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If I play Turdle Racing in Meridell, and I feed one of the Turdles an Everlasting Apple, will the apple still be in my inventory? I mean, it is supposed to last forever right? ~ snow_days_rule1
We would highly recommend you NOT attempt to feed your Everlasting Apple to a Turdle. Feeding something to your Neopet isn't quite the same as tossing it onto the tracks at a Turdle race. Once you do that, you'll never get it back. :X

Hey, I wanted to know, are fake random events against the rules or not? Please let me know, I've been dying to find out! ~ vwbuglvr2008
If they are malicious in nature or meant to make someone think they received something that they have not, then yes, it is against the rules. If it is obviously not from Neopets and something amusingly benign, such as, "A dragon walks by and steals your socks" then it is fine. You have no idea how much mail we get because someone got a fake faerie paint brush Random Event in a shop and never got the item. =/ Please use your best judgment. If you have doubts whether or not it is appropriate or against the rules, simply don't use it.

I noticed there was a next button for aim icons but there wasn't a next button for the MSN icons. And I know you guys released a lot of MSN icons. Thanks ~ lynn3h
You're quite right. We'll get to fixing that.

About how much money does it take per year to keep Neopets up and running with the office, and advertising, and employees, ect...? ~ amandapanda1228
It really only takes about $3.50. All the employees are paid in NP, and bandwidth is really cheap nowadays.

Or not.

Actually, we have no idea. Us editorial-answerers are just glad we don't have to pay the bills!

On the main page of the Turmaculus it says in the first sentence: "Legends speak of a petpet a who had a gigantic appetite." Could you fix that second "a" after "petpet"? It's really starting to annoy me. o_o ~nightcrawlernp
O_O We also forgot to capitalise "Petpet!" That's just plain embarrassing. Both of those are fixed now.


If you have a lucky Space Faerie charm for referring two people to premium, and you quit premium, will you still get to keep the Lucky Space Faerie Charm? ~ wildlifea
Sorry, the Lucky Space Faerie charm only lasts while the account is premium. If you cancel, it will vanish.

I was browsing through the shopkeepers for your shop and the acara-brightvale fruits is a CHIA. Please fix this. -morganneangel
We hate to admit it, but there were four of those shopkeepers replaced accidentally. Whoops! We are in the process of fixing them though, so they should be back to normal soon.

ON the boards index, I recognise all of the little icons, save one. And it's the one I use most often. The roleplaying icon. What is it? A bird? A plane? An asparagus? ~ superscreamer1992
*squints* Looks like a Tonu in a samurai outfit to us...

Does Neopets.com do anything special on Birthdays? -ananph
Yes, once a year on your birthday you will have the special Neopets birthday sidebar for the day. :) This sidebar gives you some special benefits around the site, but if we told you what they were, it wouldn't be a surprise!

Is the Gnorbu really a Lamameeah? i was looking at the april fools pets, and recognised the Lamameeah! is it? ~ piff_baby
Yes, the Gnorbu is the official version of the Lamameeah, the April Fools Neopet voted upon by players.

OK, I know the Gelert was once called the Polypup, but are there any other older pets that were renamed? If so could you please say which ones they are and what they used to be called? ~ krisy11111
There were quite a few actually. Here are the ones whose names were changed over the years.

Tigren - Acara Badeek - Kacheek Fleye - Buzz Cerpull/Tatsu - Eyrie Frogstomp - Quiggle Fuzio - Kyrii Polypup - Gelert Jib Jib - JubJub Mellish - Mynci

Hi TNT! i think the new feature of the favourite games page was great but when i was going through the games i wanted to put on my list i was not able to find a link for my 2 favourite games (Sakhmet Solitaire & Pyramids). could you please tell me where the links are or if there are no links to put the games in the favourite games list, would it please be possible to create links. Thanx ~ kheld
The Favourite Games page is only for Flash games. :) PHP games are a whole different story since they do not have an ID number associated with them like the Flash games. We'll be adding something for those in the future.

who answers these questions? ~ brookehaley985
We do, of course.

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