not straight. Please fix one of these problems. ~bloodred_poet
The Neocam is perfectly straight. However, there is some concern that the office is collapsing into a sinkhole. If we suddenly disappear in a week or two, you know what happened.

I was just wondering... why does the music not work on the petpages and other things anymore? In its place it says "invalid code." I thought I had not entered my music code correctly but I re-entered it about 10 times and it just wouldn't work. If you deleted them because of bad lyrics or something along those lines then why not just allow midi music because it has no words. This question is really troubling me. I'd appreciate it very much to find out the real answer, thanks! ~x_tammeh
In addition to people posting sound files containing inappropriate things, they were also being used maliciously. We've had to take them down for the time being, but we're trying our best to see if we can allow it again.

What happened to the 13th March news? The 14th March news came out on that day, but no news for Monday! Did Dr. Sloth steal it? Was it cancelled due to lack of interest, too? Please tell us! ~ dancinfroge
Not to worry. :) As we stated in New Features a few weeks back, we've changed the news schedule slightly. In order to make sure that everyone around the world gets their Neopets news in a timely manner, we've decided to update each day's news the previous night and also do an update just before the weekend. So what was once Monday's news is now Saturday and Sunday's news. For example, if you go to New Features for the week of 6th March you'll notice there's an entry for 11th & 12th March. Normally, that would have been news for the 13th, but since we don't work on the weekends, we want to update for you before we leave on Friday. :) It's still the same amount of news you're used to seeing... it's just dated a bit differently now! (Hopefully all that didn't just confuse you even more!)

When you answer these questions that people randomly ask you, do you just pick a few random questions and answer them, or read them all and answer the best ones. Be honest. ~aicey
We read all that is humanly possible to read and do our best to select questions we feel many Neopians would benefit from. You seriously wouldn't believe some of the questions we get asked. We truly wish we could run a "best of the worst" editorial. It'd be hysterical. Srsly.

That said though, there are currently 18,542 questions in our Editorial database... and that's AFTER we wen't through a couple thousand while picking this week's questions! We answer anywhere from 10 - 20 per week. As you can see, the ratio doesn't really balance out. :) In addition to sheer number of submissions, a lot of them are bugs or ideas that we write down and forward around to various people who need to take care of them, so those don't usually get answered. And for some reason, people submit the same question over and over again on multiple accounts, which also eats away at the amount of time we have per week to go through these questions. :( So while we do try to read as much as possible, our poor little eyes don't go as fast as we'd like them to. If your question hasn't been answered, please be patient and understand that it may not warrant an answer, we're full for the week, or we just haven't gotten to it yet!

Ok, you guys, don't you think it's time for a new board dedicated to the pound? The Help Chat is being smothered by all the pounding, pound surfing, ect. ect. ect. boards. A lot of us would appreciate it if you could create a new board for pound topics. Thanks! ~roanze
There are thousands of topics on Neopets that could stand to have their own message board, but that would just be silly. ;) If you're unsure which board to post on, just use the one that most closely matches your topic. Help seems like a perfectly logical place to look for kind people to help you when you need to find a new owner for your Neopet. Fan Clubs would probably be good for that, too! Just remember that there are currently 23 message boards that everyone has to share. Try to be understanding when a topic starter doesn't have a specific board to go to with their topic. (We're talking NEOPETS-RELATED topics, of course!) ;)

Can you set something straight for us Kadoatie feeders. How many items are you allowed in your inventory to feed?? Some people said they read in the neopets magazine you can have 69 items and other people are saying it's 50 items and if you have more you will get frozen or all the items in your inventory will be deleted. Please explain thank you :D ~gemsibaby
There really is no hard-coded limit on your Inventory since you can move lots of items from your SDB to your inventory at once, so you will not be frozen or have your inventory cleared just for having too many items out while moving things around. However, having hundreds of items in your inventory for prolonged periods of time is quite fishy and you may be investigated by site monitors who will make sure you're not cheating or anything of that sort. 69 items is the max you can have on hand and still be able to use quick stock. However, we recommend you have 49 items in your inventory as it allows you to still be able to buy items you might need in a hurry for those Kadoaties or be able to accept gifts from friends.

is very sad.

You should give it

Are neopets accounts ever deleted? I mean say you wen't on neopets for over a year would your account be deleted? Also is it possible to delete an account that you no longer want? Thanks!!!!!! ~emily1279
Every couple years or so we go through and delete old, inactive accounts and Neopets. This is a HUGE undertaking though, so it doesn't happen very often at all. You can self-deactivate any account you no longer want, but it will remain in the system and won't be deleted, just like any other account.

Why is it that when there is a war in Neopia, something Gets destroyed, then Redrawn? I mean Maraqua went in a Whirlpool, Merridel was just shot about and the lost desert went......Poof. Now theres a New Maraqua, Lost Desert, etc. Are plots just and excuse for remodeling? 0__o ~ lavarock222
We don't know what you're talking about. *shifty eyes*

Oh wait. We *do* know what you're talking about. Usually it's the other way around. :) We decide to remodel something *because* we want to feature it in a plot or use it in some way and we think it's a pretty opportune time to do so!

Why are soooo many common words not accepted in spell or starve? ~Lockapaige
If you know of common words that are not currently being accepted, by all means, feel free to submit a list of words that you believe should be added. Please try your best to condense them into a single report though.

I have just thought of something, with all of those lab rats running around with their little lab lab rat petpets and so on do those petpets that have been labed into a certain species count for the ppl? What if someone has a really common petpet attached to their extremely old pet and then labbed it into a newly released petpet, would they receive the PPl award even though we all know that they didn't actually acquire and attach that petpet? AND what's with all of these people and their obsession with socks? I'd be more curious to see what that dragon looks like that you seem to keep on hand :P ~nicolaus_j
To those who do not have access to the Petpet Lab Ray yet, it's important to know that all Petpets that are zapped by the ray are automatically disqualified for PPL. Our resident sock-eating dragon is quite camera-shy, and is typically found curled up under her desk on a sock pile. Best not to disturb sleeping dragons...

Someone told me that a Molten Borovan Rod is worth 11.5 mil nps so I went to double check on the trades and most of them said they want 11 mill nps but one of the trades said that it's a scam and that on the shop wizard Molten Borovan Rod was less than 100k? is that true? I'm confuzzled ~angle_lovely
Ahh, this is what is known as "false inflation." Multiple people (or sometimes a single person on multiple accounts) will place an item on the Trading Post at an absolutely ridiculous price. Others often see this price and post the item with the crazy price themselves. While this is not truly scamming, per se, it can be used to scam. Often people will bid, or Neomail you about an item you have for sale, offering the item that is falsely inflated on the Trading Post. It seems a fair or even an amazing trade for you at the time, and you accept, only to find out that the item is worth only a pathetic fraction of what you were led to believe it was worth. This is where it really crosses the line into scamming. Before accepting an item you are not familiar with, be sure to thoroughly explore its worth, checking the Shop Wizard, Auction House, and all instances of the item on the Trading Post. If you are old enough to access the chat boards, consider checking with fellow players. Better safe than sorry! Always remember the key rule of trading: If it sounds too good to be true... it probably is!

Just curious but... does *NEOSCHOOL* ring a bell at all? ~ waratte
No, Old Man Withers usually rings the bell.

- he hem - We all know that when a petpet is zapped by the Petpet Lab Ray it gets the standard {This petpet has been zapped by the petpet lab ray} etc. etc. BUT - Could we have the choice to decide if we want that little note there? Cause it may clash with the petpet lookup or *cough cough* we don't want people know it was zapped at all, after all the Petpet Protection League (PPL) might revolt and track us down. I like to know my pets are safe at night :D ~ simone_2053
Actually, you kinda answered your own question. :) Even though you're an honest Neopian and would only hide the note for display purposes, there are many unscrupulous people out there who would use it for nefarious deeds instead. One example is that someone could point to their Neopet's lookup claiming to have an expensive Petpet for trade. Without the notice, someone may think it is a "real" Petpet and trust the scammer, not knowing that it was labbed and would be turned back into a less expensive Petpet upon removal. That note lets everyone know exactly how a Petpet was obtained so that it can't be used for scamming!

**Helpful Tip of the Week**
(AKA: really just a way for us to tell you about stuff that makes us want to tear our hair out)

Remember, when entering creative contests - especially ones where your username will be proudly posted in the news - it's usually not the best idea to state in your user lookup, that:

1) You think Neopets is boring and a waste of time and you'd rather play a game of "Watch the Paint Dry" or "How Long Can You Sit Still."

2) Have off-site URLs, especially to sites that have your picture, personal info, or certain stuff we may not want our younger players to read.

3) Anything else you believe the judges might take offense to, like, we dunno, calling them incompetent Mutant Grarrls....

Yes, crazily enough, these types of things DO have a detrimental effect on whether or not your contribution will be chosen and plastered on our news for all of Neopia to see! So please, if you are enthusiastic enough about Neopets to use your time and effort to win competitions, please be courteous enough to be respectful toward the judges as one would expect for any competition, on Neopets or off. Thank you! :D

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If you have a question that you think should be answered, click here and you can use our submission form. The most common/bizarre questions will appear here next week.

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