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Happy Illusen Issue <3

Hello! It seems that the Sloth Action Figure announced in the news for this past Sloth Day was not activated yet. Could you release it to Neopia? :)~~dave5104
Thanks Dave, it was set as a r101 so we will adjust is so you will be able to see it!

First of all, I absolutely love legends and letters. I've blazed through all of the currently available levels and am loving powering up team members and discovering new heroes. My favorite part so far has got to be when Caylis [spoiler redacted]. I do have a question about the uh, available dictionary though. Is there any way we can find a list of blocked words without just trying everything? I was really surprised the word "kid" was blocked but some other frankly unsavory words weren't.~~koshi24
So glad you like it!!!! So yes we have seen some of these odd words appear on the blacklist and we are working on removing those! It would be a little odd and unsavory to release the blacklisted words but we will continue to work on these to make sure nothing else gets swept to a list it shouldn't be in. If you find anymore please let us know.

Hey TNT! I've been on the site for a long time now, and I always love to see the new colors released for pet days. However, I have been a bit sad the past few years on Hissi Day when no wraith color is released. I am sending in a request (hopefully early enough!) for a Wraith Hissi this year. I hope you'll agree that they would look pretty menacing & awesome in that color! Crossing my fingers and hoping that this year will be the year! THANK YOU for all that you do!~~uhhhhheather
How curious! Last week, we had several people write in asking for Stealthy Hissis, and now we have several people write in asking for Wraith Hissis. Well, I can just put in a word with the good folks over at the art department, but I can’t promise a thing.

Hi there TNT! *hands out cookies* Xeprus are one of my favorite petpet species, but even after all those years it can only be painted one color: purple. Don't get me wrong, I think purple Xeprus look quite cute, but I would like to request some new colors if possible, or even xepru items! I feel like they deserve to get more love.~~zelarion
More Xepru colours. Gotcha.

Hey TNT! Could you clarify something for us? Does the Space Faerie only offer quests to premium users? A number of us were discussing this on the neoboards, since Space Faerie quests seem to be even more rare than FFQs, and the few people who said they got a visit from the Space Faerie were all premium users.~~leo_flores
Good to see our players are as observant as ever. The Space Faerie is pretty pally with the Premium users and prefers to visit them whenever she is in need of an item.

Is the Mano Root Elixir really activated? I didn't see once in Kayla's Potion Shop..~~_gizmo_stern_
It is now!

Hello!! Muffin basket, anyone? So while you're all quiet and munching away, please consider having a quick search around for the Tooth Faerie. She's been missing since 2014 or so, and no one has received an avatar (or anything else) from her since then!! No random appearances have happened. The editorial previously said that she had been moved to the new system with the rest of the avatar-related random events, but I think that may have been in error, as no one has seen her in 5 years or so.~~cottontailcat
Incidentally, one of us recently found her. Now it’s just a matter of coaxing her to return and hand out those fabulous avatars once more. We hope to report success soon.

Are you going to add more pets for the Oil Paint paintbrush besides the Gelert?~~qwhx12
Why of course silly! In fact there is a new one releasing today in celebration of Scorchio Day check it out!

A fix for Donny -- Captain Scarblade Collectors Ensemble when worn turns your lupe's paws and neck orange. Ironic as Scarblade himself isn't even an orange lupe. Please fix? Thanks!
Wow what a weird thing...I've reported this to the artist and requested a fix so this should be in sometime next week! Thanks :)

who are you? do you ALWAYS do the Time's or is it a co-op? at the end of this week's Editorial can we have a Pic of Lord Darigan, finding last years negg? purity please :D~~moonlightwitch
Wow sucha strange series of questions. Well I am Jade, yes I always do the times, Scrappy used to do it but she deals with the big secret projects now, hardtotame helps me with editorial questions when she can, sure Lord Darigan it is, I have no insight on last year's Negg sorry and yeah hope that answered all your questions.

Happy Thoughts Section:

I'm not sure if you guys still do this section, but! With Legends & Letters dropping, I've gotten back into Neopets and I just wanted to tell you guys how much I missed it without realizing it! I've reconnected with my best NF and have gone through re customizing some of my pets to freshen everything up, added to my gallery... It's been such a great time. :) Thank you to everyone who keeps this community going, as always. I always look forward to seeing what you guys are coming up with, & the pets in the paint brush poll all looked great! Checking new features is now part of my morning routine. To many more years of neopets! -no tags here-3~~mindy_rocks_socks

Donny's Corner:
This week Donny has fixed the clover covered castle bg, golden wig restrictions, mano root elixir and of course Trudy's Surprise.

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