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This editorial was brought you in part by kikocat :)

You know we are very picky on the neopet time, that being said we need more information on this little helper your throwing at us. Like did he ever play neopets? Does he understand we take the spelling and items in this sight very seriously? Is he really little? Most of us are adults now we don't need a little man trying to catch up in just a week or two it takes great time and patience to deal with us. So you tell that oompah looking guy we will seriously give him Moltara if he messes up. Thank you *sets down Missing King Milk Carton, with shifty eyes* - moonlightwitch
Hey there moonlightwitch. I completely understand your uncertainty, but I actually started playing Neopets back in 2004. Although I took some time off to focus on school, I have spent the past month learning about all of the lore, characters, and items that I missed out on while I was at school! Don't worry I am an adult (at least agewise) although I am on the shorter side! I absolutely love how much passion the Neopet community has and will do my utmost to deliver the experience and content you all deserve. Looking forward to seeing you all in Neopia! -Aesop

*hands you a tray of Suave Dark Cookies, goodies of my own creation* So, after weeks of listening to my previous Uni beg for a Suave Dark Wig, I finally gave in and got one for her. Imagine our astonishment when we went into the closet to try it on and the back side of her mane kept poking out, no matter how we tried to stretch it out. Not very "suave", in my opinion. Can someone pretty please with sugar fix this so my Uni can stop crying? Thanks, 'ppreciate it. ~~thighs1
Sure, Donny's gone ahead and fixed this.

Hey! For the beauty contest, since np prizes have been removed can we advertise a side pet on our main in the boards? And, if I have a side pet in the BC but I want to advertise on the premium board is it still against the rules to advertise from the main (since it's the one that has premium)? Thanks, u da best. ~~ _fawnn
Hi. No, you can only advertise a pet on the same account that they are on. This is to make sure that only the owner of that pet is advertising for the pet in the contest. Yes, that is still against the rules to advertise on the premium boards for a side account pet from your main account.

If you are entering a side account pet and you really want to advertise from your main, the only way that would be possible is to transfer the pet to your main prior to entering the Beauty Contest. Sorry it's not the best solution but that would be the only way to be able to advertise on that account.

Hey TNT, I know this is a topic that's been mentioned a lot in the past (and is, tragically, against the spirit of Valentines)- But I was wondering if the "No Neopet Romance/Marriage" rule could be added on to our official list of rules? As of right now, it isn't super obvious to users who don't look through editorials and/or ask other Neopians about it- and I think that having it listed somewhere that's easy to find could potentially help lessen the number of people who accidentally break it ^^; - seteeroff
As Neopets is an all-ages site, we cannot permit romance/dating here; regardless if it’s between users or two consenting pets (or petpets, or petpetpets, or … you see where we’re going with this). Rule #1 in the Rules & Guidelines states “Neopets has players of all ages so inappropriate content doesn't belong here. This includes content and discussion relating to: sexual content,…” so romance is covered within these guidelines. You can find them at: //

Hello there! Hey what if a person falsely accuse you of owning a pet that is illegitimate? I know buying pets is considered cheating but I bet not all of those pets are hacked(maybe they were saved from the pound yes I know is still wrong tho!) but there is people who TRACK down people's trades/allaccounts if they involve good real named or Ucs(generally) for wtvr reason and think there is "fishy business" this is worrysome because some users are bound to fall on judgement(if you ask where they buy the pet when in reality they trade it then?) ,Does this people get a warning because if they don't please do,all of this is not nice sorry if I mispell I'm not a native english speaker and thank you ,Hope they don't keep tabs with me you or you - purrmew
Hello. Yes, false reporting is against the rules. So if someone is reporting someone out of maliciousness then they would be risking their own account, however reporting someone because you are suspicious and would like something to be checked out is fine.

Hi. I am writing in as a friendly reminder to send out the item prize for the recent Neopian Times Valentine's Day issue. It's usually a Pink Paint Brush, but a Valentine Petpet Paint Brush would be another good choice instead.~~_brainchild_
Yes, you're totally right they were a bit late this week, these were granted!

Hi TNT! I really liked the 20th anniversary merch but I couldn't buy any. Do you have any plans to release new merch, maybe on Zazzle or Redbubble? It would be way easier for international fans and I would LOVE some stickers!~~xeniathewarriorcat
Yes we plan on releasing more merch for sure! This was our first round and we will be releasing more in the future. When, that we don't know. But we will announce here on the site as soon as we have plans for more releases.

Donny's Corner:

The following items from last year's DD are STILL not usable: Gnome Bottle of Perfume Wingoball Game Board Meepit Juice Jar Angry Meepit Plushie Cloudberry Doughnutfruit Pirate Gummy Slorg Gwyl Parachuting Toy Red Kiko Hair Clip And there are probably more. Can Donny do something about this?~~ blackghoulmon
Woah that is just downright crazy. Donny shuffled himself around and was able to fix all of these. Thank you for your help in reporting these!

Hey TNT, could you please reactivate the "Brightvale Team Jersey" and the "Spring Korbat Toy"? Both seem to be unactivated by mistake.~~padxe
Darn that ghost glitch...all back to normal now.

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