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Welcome to the very special...special collab issue! Legends & Folklore! This issue is all about the classic legendary stories, heroes, villains and faeries we all know and love! Once again you all brought the heat with stories that will have you at the edge of your seat. But without further a do let's get into the editorial which was brough to you by hardtotame! Have a great relaxed or fun weekend everyone :)

Hi TNT, I have heard from several people who have received e-mails from advising them to click on a link to change their password. Can you please confirm that these e-mails are legit? I personally have only ever received e-mails from, and I think most people are a little wary of receiving these types of messages, especially if they include a link to change a password. Thanks!
Hi there this is a great question! So it is legit do not fret! This is a message from our official neopets email. Support only handles individual ticket responses for account issues. This is just an automated email to ensure the safety of your account when your password has not been reset in a long while.

Hi TNT, I think I've discovered a bug in Daily Dare 2019. I have tried sending a ticket, but as you are currently switching support provider for ticketing, I thought it was best to contact you on the Editorial. I logged in on Mozilla Firefox this morning and challenged Abigail on Carnival of Terror. However, when I opened the game page, I realised that it seemed that I hadn't pressed the button "Challenge Abigail". So I did it again, played the game and after sending my score, the server has not updated at all, as if I had never challenged Abigail. I played the game again and sent my score, but the bug still persists. I tried logging out and switching browsers and now I'm using Google Chrome, but nothing has changed. Could you please help me? I have just one score left to send for today and I really did not want to miss the Day & Date prize due to a bug.
This happened due to a bug that prevented challenges from being accepted for several hours after the day went live. It was eventually fixed, but not before many players were affected in different ways. We’re trying to figure out the best way to deal with the situation - this is just to let you know that we’re aware of this problem and discussing our options for a fix.

Hi! Can we have any update when the "One More Time" perk from Living with Less will be active, if at all? It still says that "This perk has temporarily been removed from the possible outcomes."
This perk is now live! We will be closely monitoring it in case any issues arise.

Hi. I have one small thing for Donny: The new Seedless Skeem Jam appears to be restocking in the wrong shop right now. Right now, it restocks in Tropical Foods. Recall that the Skeem and the Seedless Skeem both restock in Brightvale Fruits. Wouldn't it make sense to move the jam to the Brightvale Fruits Shop, too?
Yes, it does, and therefore we have moved it.

softly throws a coconut No worries, that one isn't evil, only delicious! But I do think we could use some new Evil Coconuts! The Coconut Shy hasn't had any new ones in the prize pool for almost 15 years, while there has been an album page ready for new ones since 2015 which begs to be filled up a little bit. With Halloween coming up in two months, could we maybe see some new Evil Coconuts get knocked down around then?
That’s a wonderful idea! I’ll have a programmer look into it and let us know how straightforward (or not) the code for Coconut Shy is!

Hi TNT, I noticed the same user won twice within a week in the current storytelling competition. This doesn’t really seem fair (unless you literally only received one submission from someone who just won). Can you please try to prevent this from happening in the future? It’s nice to get different perspectives from different users.
We usually do try to make sure that the same user does not win twice for the same story. However, sometimes the entry is that much better than the other options, and therefore the same user wins more than one time a week.

Hi. I would LOVE to see more pet slots. New colors and color/species combinations have been released since the last pet slot increase, and I have no room for them. Pet slots could be available for purchase in the Hidden Tower or NC Mall, or they could be free. Ideally, I'd like to see 2 more per account, since there are so many new colors I'd like! I'd REALLY love unlimited pet slots. That would give users endless goals to work for, keeping them interested in the site, and a lot of those poor pets in the pound would get homes. However, if unlimited pet slots are a coding nightmare or not ideal from your viewpoint, then I understand. However, I'd love to see a few more.
We would love to introduce more pet slots too, but in a far more controlled way. The way the code is written, it would be difficult to allow unlimited pet slots, so that’s not something we’re looking at.

Can you please add the Barf Boat Stamp to the Krawk Island album? There are so many unfinished albums. The others album are meant to be last resorts, not a collection in of themselves. Four others album pages is way too much. Please fill in the other albums first, and when creating new albums please come up with nicer themes. There is no reason why a Barf Boat Stamp with pirate petpets would not be part of Krawk Island. I hope this is fixed. Thank you.
You make a good point. Incidentally, this also happens to be the most common request this week. Krawk Island page it is!

how long until you retire the perpetual permanent Dyeworks items and have a new set of permanent Dyeworks items? what about retiring some of the NC Mall items that have been there bear long? there are about 90 items in the NC Mall that are commonly found through opening GBCs. I get it from a business perspective (gotta sell those Upcycle cookies) but surely some of them can be retired and you have new items every few years, yeah? we've got a Dyeworks re-released cap, MMEs RR cap, seasonal/holiday RR caps and now a Wonderclaw RR cap. the only (major) things yet to be touched are Key Quest token wearables and bonuses, Premium collectibles, monthly NC collectibles (5 per set plus the bonus) and Shenanigifts.
Definitely an interesting point...I will look into this for the next round of dyes.

When are you all planning on fixing the Dripping in Ice GBCs? Traders are not happy that when they receive these, they aren't able to open them... This glitch has been going on for a long time... Please fix it... We paid for these!
I hear ya. We have this common glitch that just LOVES to undo our work for some reason :( I've gone ahead and checked all the correct boxes. You should be good to go now, so sorry about that.

Hi TNT! Could you please fix the NC item "Grundo in Uniform Plushie" for Xweetoks? It should be a handheld item for them, not a foreground-item sitting on the bottom
Hi there, so I totally see your point some of the older items from the site do feature them in hand but it seems over the years artists have put them further away from the hand as an artistic choice to better compliment it rather than trying to squish and dramatically cut off the art. So I believe the last version of the Xweetok holding it in hand was in 2014, after that it seems they made the switch to be foreground.

Hi! *hand a big bowl of chocolate ice cream with cherries on top* Thank you TNT for working so hard on changing the Neopet's world from Flash to HTML! Speaking of HTML, I would like to make something for my pets web page, but I know nothing about HTML. Are there programs I can use to help me make those pages (like, I place the things I want in a "Word" style page, then access to the code, copy it and place it on my pet's page)? Are there any bases I can use? Or do I have to learn everything? Thanks!
We actually have a guide on the basics of html! Obviously we encourage to use other resources as well if you really wanna trick out your pages but we've got the basics covered for you right here!

Hello! I saw that you replied an answer regarding the latest NC collectible, the Spirit of Slumbers Collectors Cloak, and I saw that you fixed the white back not only on aishas as was requested: you did it on all the species. The issue now is that Moehog, Poogle and Quiggle haves an extra detail of the design that needs to be fixed: They have an heart beating and that's belong to The Three Collectors Cloak, a very similar cloak that is really popular, but not to the Spirit of Slumbers :P Hope you can fix this. Thank you!
Yoinks...I have put in a request to change this. Thank you for letting me know.

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