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Hi all welcome to another sweet week here in Neopia! A quick update, the Lost Desert can be seen in a whole new way with the Legends & Letters update!There are 60 New Levels among the strange sands and the mystical city of Qasala. The gang has made it to the Lost Desert in hopes of finding the Gemstone before the Claymaker but Aurrick has found more than Cursed Neopets in the endless sands. Has his past has caught up with him? You'll have to explore more to unveil these secrets... Lastly read through today's editorial for some upcoming event announcements as well! As always we can never stop thanking you all enough for being such an active and outgoing community. We truly are unique bunch in this place we all call home :)

hi, so there's been a lot of discussion about the upcoming charity corner event, but we're also approaching the traditional start date of daily dare, with the altador cup shortly after that. should we expect a change to the usual schedule for either of those events? some of us are curious about when all these events will happen in the coming weeks - or if charity corner isn't approaching as quickly as it seems. it'd be great if we could get a general idea of the schedule for upcoming events. thanks!~~ neon3002
Charity Corner can be expected in the next few weeks, followed shortly by Daily Dare and immediately after by the Altador Cup. There will be periods of overlap between the events.

My wish was granted at the wishing well, as were other for the same item, Grey bouquet, but we never received them. Do you know if TnT will replace them since they know of the glitch? If so do you have a time line? Thank you very much. Have a great day.~~missellie62
We have received a few tickets about this, and it will be resolved next week. If anyone else has faced this issue, they can send a ticket about it so that we can fix it for them too.

I was a collaborator on the current 6 part series Laurel. I worked hard on this series with applefaerie99 but only she was awarded the 6 trophies. I had this happen before with a Spanish article I helped a guildmate v1cnt_ with that featured my pet mylittlemissuni.: San Valentín junto a tus Petpets I let that go because it was only 1 article but this is a 6 part series I worked hard on and would like my trophies please.~~beckykbrooks
Hey, this is a good question that gets asked a lot. So because the author of these stories were the ones to submit it they are automatically granted all 6 of the trophies because their username is mentioned within the story code. However for collaborators, their username is only included in the comments which means I have to add it to each individual story each week. Hence why the collaborators have to be rewarded each week one story at a time. So you will get all your trophies just one at a time.

When I am in quick reference or at the battledome, my mutant Nimmo shows up as a blank gear instead of showing their picture. Same goes for the active pet slot at the neoboards. Can you help fix their image so I can view them, warts and all? Thanks!!~~bando2
Donny has identified the cause of this issue, and he assures us it will be fixed soon for all the Neopet species affected by it.

In the editorial of issue 862, you announced that all Neopets cannot grow hair at least on top of their heads (if not more) and instead wear wigs. While this is the case for user-made Neopets, this is a site mechanic, and there has always been separation between site mechanics and the actual lore of Neopia. This change to Neopet characters all wearing wigs doesn't make a lot of sense (how do pirates on the high seas access wig makers? or in the wilds of the desert? or in space? or at the bottom of the sea? or in Tyrannia? or Moltara when it was sealed away? There are also several visual examples that appear to contradict it completely. Could you please consider reversing this? I realise the lore of this site might seem trivial to many, but it is why some of us are still on this site, and it wouldn't hurt to see the content staff treating it with a little more respect.~~herdygerdy
We humbly reverse our stance on this. Neopets created on the site are limited by various considerations and therefore do not come with hair. However, characters in Neopian lore - Isca and Nabile included - are able to grow hair and what you see on their head is 100% natural.

Hi, There are now 25 Charms in the stamp page -- any plans to make an avatar for it? Thanks!~~qwandu
Not anytime soon. We think collectors have enough avatars to work towards for now.

gives you all my NP TNT PLEASE! I'm begging you! Literally. May you please please PLEASE fashion a Faellie in the colour scheme of a Royal Girl Kyrii? I've been asking for years. Maybe you think I will backfire and take the rights. You can take my UN out so you have no proof it was me! I love my Kyrii and I LOVE my Faellie. The faerie colour just isn't close! But so close! I'll bake you cookies for an entire year. You can send me an 100 question quiz about Neo that requires all answers to be correct. You take suggestions all the time! =D This would be absolutely delightful if you could as well! I remember my sister waited 6 years for you guys to release a Christmas Poogle, because she wanted all Christmas pets. LOL! So long ago. Take care ps please and Thank you Kindly
The quiz is on its way. Please fill out your answers and send it to the return address enclosed, along with a batch of 10,950 cookies (that’s one per staff member for every day of the year, including weekends and holidays). Much appreciated! The Royal Faellie will be released on the receipt of your parcel.

Donny's Corner: Fixed the bug that was causing the Wishing Well to grant inactive items.

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