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Hey TNT! I know you guys have been really busy with the mobile beta, site events and everything else that's going on, but can we expect a new round of the Random Contest still this summer? Having at least one edition of it per year would be really helpful for us Avatar Collectors! Thank you~~acara_575
Yes we are hoping to do a contest soon, not sure exactly when but we really want to do another one!

Hello! There are currently two items with the name Yooyuball Cake Pops, one of them is from last year's Altador Cup, and one is from this year. Could the one from this year please be renamed to something slightly different?~~ lucky3005pig
You're right we have gone ahead and changed the newer one to classic yooyuball cake pops.

I was wondering if we could have a Mutant Vandagyre for Mutant day next month.
This is something we are considering so...i guess we will see when the day comes...

BC contestants can post on a board with our BC link in our signature, and we can only create a boards that advertise our BC entry in Art, Spotlight, and Premium. But I have seen users create boards with their BC link in their signatures outside of Art, Spotlight, and Premium. These boards are offering SSW searches for quests and offering a VWN or UC neopet up for adoption with their BC link in the original post. I feel like this is a Quid Pro Quo and violates the spirit of the rules. Is this allowed? Will I need to buy premium or put an UC UFA if I want to win BC gold? ~~ere173
HI, You are right, you can only create a board with the sole intent of advertising on the Art, Spotlight and Premium Boards. On those boards you can talk about your entry in any part of your post, NeoHTML, main body of the board, subject line, and of course in your NeoSig.

Now outside of those boards, you can only have a link in your NeoSig, nothing in the subject line, NeoHTML or body of the message discussing your BC link or entry. That includes on the Avatar board!!

Those boards (trading pets or offering quest help) are fine as long as they keep the BC link in their NeoSig only and do not discuss it any other part of their posts and are actually trading or giving out help.

If you see posts outside of the Art, Spotlight or Premium boards that link to or discuss their BC entry anywhere but in the NeoSig please report the boards so we can get them removed and keep things fair!

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