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Welcome to Year 22! It's a new year full of oppurtunity and great things are coming for Neopets this coming year and we are so excited about it! Can't wait to begin this year with a new lense of hope! With that being said let's jump into this editorial. This was brought you in part by kikocat ;)

The most recent Ogrin day was skipped! Its at a very busy time of year so we understand but alot of us were hoping for some new colours (*cough* royal *cough*) and a super cool outfit. I even had art ready to go for the art gallery. Is there any chance we can get a super late ogrin day update?~~sliver_tooth
We realise and did not intentially skip them, our artists are finalizing the designs and they should be ready and we will do a fun tiny bit late celebration very soon. Kikocat wanted me to let you know that we did have an art gallery for Ogrins so feel free to check it out in the meantime. link

I loved all the animations this year, they were adorable. We received a Dyeworks Hue Brew Potion this year, however it seems it has not been activated for use yet, any way we can have this activated soon so we may be able to use it? As always, thank you guys for all your hard work!~~adrianaco3
I'm glad you liked them :). We believe we have fixed this now so go ahead give it a whirl. Let us or support know if there are still issues with it. We also renamed it to avoid confusion with the original item so it's now called Dyeworks Celebration Hue Brew Potion.

So I was wondering what is the rule for reentering the same art for the beauty contest? I've been told it's against the rules but I see people do it all the time. I always thought that you can keep entering that art until you win gold with it. But what's the actually rules/guidelines for it?
Here is the rule for this straight from the contest judge. You can re-use your art as much as you want, as long as you have never won gold with the image and you have only ever used the image for one pet. Meaning as soon as you win gold, you have to draw a new image. Once you use an image for a pet, you can never use that image for another pet (even if you trade pets), so all pets need their own images to enter. If you see any that have already won gold, please report them and include the date that they won gold and the contest judge will get those removed from the contest to allow new members to win.

Can Caption Contest advertising go the way of the Beauty Contest, please? It's the same deal with the BC spamming from a few years back. People will make low effort comments across popular boards to gather the most votes. The winners end up being the people who have hours a day to spend on the boards. It's unfair to those without that time and it's spam.
Actually we view that as spam also, if someone is hoping from board to board and not engaging in the conversation, basically just posting a word or two with a link to vote, you are welcome to report them for spamming and the monitors will investigate. To those entering the Caption Contest, you are welcome to post on the boards with a vote link, but please engage in the conversation. Basically don't just post "Good luck" or "GL" and head to the next board to do the same, stick around and chat.

Hiya! (hands you a big gingerbread house) I've been talking to a bunch of people who've entered the BC in the past and used to frequent the art board, but no longer do because the new link rule has basically turned the art board into a wasteland; all the conversation is very brief and an excuse to post BC links before leaving. And the BC has stopped being a competition --- only a handful of people even compete anymore because a lot of potential competitors don't have the time to advertise their entries on the art board alone. Is there any possibility you guys would consider going back to the old ways? I would totally be able to provide a petition!
Such a pretty gingerbread house!! Thank you!! Sadly, this wouldn't be able to be done. When advertising was allowed on all boards, it caused a lot of problems for members on other boards since posts would be made simply to get the Neosig seen and they would not engage in conversation on the boards. So basically it turned into a lot of spamming on other boards which was when the rule was put into place. You can actually advertise on the Art Board, Spotlight Board, and Premium Boards so there are a few places to show off your entries. :)

Hello. I recently received a warning for posting 'off site' links and the only links I posted we're DTI & JN links. I'm concerned because I thought both these sites we're 'official' fansites for neopets & majority of everyone on Neopets uses them for wishlists & tradelists. Can you give any insight if these two sites/links will be deemed a 'warning' or safe?
Both DTI and JN are allowed to be linked to since they are recommended sites. Just a side note, Certified sites can be named but not linked to, to see a full list of Recommended and Certified sites please go to // As for your warning, sorry about the confusion there but you are welcome to send in a ticket by writing to

Can you guys please fix the Daily Puzzle? It's been neglected for a while now (same question and answer) and it's not a good look.~~havittaa
You should start seeing new puzzles daily. Enjoy! :)

Hello, my friend and I are new to Neopets and we wanted to participate in a project involving my side account, but we didn't know if it would be allowed. I would like to have 6 cross-painted Magma pets on my side for display purposes, but I can't get into the magma pool. My friend just found out his magma pool time and he would like to give me Magma painted pets for the side. The thing is, he doesn't earn many neopoints because of a busy schedual. So we were wondering if it's ok for me to buy the morphing potions on my main account, send it to him so he can create the pets, paint them Magam, and then he transfers them to my side account? No neopoints or items would be earned on the side, so we figured it would be ok, but we wanted to ask just in case it is against the rules.
Sorry but we'd prefer that people earn their own way. The best way for you to do this would be to find your Magma Pool time and then paint or morph your pets and take them to the pool yourself.

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