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Hi folks! So at the Rainbow Pool, you have the option to look at all the pets that come in a particular colour, right? Well, I've noticed that there's no option to look at all the pets that come in Valentine! Could that option be added, please? ~lampofnight
We had to call in Donny to assist us with this one, but with his help, we were able to add Valentine as another option in the drop-down list for seeing all of the Neopets species that come in a colour. Appreciate you bringing this to our attention! ~~Aesop

Now that Jumpstart isn't around anymore, does that mean the Jumpstart site theme from April Fool's a few years back is going away? I would hate to see everyone's site theme collection go down by one. Please remove my username. ~Anonymous
Currently, there are no plans to remove any themes from the site. We greatly appreciate the question! ~~Yarner

Looks like this item (Plant draik wings) isn’t showing up in cogs togs. The other pieces are searchable and are on the ssw. It’s never been on the tp either ~gemini_a88
Thank you for bringing this to our attention! It has been fixed and should be showing up now! /genuine ~~Stone

Tell me about Motor Dahy!!! Why does he wear the shoes?!! Lotta loyalty to two of Neopia's greatest villains! Or does he wear their names on his shoes out of spite? As a means of "treading" on them? Is Motor's bad boy attitude a Brute Squad-esque warning to the forces of evil? Or is he himself a bad dude? ~superkouza
Motor Dahy is going for massive intimidation! He’s truly a force to be reckoned with and wants to be respected for it. Naming his shoes after some of the most devastating villains would definitely scare the socks off some innocent little JubJubs. ~~Clammyhand

Not to mention that with his rebellious attitude, a part of Dahy actually does respect the likes of Xandra and Sloth. Although they might not have gone about it the right way, neither of them hesitated to stand up to authority when they tried to mould Neopia into the world they wanted to see. Dahy is a complicated little Pteri, and although he might not strictly be a bad dude, he definitely has some anti-establishment tendencies that lead him to admire some of the less reputable members of Neopian society... ~~Aesop

I'm so excited to see all of the changes coming to neopia! It's so refreshing to see it in the hands of the people who love it again-- I'm wondering, would it be possible to get a page where we can see all of the current TNT members? ~zephagalatica
Oh, we totally get the excitement, and we're thrilled you're as hyped as a Grarrl in a candy store! As for a page featuring our delightful TNT members, we'd love to, but we're currently swamped with trying to keep the Meepits from taking over the office (again) and making sure the Pant Devil doesn't snatch our staplers. Also, the TNT members are pretty shy and hard to get them to come out from under their desks to say hi. Stay tuned for more Neopian adventures! ~~Yarner

Something is wrong with the Blue Bouncy Ball & Jingly Bell. I can't seem to remove them from my shop or SDB and they no longer have a description. Can you take a look at those items and possibly fix them for us? Thank you so much! P.S. Jellyneo says: This item seems to have been deactivated in error when browsing the site in English. It can no longer be found in inventories, bought from shops, or removed from Safety Deposit Boxes. In all other languages, you can still interact with it as intended. ~beautiful_grrl_182
Thank you so much for letting us know! This is another issue we needed to call in the expert for, but Donny was able to fix up both the Blue Bouncy Ball & Jingly Bell. These two items should now be active and able to be found in inventories, bought in shops, and removed from Safety Deposit Boxes. Be sure to thank Donny the next time you stop by his Toy Repair shop! ~~Aesop

what is a hasee? seriously, they're just blobs that eat doughnutfruit and go wee on a seesaw, and why are they so perfect? *i (gently) slam a hasee onto the table* see. look at them. the perfect petpet to ever petpet ~child2597
A Hasee? *holds up the little guy from the table* Well, this is a Hasee of course! What more can I say? You’re looking right at ‘em. They’re just a perfect little pal. A sweet little sweetie, mcsweeterson. Their presence has blessed us, and that is all we need to know! Oh my, what is that over there!!! *sneaks away still holding the Hasee* /joking ~~ Stone

Hi! Why do the UC pets keep turning into cogs?? Is there an evil plot we are unaware of? ~bexizard
Don’t worry, that’s not the nefarious plot that is clouding the Neopian skies. There are far greater evils to come than cogs, but don't you worry, in future iterations of development, we promise to fix this minor "glitch" and return your beloved pets to their original form. Until then, enjoy the robotic charm! ~~Yarner & Aesop

With the switch in judges for writing competitions, it seems as I’ve had less luck in winning. Is there anything different that TNT Adler is looking for in the poetry contest in terms of style, submission timing, poem length, etc;? Or is the influx of submissions just higher and my luck poor recently? Thanks! ~i_lovee_icecream

We have been receiving an influx of submissions for the writing contests lately! I do have some tips & tricks to help you out:

Please don’t mass submit entries as this clogs up the pipeline for other users

As long as you submit your entry between the previous submission’s end date and before the upcoming theme day, your entry will be taken into consideration.

September Poetry Schedule:

September 25th - Gormball (late)
September 26th - Skeith Day (late)
September 28th - Random Poetry Day

i.e. Submit for Random Day any time between September 26th-28th

Consider adding a fun spin or choosing a unique topic!

I hope this gives you some insight! Happy writing!

~~ Adler

hey hey! :) would it be at all possible to include Deserted Fairgrounds Background in the upcoming retired halloween capsule? it's old and retired in 2008, so not a lot of them floating around anymore. thanks! ~blahblah1215
Hello! We have taken note and tossed this item into the prize pool for this future capsule! Happy customising! ~~ Miss Rainbow

TNT, I need answers. Who won last year's Gormball Championships? We didn't get any news about who the winner was. Was it cancelled for any reason or there's something shady going on? Fans need to know! Please remove my username. ~Anonymous
I won’t spoil it for ya, but if you want to know more about what happened in last year’s Gormball Championship, you can read about it by going to the Annual Gormball Championship Neopedia page! Keep an eye out for this year’s Gormball updates soon as well! /genuine ~~Stone

Hey you all! The 8-bit Pride Shirt announced in the news back in late June is missing an Est. Value so it does not currently stock. Can one please be added so 8-Bit coloured pets can show their pride? Thank you! *Throws rainbow confetti* ~quailbat
Oh no! Thank you so much for letting us know that pricing for the 8-bit Pride Shirt slipped through the cracks. We just went in and added a price so it should now be stocked and purchasable from Ugga Shinies. Wear it with pride! ~~Aesop

Hey TNT, you have released all these fabulous Chia Wings, but the one for the Agueena Chia and the Chokato Chia are still missing. Will they get a release as well? ~padxe
Hello there! Do not fret dear Neopian, your Agueena and Chokato Chias will be flying (or eating) soon! Please stay tuned and keep an eye on the upcoming releases. ~~ Adler

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