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Hello readers, Aesop here! Welcome to the Cosmic Collab Edition of the Neopian Times. I had a blast putting together this collab edition, and wanted to personally thank everyone for submitting some of the most spectacular stories I have ever had the pleasure of reviewing! I was captivated by the marvellous articles, stories, and comics everyone submitted to the Times and absolutely blown away by the creativity shown in the Cosmic Art Gallery and Poetry Contest! Neopia certainly has some very talented residents :) I also wanted to give a special thanks to parody_ham for her help planning this collab!

Also, don't forget that we will be having a mobile edition editorial in issue 916. So make sure you send in all of your mobile questions before next Friday!

Hello TNT! I was planning to make a gallery on my side account, since I already have one on my main. Some of the items I wanted to keep on that gallery were the worms that players can get by going around Moltara. However, they are labeled 'no trade', so I can't send them from my main account. Can I collect those worms on my side? Or would that be against the rules? I do NOT intend to use them to get Red Moltites, I just want to display them on my gallery. Thank you, and I hope you are all having a nice day! c: ~~maga_m
Hello! Since those are no trade, you should be fine collecting those on a side for your gallery. Good luck!!

Would be legit if I help a friend in the creation of a comic/history to help him with pen avatar? ~~poor4ever
Sure! Collaborations are absolutely allowed for NT submissions. Just be sure to list your collaborator in the "Add any comments about your submission here" text box! That way we can ensure your friend gets the credit they deserve :)

The type of item that the Unis Clothing Shopkeeper Cupcake is labeled as is clothes, yet it's obviously a food item. Maybe get Donny on that?~~jdb1984


Hi Aesop (and all at TNT) - I want to congratulate and thank you for making the effort to give us CC this year (even if in a less popular format) despite your Herculean task of the site conversion. I just wanted to point out that CC is for many of us the major event of the year, as it is the greatest motivator for buying/selling both in shops & auctions, plus playing dailies, and the strategy to prepare for CC is non-stop interest and fun for the whole year. We really hope that Perks will be back next year and maybe a fair point count for sticky snowballs. It would also be great if we could donate more than 15 items at a time. Anyway, CHAPEAU for all you do for us. ~~pilonet_t62
Hi Aesop! I wanted to thank you all for making an out-of-this-world collab issue. I can't wait to galaxy all the entries today! I bet it'll be so jam-packed that it'll be hard to find enough space for them all! You're the best editor to planet and we'll always be seeing stars every time we think back on today. One quick request: can we blast off the Neopian Times with Mr. Coconut again?~~ parody_ham


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