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This editorial was brought in part by kikocat :) Also PS next week will be the valentine's day issue <3

Is TNT aware of pet shuffles in the PC? There seems to be a lot of drama surrounding it. Recently impostor accounts and people trying to scam others out of their pets. Also I find the rules a bit much. People who enter in and don't fully understand the are pressured to accept under offers for their pets or become a pariah of the PC. Trading as a whole seems to be getting out of hand lately, especially regarding unconverted neopets.
Yes, we have seen those boards. If you suspect someone of harassment/scamming please let us know right away by submitting an abuse report.

BTW: creating an account to pose as another user is considered scamming and will be dealt with accordingly. This means that account and any linked to it will be frozen! In other words, if someone creates/uses an account to impersonate another user and attempts to scam, that account and their other accounts will be frozen. Just because a “side” is used to scam does not leave the other accounts free. So don't post anything on your side that you would not post on your main!!

If someone is being bullied for not accepting an offer for their pet (or any reason) please report that user and allow the monitors to look into the situation. As hard as it is, we do ask you to not "return" the bullying as this can jeopardize your account (which we wouldn't want to see), so please just report and move on. The monitors will handle the situation!

Recently, I've seen some custom petlookup layouts and coding snippets that cover the gender on a pet's lookup, usually to replace it with "Other" to allow for more accurate pet representations of users or other characterizations. However, I wasn't sure if that's actually allowed, given that it is covering up information on a pet's lookup. Is that okay, as long as it isn't used to deceive anyone, of course? *hands Hissi cake* ~~alli_draggy
Right, as long as you are not covering it up in an attempt to scam or trick anyone than a change like that would be fine. However, if you are trading the pet, please remove that so no one has to wonder about the gender of the pet they are about to adopt. Just make sure to not cover up the actual pet image or any of the other stats. Thankssss for the Hissi Cake. :)

Thank you for the pretty new Marble Zafara (I was hoping for Stealthy but maybe next year *hint hint*) and the brand new outfit. There's just one problem: the Proper Zafara Wig does not remove the Zafara's natural hair and they look a little awkward together. I bet Donny could fix this in a jiffy! ;)~~ vali1987
Oops our mistake. Donny has gone ahead and snipped it so it's perfect now.

What happened today? The descriptions under the Neopies choices are switched. I chose the description (the Soup Faerie Stamp) not the picture. How are you going to award these? My choice is definitely the Soup Faerie Stamp.~~whiteowl7
Our apologies on that it seems the images were switched. We've gone ahead and kept the text/descriptions the same but now with the correct image.

Funny glitch with the Lovely Lilac Wig, seems to flash through every neopet wearing the wig. Makes for a funny animation but I'd love it fixed!~~falliiing
Hi there, yeah we saw the issue on Blums and we have fixed this now. If there are any other pets you are seeing this on please let us know.

I just want to say thank you very much for the new items in the Pretty in Pink Sweetheart Gram! They are gorgeous and I love them all so much, especially the new earrings. I've been waiting for years for beautiful heart earrings and the Lollipop Heart Earrings are everything I've ever wanted. Thank you, TNT! :D Can't wait to see the other Valentine's items. :)~~the_darkest_sage
Aww yay so glad you liked it <3

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