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Neopets: Faeries Hope Announcement

Hello Neopians! In case you haven't heard, we recently launched a brand new Match 3 mobile game, Neopets: Faerie's Hope, on both The App Store and Google Play in the U.S., Canada, U.K., Germany, and France! Download and play today to help a lost Light Faerie unearth her hidden past as she shapes her own future, and redeem an exclusive on-site reward for playing the game and passing a certain amount of levels! We hope that you enjoy playing as much as we do! PS: If you haven't already, you still have a few more days to enter our Neopets: Faerie's Hope Neocash Giveaway!

Hi. Are the new Trudy's Surprise Petpets supposed to be paintable? At the time of writing, they are, and if this continues, the value of previously rare Petpets will be destroyed. Also, this is inconsistent with previous Trudy releases. I believe this is an error; please have Donny take a look. :) ~Anonymous
Oh no! Terribly sorry about that mix-up, but Donny got his hands dirty and made sure the new Trudy's Surprise petpets were removed from the petpet puddle so that they would be unpaintable as intended! Thank you so much for letting us know :) ~~Aesop

My friends and I were talking and we were wondering if the TNT staff can see EVERYTHING on the boards? Like, when we are having private conversations in Neomail, can you guys see what we're saying in there? Or in guildchat, can you see that stuff? Hahaha asking for a friend. ~Anonymous
Hi, Yes, the moderation team can see anything that is written on the site regardless of where that is written so they can see: guild chat, boards, Neomails, trading post wishlists, petpages and user lookup pages. Just a reminder that all site rules and chat rules apply to all of these areas. ~~Kikocat

Hello guys! I was wondering why Neovia doesn't have an Altador Cup team. It's my favorite place, I would love to know if there's a reason for it or if you have plans to create one ~thalia_kira
What an intriguing question! Neovia is currently represented by the Haunted Woods team since the foggy little town is nestled in the Haunted Woods. That being said, in recent years there have been rumblings that Neovia has been looking into starting up their own Altador Cup team but ran into some difficulty finding enough serious players to compete. That being said, with Team Dacardia setting up to the plate, there have been rumours that regions all over Neopia are scrambling to put together their own teams. So who knows, maybe one day we will see a Neovian Team grace the Altador Stadium… ~~Aesop

Can we please have more gothic items that aren't NC items? ~stars4ever33
With the recent release of gothic items in the Advent Calander, a fire has been struck within us, and we, too, want more gothic items! ~~Stone

Happy holidays! I have a quick question about rules. I tried searching in past editorials and couldn't find anything on it. I see people bumping their own trade boards and as an act of kindness I think it would be nice to help them bump their own boards sometimes by saying "Good luck trading" or "Best wishes trading" this way to get help keeping their board up and I'm sending good wishes their way. Is this allowed or against the rules? Please remove my username :) ~Anonymous
That is perfectly fine to do that UNLESS you have a link to your CC or BC entries as part of your Neosig.

If you do have those you need to be actively contributing to the conversation of the thread. Saying "good luck trading" or "Best Wishes trading" would not be seen as actively contributing to the conversation and would be considered spam in those situations. ~~Kikocat

Are grundos sticky? ~golf666
Another wonderful question! Grundos do in fact have tacky skin that can feel slightly sticky to the touch. However, some Grundos in particular, such as Marshmallow Grundos and the Spider Grundo, are especially glutinous! ~~Aesop

Neopets, as a family-friendly website, does not allow inappropriate content, including in the names of your Neopets. However, there has not been a clear-cut answer on how appropriate a name may be - as there's more gray area there than the Grey Faerie! My question is, if a name is accepted and made into a lovely Neopet, but later turns out to include or allude to an inappropriate or hateful topic, is there a solution to this besides abandoning the pet, giving an unsavory user the opportunity to stealthily reveal they are bullying/hateful/doing something not family-friendly? ~Anonymous
Yes, if you find yourself in that situation please send in a ticket to support and you can discuss that particular pet with the support staff member and see what solutions there are. ~~Kikocat

Hi TNT!! I am a big fan of fossils and just got my marble grarrl. While customizing I noticed a lack of fossil items to make her look like she's on a dig! Can we have some fossil dig items? Maybe a background? Thanks so much for all you do! ~manafione
I dig this idea! Let’s see if we can excavate a few items in the future so we can discover more of the past! And by past, I mean some awesome fossils! ~~Stone

So, we have a neoboard for about every topic known to Neopia. Why dont we have a board for general chat, and random topics? To stay within the rules of the boards to help keep posts *on topic* I think we need one! *sets out coffee and fresh cinnamon rolls* Please omit my username. Thank you TNT!! ~Anonymous
We did use to have a General Chat board but it became a very huge problem for the community and was filled with spam and offsite/real world topics and did end up being removed due to that. Sadly due to the enormous problems that did happen the board probably would not be able to be brought back. ~~Kikocat


Hi, I just wanted to write in and say that TNT is doing a tremendous job with the Advent Calendar this year! Maintaining fairness and combating inflation is a very challenging job, but the types of gifts this year have been a great mixture of old and new. This has definitely been one of my favorite months as a veteran player. Keep up the great work! ~herozelse

Thank you so much for the Sticky Snowflake Stamp from the Advent Calendar! Stamps have been needing to be re-released for a long time; keep it up...please! -no tags here-3 ~Anonymous

I have loved Meowclops for so, so long. AND THEN YOU GIVE US CHRISTMAS MEOWCLOPS. TNT. TNT I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. YOU HAVE BEEN SINGLEHANDEDLY SAVING THE NEOPIA ECONOMY. BEST ADVENT CALENDAR EVER. I take years-long hiatuses and I am SO GLAD I CAME BACK IN TIME FOR THIS. TNT. TNT. I love you. -shaking your shoulders- I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. THANK YOU. also here's a plate of homemade cookies thank you THANK YOU -gives plate of appropriately festive decorated sugar cookies- ~kunabee_tiger

Thanks for the incredible Advent Calendar TNT! It’s been over 15 years since I’ve seen so much pure joy and excitement around a site event. ~1schmidt

This isn't a question, I just want to say that I'm glad that the Advent Calendar has broken some "rules" this year! I think some things have been stale for a while on Neo and this different calendar has made things more entertaining! Hopefully more other different things will come too. ~starofcolors

THANK YOU TNT for the creative idea of re-releasing retired items through the advent calendar! I was pleasantly surprised when I received my cute little Snow Faerie doll from it earlier this month! There are thousands of items that are hard for new players to ever be able to afford and that are lost to time sitting in in-active accounts, so I think this was a great way to impartially treat everyone! Keep up the good work! ~Anonymous

Dear TNT, Thanks for giving us the Advent Calendar mobile background early this year. Last year, when we didn’t get our Christmas mobile background until Christmas Eve, the lateness felt so wrong! Now I have the Petpet background set to my Home Screen while last year’s Reina one is on my lock screen. ~jaylahcat

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