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Hello Neopians!

To help with future Neopian Times submissions we have laid out some rules that we will be going by from now on:

To avoid confusion, users will no longer receive messages if their entries are being held.

Entries will be cleared out after each edition. So if your submission was not accepted in the most recent NT, you can try revising and resubmitting for the next issue!

Entries can be submitted by up to 3 collaborators, however, going forward, any entries with collaborators must include a comment providing details explaining which part of the submission each person worked on.

Please keep in mind that continued comics or shorts are not always guaranteed to be in the next edition, as they can be spread out based on which types of issues we have as well as the quality of the submission. Just because the first part was accepted, does not mean the second part will be in the next edition. If you don’t see it published in the most recent edition, you can always revise and resubmit!

Entries will no longer be edited after publication unless there are major input errors.

NT_Editor account has not been active for some time, so please direct NT questions and concerns towards the Editorial. ~~Stone

Hi, Splunkin here. Long time reader first time submission. I am gay and love the new pretties released in the NC mall! However, I was wondering if there is a possibility to release more masculine items more often for pets who identify as masculine. Armor pieces, a nice fall button up and casual clothes, more variety of wigs, Warlock items, maybe some stealthy looking clothes (No reason stealthies should have all the fun!) Occupational/hobby clothes would be awesome as well! I made a board on the NC chat and many agreed, we would love more masculine options for our little homies to express themselves. (: Thank you for the work you have all been putting into the site, would love to see more representation for pets who identify as male or more masculine. Hope you have a great road map roll out and I'm excited to see the changes to come! ~skootrocity
Hello! We’re happy to hear you’ve been enjoying the items in the NC Mall! And we hear you, we will definitely boost up the amount of masculine items we release :) Thanks for writing in! ~ Miss Rainbow

Hi. Editorial 965 mentioned that an Other III stamp avatar was in the works. When will this avatar be released? I'm looking forward to it. ~_brainchild_
Sorry for the delay, but this long-awaited avatar is finally live! We also just released the Charms stamp page avatar as well, so both long-overdue stamp avatars have officially arrived! ~~Aesop

Hello, I noticed the Water Skree has a transparent background, instead of white. It makes it look odd on my pet's lookup, which I coded to have a dark grey background. Any chance the Water Skree's icon could be fixed to have a white background like normal? This also affects the Water Greeble. Thanks! ~nightmare
Hello! This has been fixed and you should no longer see the transparent background, thanks for writing in! :) ~~ Miss Rainbow

Hiya! I loved the first episode of Nosy Neopians! Its great to get to know the real people who work so hard behind the scenes! We haven't had a Neopian Times for a few weeks now - will Nosy Neopians be replacing the Neopian Times? ~poizen
Nope! We are excited about Nosy Neopians too, but nothing will ever replace the Neopian Times! In fact, we put together a rough schedule for upcoming Neopian Times you can check out at the Neopian Writers Neoboard. ~~ Stone

Hey TNT, the Birthday Slorg is drawn as a plushie and not a petpet. Any chance it could ever have it's art updated to fix this? ~big_spider
Hello! Stiches, be gone! The art has been updated and you should no longer confuse this Birthday Slorg as something filled with fluff and stuff hehe. ~~ Miss Rainbow

I believe there should be a day to celebrate everything Maraqua! It's a special colour that is limited on clothing options and could be fun to get a new Maraquan pet or petpets. I think it would do well as a new holiday in July! ~kougra_luver246
What an intriguing idea! Now that you mention it, it seems strange that there are no holidays celebrating Maraqua. Thank you so much for the suggestion :) Our team will discuss the idea of a new Maraqua-themed holiday and where it might fit best in the Neopian Calendar! ~~Aesop

Hiya! Could we have a cap that released former monthly collectible items from the mall? That would be awesome!! Please remove my username and also this message, thanks TNT! ~Anonymous
Hello! This is a very clever idea! We will take note of this! We appreciate you writing in :) ~~Miss Rainbow

Hello there! I have a question that's been bothering me for a while, and I'd like to hear the official answer: are the Altador Cup teams like the human Olympics, in that the best players from each land represent their team, or more like, say, football, where players can come from any land and sign to any team that wants them and then be traded around? Looking forward to hearing the truth! Thanks! ~jrayeb3
An excellent question! Altador Cup teams are more akin to a sport like football than the Olympics. Although the athletes do represent different lands, they can be traded to different teams regardless of which land they might call home! ~~Aesop

Hi! Loving the new items lately but please fix the mythical winter wig for Draiks please! Thank you ~alakazam
Hello! This item should be fixed now, happy customising! :) ~~ Miss Rainbow


TNT, you've done it all in 2022. This was a great year for content. You've released new clothing sets, you've added more new stamps to the site, you've released new Booktastic Books, you've made Talpidat r98. You've added new Seashells, new Gourmet Foods, and you've even added a new album: Card Collector. What an amazing year! Keep going!! ~discoleon

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