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Hey! Is Healing Potion XXII supposed to be for sale at the Healing Springs or just handed out by the faerie? Because it's not for sale at the moment.~~distinctnightmare
Apologies for that. Our new helper here at HQ got a little too excited that there was a new healing potion and announced it without activation. This is all done now. She had a brief yet tense convo with Donny so I don't think we will have any issues going forward...

Hi TNT! *throws heart shaped candies & confetti* Thanks so much for making the Neopies a thing again! It was so fun and exciting to not only vote daily, but to see the results every day too! But with that in mind, we all now know what Neopians loved about Year 20. But what about you, TNT? What were some of your favorite things from this past year?!~~zerochill
So glad you enjoyed the event it was really cool to watch all the results each and everyday from my perspective as well. In my opinion I loved Dragoyle Hunting, Haunted Mansion and Comic con! Finding Dragoyles scattered everyday was pretty fun along with the cool redesign I got to plan for Haunted Mansion. And Comic Con was my number one! I know it's not a site event but meeting and greeting with you guys was a highlight of my year. Getting to see your passion in person was really inspiring and I seriously can't wait till next year!

With the new Bath Time Background and Spa Background, I have a request for a few matching items. Can we get a wearable set of soap bubbles? They could function the way markings work! And maybe a white robe or white towel wrapped hair? Thanks :)~~emaciate
Ooooooo fun ideas...I'm actually a little mad I didn't think of them myself...But it's fine I'll see what I can do..

Heya, TNT. It would seem that the Caption Contest trophies and prizes from January's competition have yet to go through. Could we have that fixed? Thanks.~~fire_earth_aqua__77
Those should be granted now :)

Just wanted to say I really appreciate all the amazing work you at TNT headquarters are doing. I so appreciate the effort, dedication, and love going into the site. *gives each of you a big hug* And I have a request, would it be possible to have the "Happy Thoughts" section of the Editorial again? I haven't seen it in some time, and I always loved seeing the good vibes and warm notes from players at the end of each editorial. Cheers and thanks to all of you. C:~~flare_baroshi
That would be amazing! Surely I'll try implement it every once in a while...now we just have to wait for the happy thoughts to come.....

Hi TNT! Can you please change the zoning on Rainy Day Inside to Background, it's zoned as right hand!!~~ greyfever
Donny's done it again! This one he said he quite enjoyed revisiting. He said it was calming to the soul.

Donny's....ohhh um Donny says he's too busy to be bothered this week. He sounded mad so we are just gonna slowly walk away...

Battledome Results:

After nearly a year of delay, the survey results are finally in! We apologise for the lag on our part, our attention has been dragged into a million and one directions in this past year. We want to improve the site in so many ways. And there are so many things to do here in Neopia as you all know and different users have different tastes and interests so we attempt to reach in all directions for change but sometimes we bite off a little too much. So finally we are ready to tackle the fixes that are Battledome. So with that let's get into a brief summary of the results. We had about 10,000 or so users participate last January! We were overwhelmed with great feedback and results that will help us move into the stages of fixes we hope to begin very soon. Scrappy is away at our other HQ for the week, so the second she gets back we hope to dive in head first. So let's just jump into it.

-68% of you have been playing for 11-19 years! Which is insanely awesome!

-50% of you play 21 plus times a week.

-A lot of you want us to focus on fixing the foresight glitch which we also really want to find a solution to.

-In terms of stances 17% of you thought they were super important while 30% were neutral.

-Featured Challengers received 19% neutral yet 26% found it super important.

-Regarding stealing and reflecting 22% thought it was important while 27.6% were neutral and 11% said no altogether.

-Most answers involving high score table & battling difficult opponents were neutral.

-A big percentage voted toward implementing some sort of hit point system as a fourth option in battling.

-73% of you REALLY want to bring back Defenders of Neopia!

In conclusion,

We hear you loud and clear battledomers! We are working with our lead programmer and QA team to hopefully get to the root of each and every issue to bring you all a better dome experience. Just note each fix is an individual issue. No issue can be fixed with one amazing magical blanket…as much as we wish it could. I'd pay millions for that blanket! But anyways just know we will do our best to find a way to the core of the Battledome code to find the best solutions feasible. Thank you for your year long waits of patience and we hope to report some changes soon.

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