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Now that our interviewer is all healed up, it’s time for another round of Quick Questions! Today we interviewed newcomer Lili Lever from Team Kiko Lake and veteran Mirsha Grenlinek from Team Shenkuu!

When approached, Lili Lever squealed and ran off during our first interview attempt. However, she worked up the courage to reschedule our Quick Questions session and give it another shot!

Interviewer: “After you left our last interview rather abruptly, we were worried that we wouldn’t have a chance to interview you. Why the sudden change?”

Lili: “Oh yes, I’m so sorry about that. It’s just uh, I have um, a tough time with meeting new Neopets. I always freeze up, and I’m never sure what to say. So, playing in my first Altador Cup, with all of the attention from fans and other teams, well it can be very overwhelming! But I had some helpful chats with my teammates, specially Erli who was very understanding, and came to the conclusion that I have to face my fears if I truly want to be a professional Yooyuballer.”

Interviewer: “Lovely to hear that your team already has your back! Now, becoming a professional Yooyuball player is never an easy road to take, so what drove you to train hard enough that you would one day play in the Altador Cup?”

Lili: “Well, my mother was a very talented Gormball player back in her day! I grew up watching her, being inspired not only by her talent but also by how happy she looked out on the field. She was never as quiet as me, but she still really seemed to open up when she was playing. Then and there I knew I wanted to do the same thing; to find an outlet that allowed me to feel just as free. That let me be myself. And when I gave Yooyuball a shot, everything just clicked!”

Interviewer: “Well now that you are playing for Team Kiko Lake in this year’s Altador Cup I am sure you are making her proud!”

Lili: “I certainly hope so! She’s always been such a big inspiration to me, and my personal hero. If you’re reading this Mom, I just want to thank you so much for pushing me. You were right, I belong wherever I want to be!”

Captain of the Shenkuu team, we interviewed Mirsha Grenlinek about just how serious the competition was getting in this year’s hotly contested Altador Cup!

Interviewer: “So Mirsha, after progressing through the Round Robin Tournament, how are you feeling about Team Shenkuu’s chances?”

Mirsha: “The entire team trained tirelessly during the offseason so we have our new plays down pat, but the fierce competition in the Round Robins proved that the other teams have been practicing just as relentlessly as we have. I’m confident we still have a shot at taking home first, but the pressure is on.”

Interviewer: “Wise words indeed! How has the Shenkuu team been dealing with that pressure this year?”

Mirsha: “Well we are very close as a team, so we have each other to lean on. Plus, all of our loved ones have been very supportive.”

Interviewer: “That is certainly important! Is there anyone in particular out there you would like to give a shout-out to?”

Mirsha: “There is a special little usul out there whose eloquent words have always inspired me to be the best version of myself. So, I have to thank Ginia, no matter how embarrassed this will make her, for always being patient with me when I get frustrated with myself. I know I can rely on her whenever I might need it, and that means the world to me. No matter how we finish out this Altador Cup, I already won the day I met you.”

Interviewer: “Oh my, that was so heartfelt you have me tearing up!”

Thanks for joining us for another round of Quick Questions. We will try to squeeze at least one more interview in before the end of the Altador Cup, so be sure to stay tuned!

Hello TNT! I had recently decided to change the customization of my pets again, and between trying on clothes and checking if there was something new, I realized that there are more clothes and wigs from NC than from nps. And even if I wanted to, I can't afford to buy NC, so I have to settle for what is from nps. So I was wondering if they can release nps clothes again and bring back that perfect balance between the amount of NC clothes and NP clothes. It is possible that more users like me will be very grateful to see cute np clothes for variety of pets again. *Gives you a cup of coffee and cookies for reading it to the end* ~~bruja_mm8__55
*Chugs coffee and scarfs down cookies remembering I once again forgot to eat today* Yes we completely agree! We were happy to have the opportunity to release some NP wearable items recently, and plan to continue to release more throughout the year with different themed packs, some of which will absolutely include clothing! :) We want to make sure that all Neopians can afford to look their best! ~~Aesop

Hey TNT!!! I think it's been long enough, and the world deserves to know - what exactly IS borovan? There's hot borovan, borovan crepes, borovan cakes, you name it! So what is it?? ~~ossabritt
An excellent question that keeps most of the TNT staff up at night! This delectable beverage is served hot and consists of a mixture made of Hot Chocolate and Asparagus. Although that doesn't sound like a particularly tasty combination, apparently it is quite delicious if mixed just right! However, the amount of each ingredient must be carefully measured, or else you will end up with a foul concoction that even Skeiths would turn their nose at. Rumour has it only Adam himself knows the proper procedures to create a perfect mixed cup of Borovan, and that he passed his knowledge onto a select few trusted Neopians who continue brewing the unique drink to this very day! ~~Aesop

Hey TNT! What are the rules around streaming Neopets gameplay? I can only think that you'd have to be careful not to share any personal data whilst playing, but otherwise is this within the rules? I think the Altador cup grind might be more fun on stream! ~~ipodcruncher
We love that you want to do this! We say go for it, just be mindful of your login information and have fun! I hope I can catch one of your streams! ~~Mac

Hi TNT, Jhudora asked me for a book called 'Illusions Illusion', but i saw that the cover for the book was 'Illusen's Illusion'. Can that be fixed? ~~domdee17
Thank you so much for letting us know! If Jhudora had found out we made a typo on the cover of that book, we certainly could have been turned into Mortogs... We went ahead and corrected that mistake, hopefully before Jhudora noticed, so you can now enjoy reading Illusen's Illusion to your pets! ~~Aesop

Hi.Im wondering if TNT ever plans on fixing Defenders of Neopia? I am a returning player, Ive been back for 9 years and it still isnt fixed!!!! ~~rockchick63135
Hiya! We are currently looking into ways to improve Defenders of Neopia and convert this to the new site. No set dates yet but it’s something that’s on our minds and is being looked into! ~~ Sunpotato

Hi!, I don't know if the following question has already been asked/answered, but can I send an article/short story/comic in spanish? or does it necessarily have to be in english?. Gracias por la atención :D ~~burritoysnoopy
You can ABSOLUTELY send in your writing submissions in whatever language you are most comfortable with! Since opening up the creative contests to more languages, it’s been so wonderful to see artists from all over the world be more involved in the creative community. If you have any questions at all, feel free to send me a Neomail about this and I’ll be happy to help! ~~Mac

Dear TNT, in the Top Goal Scorer page of the Altador Cup that is currently under way, either the picture or the name of many of the top goal scorers are wrong (just an example, the first ranked scorer is listed as Kayn Hireck but the picture is Montecito's) . I don't think they'll be pleased if they get wind of this... Do revise and update for team Brightvale, Krawk Island, Virtupet, Haunted Woods, Lost Desert, Meridell, Mystery Island and Kreludor. Thanks! ~~zzub
Appreciate you bringing this to our attention! We went through all of the top goal scorers and made sure to update them with the correct player images. Please do let us know if you notice anything else off! ~~Aesop

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