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Hi. Will there be a Festival of Neggs soon? :) Hopefully with at least one album item as a prize. ~~_brainchild_
Very excited to say that yes there will be a Festival of Neggs soon!

Kari has mentioned trying something different this year, hinting that she has already found a brand new locale where she will be hosting the Festival! She also warned us that setting up in a new location is taking more time to prepare, which means the Festival will be taking place a tad later than usual this year. However, it sounds like it will be well worth the wait!

Oh! And we did hear through the neggvine that one of the neggs this year will in fact be giving out an album item... ~~Aesop

Hi TNT! Happy spring. With spring cleaning on the bran, I'm curious as to whether we could have an update on the status of the organization of our pets with the new slots? I'd really like to get to work on perfecting my pet order but I remember in the few days after the release of slots, it was mentioned that you guys were working on making it so we can organize our pets. Thank you for any updates you can give!! ~~skimaga
Hiya! We plan on giving the ability to sort pets in the future there isn’t a set release date yet. Until then though, we’ll be adding a little order to the pets by making them appear in alphabetical order in the next update! ~ Sunpotato

Jingly Bell is priced 0 NP in the ever stocked General Store so no one can buy them. ~~shadomir
Thank you for bringing this to our attention! I had Donny do a quick fix on these bells, so they should now be appearing at the Neopian Music Shop. Bring one home today, and jingle all the way! ~~Aesop

Hi TNT! *a flock of meepits is dropped in by owls* I know that most older wearables are not made compatible with Vandagyres, but the owls (and the meepits) demand to be able to hold their namesake item, the Whoot Purse. The owl pet needs to be able to hold the owl bag! ~~zilaena
Hello! *the flock of meepits disperse in a frantic scurry, probably hoping to find more wires to gnaw and juice to drink* Whoot Purse eh? It's cute, it really is, and I'm feeling extra kind today. x) So enjoy the purse because it is now able to be worn by Vandagyres! Yay! ~~Miss Rainbow

Would it be possible for a link to the neoboard preferences page to be added to the new layout? It's a pretty essential link and has been missing for over a year now. ~~cloudypoogle
This is actually a feature we have been discussing and working on bringing back. I am happy to report that the link to the neoboard preferences page will be added to the new layout in our next release, which is scheduled to go out early next week! ~~Aesop

*Gives a Meowclops Plushie* My gallery spotlight submission was held-over two months ago, and I still don't dare add any new items to it (because you told me not to make any changes.) Given that it's a spooky gallery, do I have to wait until Halloween to see it featured, or can I add some more items to it and re-submit? please remove my username. Thx. ~~Anonymous
I’m sure you’re really excited to add some more stuff, so go ahead and update your inventory and resubmit! I’ll keep an eye out for it!

As always, feel free to also send me a Neomail if you’d like to keep me in the loop. My door’s always open! ~~Mac

Howdy TNT! We are coming up on almost a year since the last Avatar was released. Are there any plans to release new avatars soon? ~~xrckdude
Thrilled to say that we do have two new avatars that will be released this month! One of them is already available on the April Fools page, so be sure to stop by and pick yours up today!

I also want to mention we have been coming up with more avatar concepts recently (besides the two in April) and plan to sprinkle in some more regular avatar releases in the future! ~~Aesop

Hi Tnt. I was wondering if you could give us a timeline of when we can expect new content? A few months ago you mentioned a road map for 2022 but now we're 3 months in and have heard little to no news about what you're working on? ~~catluver456
Thank you so much for the question! Yes, we are working on an updated roadmap, but there is a lot we are juggling and prioritizing since there is a lot for us to be working on.

Be assured that we are currently working on making our events look crisp and clean. In between events making updates to the quality of life for our players and working towards getting new features out this year. We will have some releases soon! ~~Yarner

Hey TNT! New MME soon? ~~swordsforlegs
Hello! You bring up a good question. Sure we’ve had grams and capsules, but what about them MME’s? It’d be nice to release one in Summer or Fall, but no exact plans have been made! Thank you for asking though- its really got our creative gears turning ~~Miss Rainbow

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