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Hello! In a follow-up for last weeks question: Can you recategorize Deep Inside the Kreludan Mines from Book to Booktastic Book? It was also released in a Kreludor-themed Halloween gift bag, yet it is not categorized as a Booktastic Book. It would fit the theme perfectly, and there are so few Booktastic Books out there. Thank you! Please leave out my username. ~~Anonymous
Another superb suggestion! A tell-all book about the Kreludorian Mines certainly belongs on the shelves of the finest (and only) library on Kreludor. Thank you for bringing this to our attention! We have recategorized Deep Inside the Kreludan Mines to be a Booktastic book, and want to encourage all Neopians to continue to share any other discrepancies they notice! ~~Aesop

This is a question for the moderation team. Can you explain which factor do you consider when receiving a report? You can avoid details if you preffer but it seems like some harrasment and offensive acts are tolerated if they are against certain players, while some other players seems to have the benefit of be overprotected. Thank you in advance for the clarification, I'm pretty sure we all want a safe place to play and enjoy Neopia. ~~hits
Thanks for the question! What we do when we get an abuse report is we go to the member's message and review the messages they have posted and the message that was reported. If there is proof they are harassing anyone on the site then the moderator would then proceed to warn the member.

However, warns do build up, so if this member has been warned prior and builds up a specific point value they could be silenced. That being said, if it's their first infraction then it might possibly just be a warning.

This depends on the severity of the harassment as well, since some forms of harassment are an instant silence. In more extreme cases, the account could be permanently silenced as well. Usually the moderators will not even look at who reported, and it doesn't make a difference if the person was reported one time or multiple times. ALL reports are investigated the same way to make sure it is done fairly. ~~kikocat

Is there a reason the Faerie Petpet Food is restocking in Merifoods? That just seems wrong. XD Just wondering. ~~Anonymous
Oh, no! No wonder the Petpets of Faerieland were getting hangry! We’ve told the delivery truck to reroute their shipments! Thanks for the question! ~~Mac

Hello TNT! I was writing to ask if we could possibly get a day every year where you release old items/artwork that were unreleased for whatever reason. There's a bunch of really neat old artwork that would be awesome to see put to use :) A "throwback thursday" but its an annual event! Thanks for your time :D ~~lupe_lover_fan
Wow! This is a fantastic idea :D A new Neopian holiday where we finally release some old artwork or items that never saw the light of day would be really cool. We will definitely start looking into this! And please let us know if you have any suggestions for artwork that was never released or when this new holiday might fall on the Neopia Calendar. ~~Aesop

Hi TNT, I love neopets so much, I want to get a neo-themed tattoo!! I was just wondering if there are any copyright laws or anything in place that I would need to follow in order to get one of my favorite pets/petpets/items/etc. tattooed? ~~dependence
Thank you so much for your question! There are no copyright laws for your neo-themed tattoo. Be safe and share a picture with us so we can see! Thanks again! ~~Yarner

Hello! I've been really loving the interactivity and personable nature of some of TNT talking with Neopians about stuff! I think it's really awesome you're getting into community engagement and feedback! One of my favorite things to have happened is seeing these new pet/color combos based on fan artwork (like the Maraquan Lutari or more recently Koi), I feel like this is an awesome way to honor someone's hard work. I was wondering where you found these ideas. In the Suggestions or Art neoboards? In art galleries or spotlights? Do you just happen to see an Art Gallery submission of a new pet/color concept and go "Yes!"? Sorry if this has been asked before! ~~deadlylie
We are so happy to hear that! We had a lot of fun doing those fun little "Get to know" theTNT Staff questions and have been gathering invaluable feedback from users through the editorial, neoboards, neomail, and discord.

As for how we have been finding these incredible artist concepts to use for inspiration for the official pet/colour combos, I have been creating Neoboard posts every month asking for user suggestions. Through the feedback on these posts from everyday Neopians such as yourself, we have been able to create some truly incredible outfits :D

Here is the last one we posted if you would like to take a look:

June Pet Day Suggestions Board

And be sure to keep an eye out during the coming weeks for the July Pet Day Suggestions Board! ~~Aesop


It's such a small thing, but Mirsha Grelinek having a girlfriend made me so excited that I nearly cried. I'm a lesbian who's been playing Neopets on & off for nearly 20 years & this site & its characters mean so much to me. I hope to see more LBGT characters across the spectrum of the community, & look forward to what you come up with :) ~~hyperspacebeing

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