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I had the great pleasure of discovering the mutant nedler and it changed my life. I have since gone on to find the Maraquan Albat, Royal Faellie and Desert Eizzil. Now I'd love to see more perfectly matched petpets and pets, pretty pretty please! I don't even care which pet and which petpet. They're all the best and warm my room temperature heart. ~the_zu
Hello! He’s a cute little Mutant isn’t he?! I have definitely noticed this trend and I will absolutely keep this in mind for future Petpet releases! Thank you for bringing this up! ~~Adler

Hi again! It's long since passed and perhaps this was overlooked before, but the AC18 Staff Tournament prize Table Foosball has an error in its description. We wouldn't want any of the fine TNT folks to be "band" from playing foosball or in the next cup! & Hi hi! The Gown of Fall and its dyes (Dyeworks Burgundy: Gown of Fall, Dyeworks Cream: Gown of Fall, & Dyeworks Orange: Gown of Fall) have an error in their descriptions: "The goegeous" should be "This gorgeous" - if that can please be updated for these items. Thanks!! ~quailbat
Wow, thank you for catching both of those errors! We just went in and made those fixes. Thank you for always keeping an eye out for typos! ~~Aesop

Heyo! I came across a misspelling while customizing my pet and wanted to let you know! There should be a second "e" in the word "Heroes" in the item name "A Heros Welcome Background". ~razur
Thanks for catching this misspelling! This item’s name is fixed now! Thanks again! ~~Goldfish in Bowl

Hi TNT! Thanks for all the hard work, updates and events recently :) Editorial issue #966 mentioned the possibility of a Plushie Cabinet. Is this still in the plans? Or should continue to expand my gallery? :) Thanks! *hands over coffee to the team* ~white_rose17
Hello! Due to other priorities like annual events, the plot, etc. the Plushie Cabinet has been put aside for now. We hope to be able to pick it up again in the future, but will be some time before we can take a look at this again. Until then, can expand your gallery! :3 ~~Sunpotato

Hi TnT, I wanted to write a 10 part series about my Neopets but I wanted to ask if we were allowed to have made-up lands that are not canon to Neopets in our story? Like can my pet go to a dream world that doesn't exist in Neopia (but is not a reference to the real world or anything and is purely from my imagination, with all characters being Neopets)? ~balloonanimal123
Hi, good question! A dream world shouldn’t cause any issues as long as it isn’t a reference to the real world in any way. This includes naming things differently but still being a reference to a place or thing from the real world. If you are nervous about anything being incorrectly read as a reference, you can put a disclaimer either in the comments or at the beginning of the story that explains it is all fictional lands that are neither a reference to real-world areas nor existing Neopian lands but instead are ideas fully created by the author. This will mainly help the editors keep this in mind while reading, but it does not mean it will be a perfect fit for all instances, so please keep that in mind. I hope this helps! /genuine ~~Stone

Last time you were kind enough to respond to my question about my poor Grarrl's Venomous Creature costume not covering his real life tail. But it hasn't worked. Rakonosaurus was so upset I bought him a Museum set to wear instead but oh no!!! That has not covered his tail either. So the issue must be with his tail not the costume so please, I beg with all my heart, can Donny please have a another look. Grarrl tears are not something anyone ever wants to see. ~fredajones
Hello again! I did some digging through all of the Grarrl colours and found out that one pesky Paintbrush in particular was having an issue with these items and it was of course, Rakonosaurus' colour. I went ahead and fixed it for you so you should have no trouble now with any of his fabulous outfits moving forward. Grarrl tears no more! hands Rakonosaurus a cookie ~~Adler

The tails of the Biscuit, Maractite, Steampunk Zafaras, AND that of the Darigan Blumaroo appear to be in the wrong biological zone resulting in some wearables being hidden behind the tails rather than layered on top. Could these four tails please be re-zoned to 'Hind Biology' in order to match the other Zafara and Blumaroo colours? Thank you! ~vali1987
Thanks for bringing this to our attention! The proper fixes have been made to these Pets! Happy customizing! ~~Goldfish in Bowl

The description for Blue Space Jumpsuit Outfit from the Haunted Mansion on October 24th reads - Jut what you need for space! Something comfy and fashionable! - could you correct that please? (Jut should be just) ~jess_scanlan
One would think this typo would have jutted out to us and we would have caught it so much sooner haha. Thank you for your keen eyes and for writing in about the error. This has now been fixed! Thank you! ~~Miss Rainbow

Hi! I;m really enjoying the new quests but I was wondering if there was any chance of ever getting a 'Reroll Quest' option? Like, once a day if there's a quest you can't/don't want to do you could get a different one instead. (If not, can we at least get an item that increases hunger to make the 'feed your pet' quest easier) ~martyn_5000
Hiya! Happy to hear you're enjoying the new quests! :heart: The design team has been discussing future enhancements for the quest log feature and rerolling quests is one of them! Until then, you can get ‘Bloat-Be-Gone’ to increase your pet's hunger so it's not bloated and complete the feeding quests :slight_smile: Thanks for writing in! ~~Sunpotato

Back in September a series of Hydra Draik wearables were announced as being released. None of the items can be located anywhere in all of Neopia. Have they actually been released? ~bukimmur
The Hydra Draik wearables were sold by Uni’s Clothing, but they have decided to now work with Cog’s Togs in the hopes that they will be more obtainable there! /genuine ~~Stone


Hi TNT! *bedecks your office with earth-tone garlands* (Why yes I was team Illusen, but that's CLEARLY unrelated) Just wanted to give my kudos to the faerie fest plot bits, they were funny and a little heartwarming and I really liked the vibes. Seeing Vira pop up was the eyeball on top of the slime sundae! ~marguerite_st_just

I just wanted to say thank you all for the great Haunted Mansion items this year! All items are from some of my favourite horror movies and I enjoyed every single item. You all did great this year. :) ~invaderzimgrl777

=) Hello TNT2 (this is the fun little nickname our guild has for the revitalized team), y'all are doing an amazing job! Keep it up, loving how so many collectible items are now available for people who wouldn't have gotten a chance at getting them. Everyone can look at new neoGoals to reach. Others who found it impossible to reach those goals and never took them on, can now return and try again. We are appreciating all you do, keep it up with this wonderful excitement. The feeling of there being something new and exciting happening on the site is re-energizing everyone! ~xsaber1989

Thanks for releasing some high-value stamps. I had pretty much given up on stamp collecting because of the prices, but I've gotten back into it because now it seems more doable! ~joancrr17

Thank you TNT for releasing truly spectacular prizes in the new daily quests! you ROCK! ~calico_valentine

Hi TNT :3 Thank you for the new quest feature!! It has very much renewed my joy around dailies on the site, and it's so exciting having the chance to get items I never thought I'd even dream of owning. You have been so responsive to our feedback, and it's really apparent that you are trying hard to make things better for us as players. You care, and it shows!! ~_mirow_

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