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Hello. From the Neopian Times Issue: 717, I thought you intended to award the beauty contest avatar to anyone who has won the Beauty Contest since the avatar was announced. The avatar was released November 12, 2014 and my bruce won 1st place on Feb. 06, 2015 and til this day I still haven't received the avatar. ~~whsnobs
Sorry but it was discovered later that it would not be possible to give out the avatar retroactively so you would need to win 1st, 2nd or 2rd overall or species in order to gain the avatar on your account. Sorry about this, the programmers did try but it wasn't something that could be done. Please feel free to enter your Bruce again (with a new image of course since you can't re-use any image in the BC that has already won first place in species or overall) and hopefully you will place and get the avatar.

I've heard rumor that if a pet is a high enough level (I've seen anywhere where from 20 - 50+), then they can't be sent back to level 1 through the lab ray. Can you confirm or deny this? Is it just very rare, or is it flat out impossible? If it's impossible, can you say at what level it's no longer possible? Thanks! ~~thepurplishsock
There is no definitive number where it would not zap your pet back to level 1, however the chances of getting that as a result are extremely low/rare chance of getting that even. BUT it can happen so be careful.

Hi! The zoning on the wearable "Around the Neck Camera" is currently set to Lower Foreground. Could it possibly be rezoned to Necklace? It would make much more sense and also conflict with less customizations! :)~~vixalope
Oh that is pretty odd, we will try to change that in that next week or so.


Y'all. The April Fools prank this year. This is amazing. I would legit watch these shows. You outdid yourselves, TNT! ~~i_love_latin

I loved this year's April Fool's Day joke! Well done, TNT! ~~bluelilacia

Hey guys! Just wanted to say that I loved the Neovision+ spoof! Spookynatural and the Kreludorian are my favorites. Thanks for the smiles :) ~~mirriseverin

Oh and...

GOOD NIGHT mr.coconut!

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