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It's been a while since we did a round of Q&A with TNT!
To help introduce the newest addition to our Neopian Times team, we decided to bring this segment back! So without further ado, let's...

Meet Adler!
Favourite Neopet? - I would have to say Shoyru, Blumaroo or Xweetok. I can’t pick just one!

Favourite Neopian land? - Roo Island! I love that it feels like a resort as it’s on the water and has a souvenir shop and most importantly… The Coffee Cave!

Favourite Neopian character? - Illusen, all day! She’s been my favourite Faerie since I was a kid and I’ve always loved her characteristics and animation-style.

Favourite Neopian food? - I will have to go with my favourite IRL food.. Chai Iced Tea...and yes, I count that as a food rather than a drink. If we’re talking Neopian-specific food items, there are a few items coming out very soon, so you’ll have to keep an eye out to see if you can guess which ones they are…

What’s the closest thing to real magic? - Fun fact, I believe in the law of attraction and I have personally seen it manifest some things that I thought were impossible. To me, I believe everyone is capable of making their own kind of magic! If you approach everything with an attitude of gratitude, you’ll be amazed at the ripple effect that that can have in your life.


What is your proudest accomplishment? – I used to work in law enforcement and as a female, it was an extremely difficult job to attain and a lot of people doubted me, but I did it nonetheless! I would say my current proudest accomplishment was landing this super cool job as I am very passionate about Neopets (since I grew up playing it) and I’m really enjoying getting to know the team and everyone who helps make Neopets super awesome! I’m also loving the user feedback so far and I hope that I can help bring some super cool stuff to Neopets!

If you had a warning label, what would yours say? – WARNING: Please keep caffeinated and fed at all times to avoid tired and/or hangry meltdowns. (Note: results may vary).

Do you have any hidden talents? – Good question! Hmm… I am very good at softball pitching (windmill-style) and can throw a mean change-up, curveball and superfast pitch with really spot-on accuracy. On an unrelated note, I can also read very fast and I have a natural knack for cooking and/or baking.

What keeps you up at night? – Ghosts, mostly…or a really good TV show!

Hi! First of all, congrats to the new team! My question is this. For many years in a row Charity Corner was held as a way to clean out junk items and it was a fun use for otherwise useless items, but 2020 was the last one and since then it disappeared on us. Is there any chance that Charity Corner or something similar will happen again or should we just throw away our little hoards of junk? ~wolfspirit00
Hello! We know that there is quite a bit of Neopian junk that needs clearing out, and have been wanting to hold some type of cleanup event since last year. I can happily confirm that an event similar to Charity Corner, where you will be able to donate junk items in exchange for prize shop points, is coming in the near future! In addition to clearing out some of the junk around Neopia, this event will be combining Charity Corner functionality with another highly requested event featuring certain characters whose past our team has been raring to delve deeper into. So keep on stockpiling your towers of trash items for a little longer! ~Aesop

Hi TNT, I LOVE the new potato chia, its perfect in every way except that it cant wear the dug up dirt foreground! TRAGIC! Its zoned in lower foreground so I dont know why it wont work? Can you please fix it so the potato chia can wear it? (and i guess other food chias but like this is way too perfect for potatos!) Thank you! ~Elegysanft
Hello! We’re so glad the Potato Chia is getting so much love! We have fixed the issue with the Dug up Dirt Foreground item, so your Potato Chia should now be able to wear this item properly. Happy customizing! ~~Goldfish in Bowl

Hello! ^_^ Is there a best time to submit to the Neopian Times? It is commonly said on the Writers/Art boards that the best time to submit an entry to the Poetry Competition or Art Gallery is the night before an update/the morning of an update, but what about the Neopian Times? I have a series in mind that I would like to submit. Thank you! ~catsncrows
Hi there! We do receive quite a high number of submissions for contests and for NT so there is unfortunately no definitive answer.

You can always check the Writers Neoboard for specific theme days and as long as you submit your entry between the previous submission end date and before the upcoming theme day, your entry will be taken into consideration.

For Random Days, it works relatively the same way. As long as you’re within the end of the previous theme day and submit on or before the Random Day, your entry will be submitted.


Discovery of Brightvale Day - August 11th

Random Poetry Day - August 16th

Meerca Day - August 18th

Usuki Doll Con - August 21st (Late)

- Submit your entry any time between August 11th- August 16th to be considered for Random Day.

- Submit your entry between August 16th- August 18th to be considered for Meerca Day.

- Submit your entry any time between August 18th- August 21st to be considered for Usuki Doll Con.

I hope this helps! ~~ Adler

Do the Brain Tree and the Money Tree know eachother? Is that a rude question? ~golf666
Even though it is a tad rude, I'm sure our arboreal friends wouldn't mind me answering it. Despite the fact that the Brain Tree and Money Tree aren't located in the same land, they actually have conversations quite often! The two of them can communicate with each other through a complex system of expansive roots underground that the Brain Tree has dubbed the "Wood Wide Web". Although these communicative roots help ease the Brain Tree's thirst for knowledge, they have never been able to fully quench it, resulting in the Brain Tree relying on Neopets to gather knowledge for him on quests. I suppose that's because most trees are wooden conversationalists! ~~Aesop

Hi TNT! *hands plate of spiky Darigan cookies* Could you fix the issue that Darigan Draiks have where their mouths are visible through their whiskers? ~yellowflower7
Hello! *graciously takes and devours all the spiky Darigan cookies* Thanks for bringing up this Darigan Draik issue to our attention! The mouths should now be behind the whiskers. Happy customizing! ~~Goldfish in Bowl

Hi TNT! :) I just wanted to thank you for all the amazing species-related wearables that have been released lately! They are really incredible. I'd like to give a huge shoutout to whomever is designing these; they're clearly drawing inspiration from nature, bringing more natural looking aesthetics to neopets! I am especially drawn to the recent horns(ixi), spikes(krawk) and fins(koi)! I *cannot* wait to see what rolls out for Draik day this September! P.S When draik day finally rolls around, if you happen to release some horns (similar darigan draik horns) in the shade of black/charcoal, I can think of one person and one draik who would be eternally grateful. 0:-) (also please don't zone as hat. maybe earrings?) ~nook
We’re so happy to hear all the joy the new species-related wearable have been bringing!! We actually have something similar planned for Draik day so we hope you enjoy them as well! /genuine ~Stone

How do you say the name of that little Chia with the sweet tooth? Her name is spelt Adee, but do you pronounce that "Ah-dee", or "Addie"? ~Anonymous
We had a little internal discussion about this one and agreed that the correct pronunciation of everyone's favourite sugar-craving Chia was "Addie"! ~~Aesop

Hiya TNT! Can you please please with a cherry on top fix the Hind Be-Gone for Chocolate Usuls??? It makes their tail disappear BUT then the whipped cream part at the top is still just sitting there floating in the air really weirdly without the tail! It's gotta go, please! :) ~laurel22425
Hiya! This should be fixed now and the whipped cream should disappear correctly! Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Happy customizing! ~~Goldfish in Bowl

I just want to say I love the things being done on the site. I love that the news has content. The new page that opens is amazing and its so exciting to see all of this. I see a new vitality in the site and I know you are just as excited about it as the community is. Than being said, I saw a request for a pebble P3. How about a Twig P3. You know to go with Woodland Pets and Petpets and well as Camouflage if that is your thing. You guys rock. Keep up the great work. ~nashie363comesback
We indeed are very excited and love to see that the community is as well! Some new extra little friends to celebrate it all with us is a great idea! /genuine ~~Stone


Wow! The New Era is so exciting!!! So many fixes and changes. It's an amazing start and I can't wait to see what's ahead :) Sending you lots of cookies and hugs and wishing TNT all the best on this new chapter for Neopets ~major_flirt8888

I lift my glass to the artists who created the Tarot cards in real life. I just received my set and they are beautiful front and back and love that you included a Guide. The item I received with the purchase was Neopets Tarot Card (toy) It is too beautiful to remain a toy... can we beg for it to be made wearable. I love the colours Thanks! andrealross68 PS Making inventory unstackable earns you this plate of from scratch Fudge Brownies with Peanut butter icing


Hello! Have some biscuits and borovan. *gingerly places steaming cup and saucer* I'm not sure which member of TNT is running the NT anymore, as I'm returning to the site after a 4+ year hiatus, but I just wanted to express my heartfelt gratitude to y'all. Since the recent announcement of the ownership change, I've seen a lot of transparency that was previously lacking when I left, presumably due to being understaffed/resourced. I'm so glad that y'all are able to get the resources you need to be able to follow through with things like getting the games room up and running, and I hope that more of us oldie players return to the site as the Neopia we knew and loved continues to rebuild. I'm especially excited for the return of plots, as that was something I was usually too young to understand how to do when they were a regular occurrence. Y'all are the best! ~citybound

hi tnt! I wrote too long of a nice note about how I like the website now and it told me I had too many characters. You'll have to take my word for it. Anyways I normally write in silly what-if-they-answered-it type things that honestly I'm glad you don't answer all the time (the editorial is pretty good right now I think). but I just wanted to say I'm excited about the future of neopets. I'm One of Those People and all the time I find myself actively enjoying the beta layout (status quo bemoaning the loss of my nostalgia I'm sorry, it was really good to me and I was young). Anyways you guys are doing an awesome job. Thank you. Who would have thought I'd be having so much fun playing neopets when I was 30, when I was 12. :) oh no it's long again! but rock on tnt, good job ~dumbliedore

Hi TNT! I've gotten into playing FoodClub recently, and I wanted to tell you how much fun it is! I've really enjoyed learning how it works. It's one of my favorite parts of the site right now! ~digitally_cool

The species specific NP wearables TNT have been releasing have been so great! Thank you for your creativity and more NP wearables. ~desaday

Congratulations on the new ownership, Neopets! Can't wait to see what you guys come up with, don't let the naysayers get to you too much. Myself and many others are so excited! :) Thanks for all you guys do and good luck with all that's to come! ~Anonymous

Can I get a goodnight from a certain coconut on fire? ~vrolliepollie
And finally, an important message for all of Neopia...

GOOD NIGHT ~mr.coconut

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