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Are GARLIC pets a joke? I really want my jubJub garlic... - Ktgfreedom
No, you can really paint your JubJub or Kiko Garlic, it is just pretty hard to do as there is no Paint Brush as such.

I remember breifly that in the past there was a link to something like an "adventure" or something where you make up a story. where is a link to it if it even still exists? - Fuzzypickle1001
This is the Neoadventure Spotlight. It still exists and is linked to on Pet Central as well as on New Features every Thursday when we announce the Neoadventure Spotlight of the Week.

Since the search format was changed it is now harder to stock your shop without being banned for any number of minutes. I have not stopped to figure out how many searches are allowed, but I am now being banned for 30 mins at a time whereas before it was usually 10. Is there anyway that the number we are allowed can be increased? - Mrcougr351
Oh dear. That is not good. I will get our programmers to look into this and find out what is meant to happen.

When the item description of the Snow Kookith says that it can't be painted, does that mean that it can't be painted to be 'Snow' or does that mean you cannot paint it another color, like blue? - Xue_qing_612
It means it cannot be painted at all. You cannot get a Snow Kookith by using a Snow Petpet Paint Brush, and you cannot change your Snow Kookith to any other colour Kookith by using any other Petpet paint brushes.

Why don't the lights work like they use to in the neohomes? They don't light up anymore! Waa! And I don't think the speakers work either. :( - Blacklies
The speakers and lights should work the same as always. Can you double check this and if it is still not working for you can you submit a Bug Report listing which items in particular are not working for you?

Korbats are one of my favourite species, yet they don't have a colour that is quite "girly" enough. As the owner of a very girly Korbat, I humbly ask that you use your almighty 1337 drwanging slikllz and create royal Korbats. Make ze females very girly (Like Usuls or Zafaras), - The owner of a very girly Korbat - lindzerin226
Hehe, ok I see your point. We will see what we can do here :)

It was my birthday, and I got the Happy Birthday Sidebar. The sidebar made the top advertisement go away. Is there suppose to be no ads as a Birthday Present of is there something wrong with my computer? - Babi_ang3l
On your birthday, not only do you get the snazzy sidebar, but you get zero adverts at the top, Its just a nice little added bonus.

When will Neopets Premium be open for all users to join? I've tried for months to join and I just can't get in - it keeps saying the beta testing is full. How much longer will it be in "beta" before you launch it? - Chathappychatter2
I believe we are just finishing up a few things on the portal and premium service (thanks for all the feedback beta testers). It is due to go live around the middle of February. As soon as I know more details there will be an announcement in New Features.

Can Krawkadons be changed to Krawks like Krawk Petpets? - Cheddarchet
Np, Krawkadons are not in anyway related to Krawk Petpets or Neopets. They are just another type of Petpet. Krawks are the only species that can be turned into a Neopet at present.

What is this Japenese diner place to get coke or pepsi or something? Does this exist... and can people besides Japenese users use it? - Lacy_chocolate
We have been working on getting sponsors for all the various languages that are tailored towards people in those specific countries. Recently we have started a Pepsi promotion on the Japanese shops map. This is only available to Japanese users, but we are working on getting other sponsors for all the other languages and more should be available soon.

I entered my answer to the Lenny Conundrum as 1.1 inches but I don't think I won just because I didn't put the minus sign! This isn't fair! - Kougra6004
I am very sorry, but like all those horrible maths questions at school, you have to have the correct answer in order to win. There is a big difference between 1.1 and -1.1 inches.

In the beauty contest the trophies for species, and overall look identical. My Krawk has won first in species and 3rd overall, but you can't tell from the trophys! It looks like he's just won 3rd place in species! Do you think you could tweak this a bit so the trophies look different? - Lunatic_kiss
Ooh. I dont think that is right. Let me see what is happening with the trophies. I a,m almost certain they should look different.

In the January 13 news, ("Trust a Uni to make the Robot Paint Brush look snazzy and colour co-ordinated. ") you talk about a robot paint brush but there isn't one to be found anywhere. Is one going to be released soon or is that just a mis-statement? - Chester2x4b
Neither, it is just an expression to describe that the Uni was coloured Robot. Saying trust a Uni to make a Robot paint job look snazzy and colour co-ordinated just didnt feel right. It was like describing the Uni as a used car. Robot Paint Brushes do not exist and will not in the near future. The only way to get a Robot Neopet is to use the Lab Ray.

Hey, i was just flipping through the old archives, when I saw an ad for discount cards. Why did you take them off? Can you bring them back on? - Greece67
They were something we did a long time ago. If I remember correctly they were tied in with an old sponsorship and we removed them when the sponsorship ended. We have no plans to bring them back. It is just something that we once did.

Can you plzzzzz add the random contest to the games room???? The only way I can seem to get to it is through the NEWS section. Thanx!! - Opsy56
It should be on Pet Central too, but I can't see it there. I will add that now. I will see what needs to be done to add it into the games room also.

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