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Heads up Neopian Timers! In order to focus on preparations for the Altador Cup, the Surreal Collab Edition has been rescheduled until July 16th. I am sorry to make this change with such short notice, as I know how many of you have been working hard on creating amazing pieces, but for now a considerable amount of our resources must go to making sure the Altador Cup is ready in time and the best it can be. We want to make sure both the Altador Cup and The Surreal Collab edition are given the time and energy they require in order to make them memorable. In the meantime, I will continue to hold over any Surreal collab submissions I have received. If you chose to resubmit an updated version of a Surreal collab entry you had previously submitted, please just be sure to include the word "edited" or "revised" in the title so I will know to swap out the outdated version with your revised entry. Thanks! ~~Aesop

It's been a while since we had a major update to the beta site, with the occasional site theme being upgraded (which are fantastic, by the way). When can we expect another update?~~lupe_hunter_7
Here is a quick progress update! In order to concentrate on events such as the Festival of Neggs and the upcoming Altador Cup, our team had to shift our focus away from mobile updates for a time to make sure everything was running smoothly. Although we are still working hard to prepare for this year's Altador Cup, a new mobile beta update and site theme are scheduled to be released next week!

You've mentioned on at least two occasions that the Skarl Collectable Charm has been verified to be active. In the almost 9 years (!!) it's been active has ANYONE ever received one? I don't think so - it's as elusive as Bigfoot. Perhaps the item rarity is set too high; could you check one more time? You'd make any number of stamp collectors very happy if they could finally start appearing onsite. Thanks! ~~geneames1
van Doodle took the initiative and confirmed for us that this item is technically functional to be acquired. He did however notice that the chance users will win this charm as a prize is incredibly low, which is what makes the Skarl Collectable Charm so rare! With such a low probability I can see why you would want us to make sure, but I can assure you it is active and currently possible to receive one!

Since the NC Collectible Collector's Album is Flash based, is it still possible to get the bonus item if we buy all the items in a set? ~~jdb1984
Yes it is totally still possible to get the bonus item if you buy all of the items in a set! If you have already bought all of the other items in the series, the bonus should be placed in your inventory as soon as you buy the final item in that series!


Just wanted too say that I like how neopets is turning out!Cant wait till you guys can finish it ! ~~clovertheperidot

I never expected Neopets to become 21 years old, but oh well, I knew what I was in for when I signed up for this website. Neopets has been around for a long time, and I never expected for it to get this popular. I didn’t expect for it to reach over 10 thousand players at max! But here we are today, and Neopets is one of the games that can trigger nostalgia almost instantly! ~~katha2474

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