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I've noticed that some people have furniture on angles in their neohome. I can't get it like that. How do you? ~ greencat2010
It is a secret passed down for generations! You don't expect us to give it away, do you?!

Okay, simply hold down shift while you click the button to rotate the item. :)

Let's say you get restock banned on your main account. Can you use a side account to restock and transfer the items to your main accounts, as long as you don't get freebies or play games? ~ xo_dearjamie
Umm, no. You're restock banned for a reason. Using another account to bypass that ban is cheating. You'll have to wait until it's over before you can restock again.

You just have one shot at this pretty sword!

Some people believe that you use "bots" to monitor the board that warn/freeze, and other say that's not true as you've said many times that you don't use bots. I've seen lots of arguments on the boards about this? Is it true or not? TELL THE TRUTH!!! ~ anonymous
The truth... REVEALED:

The site is monitored by humans, NOT bots. Every warning/freeze you receive, and every locked/deleted board is done by human hands clicking their mice. We do have several systems in place that help the monitors do their jobs. We do work with computers, after all! But anything that requries a definitive action, especially when it comes to your account, is left up to a human. We would never let a bot do something so important.

Why have paint brushes gone up. My cousin used to be on neopets and she said that she once bought a starry paint brush for 50,000 way back when and I was wondering why? Did you do this or did neopians like myself do this? ~ minnieland
Both are responsible. As more players join the site, more games are played, and billions of Neopoints are created and put into the Neopian economy every day. This is called inflation. Simply put, as Neopoints become more common and available, their worth goes down. What 10,000 NP could buy you a few years ago is amazing compared to what you would have to spend to get the same thing these days. In addition to inflation, there are simply more people who want the item than there are available. Since demand exceeds supply, the price goes up. It is also affected by price gouging, and people hoarding items waiting for inflation to peak. While Neopets could increase the number being released, this would cause deflation, and anger those who have already paid inflated prices for the items. It would also make having a starry Neopet less special since everyone could afford it. This also means, however, that what you invest in now will be worth more later. Neopets is quite like a real-life economy. Invest wisely and you'll retire in style!

Oh Boy. Dear staff, who ever has been doing the advent calander items for the last 4 years is really messing up! I know the items are free, and I should not be complaining, but you have this once a year for a month. It is a month of excitment , joy and fun , a time when everyone gets things they really want. The advent calander should be a place that you just cant wait to log in to your account every morning just to see what you got!!! For 4 years its mostly been a lot of worthless junk. Please, is there anyway you could take a little more time with it? Make us all more excited and happy?????? I mean no disrespect, I just know you can do better Please??? Will you try??? Please please please?? ~ fooiefoo

Actually, we give out incredibly rare items that are only released once in the history and future of Neopia. Of course, multiply this by a million people, and yes, of course it deflates. I assure you though, that pretty much whatever we give you is not going to be worth much just because of sheer volume. With that said, hold onto what you get! Eventually the items will be used or destroyed in some fashion and as the quantity goes down, the worth goes up! For example, the Snowbunnies released a couple years back are now worth 30,000 NP! That's quite a lot for something that was once worth ziltch.

Tee hee hee! Look how expensive I am now!

In your last editorial you said it was okay to send items you get from random events to your main account, would it be okay to play games like Neoquest 2 and send the items you win from there to your main account? ~ pure_evil78
Good grief, no. Playing games is not allowed on alternate accounts, and Neoquest is most certainly a game.

how do i know what will happen until after it happens? for example, the DAY battle fearie came out, the fan-art/picture page was simply stuffed with pics of the battle fearie! most of the pics must have taken a very long to be made. how did these people know that the battle fearie was coming long enough before she came to make very well-done pictures. so how do i know when something is coming so i can be punctual with my pics? ~ Ghostfroggy_123
Occasionally we make announcements. Sometimes, we just hoard pictures for upcoming days, but generally, there are just so many pictures sent in, we can find enough of what we need to compile a special art gallery of it. :) We also have a handy-dandy Calendar that will let you in on all the recurring special days we have scheduled throughout the year.

Is Neopets getting slower by the day, or is it just me? It used to be that when you clicked on a link, you were just there right away, but now, it seems that it takes at least a minute to get to a single page. This is especially true on the Neoboards, where you often have to copy and paste your post several times before it goes through without a 'page cannot be displayed' message. I have taken a poll (and tested this at other peoples houses), and it is not just my computer, but Neopets itself, as everyone seems to be experiencing this problem. Is this problem going to be fixed, or are we doomed to become best friends with the 'copy and paste' buttons? *has just copied and pasted message, just in case* ~ lucemon01
Yup, we are aware of the problem! (Try working on the site when it's doing this!) This happens because the number of visitors to the site is always increasing. We currently have over 250+ servers to handle just the web pages! This doesn't include image or database servers and all that jazz. It's quite a big operation! We are constantly upgrading servers and adding new ones to insure that this slowdown doesn't happen, but sometimes unforseen things crop up. Just know we're working on it, and we'll get it fixed for you as soon as we can!

I really liked the new Xweetok snow printer picture, but when I clicked on it it gave me a picture of a Wocky! Could you please fix this? Thanks! ~ pokemonadvancerules
o_O You're... quite right. We'll get that fixed.

The Neopets Head Quarters (my smart fancy name for the place where you work) looks really cool on the webcam. Is it strictly forbidden for innocent Neopians to come visit if we *really* wanted to? (not that I can, I live in England :() ~ cleo_rawna
Haha, sorry, no tours! Though many imagine us dancing around all day with asparagus sticking out our noses, we really are an office just like any other. We mostly sit at our cubicles like proper little tamed geeks working away. It'd probably be a quite boring visit. Also, telling the receptionist you just want to go back and run around the office for giggles is an automatic "code red." You'll want to turn around to run away as quickly as you possibly can at that point.


hi tnt - where exactly do the neopoints from the lever of doom go? or is it one of those 'the meepits did it' kinda things? ~ ecokarmagirl
Those pesky Meepits are behind everything. Actually, the Neopoints don't go anywhere. It's quite like buying from the site shops or the Hidden Tower. No one gets them. They just disappear. But money leaving the economy is helpful. So, do your part to stem inflation and destroy your Neopoints today! :D *points*

Can you get frozen for excessive insulting a person or a group of people in an argument, even if you didn't start it and you were right? ~ aerohelios
Yes. No matter who is right or wrong, it is still inappropriate to insult and harass another player. Just be the bigger Neopian and don't get dragged down to their level.

I just have a brief question. You obiously know how much you always tell us that you'll NEVER ask us for our password, and if theres a page like that, its a scam? But then, right there, in User Prefs, you simply tell us that we need our password to make changes! And if we don't make changes, we have a horribly ugly white page for our look-up. Please do something about that, as it annoys me a little. Thanks. ~soniaserena
I think you took us a little too literally. What we mean by we will never ask you for your password, is that no one from The Neopets Team will ever contact you via email/neomail/instant messengers, etc, and ask for your password. The two screens that will ask for your password, which are the log in page and preferences page (as long as the url begins with are safe places. The site itself needs your password to make sure you are who you say you are!

Does the advent calender go to the 31 of december? ~jojof12345
Yes! You get advent presents the whole Month of Celebrating ^_^

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