White Weewoos don't exist. *shifty eyes* Circulation: 195,399,298 Issue: 850 | 7th day of Celebrating, Y20
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Happy 850th edition of the Neopian Times. This issue had so many submissions as you can see hence why this is coming a little late in the day. I truly appreciate all the effort that went into this special edition it was really inspiring to see all your hard work go into some great content. Hope you enjoy!

Hey TNT! *hands a biscuit* why cant you paint some Neopets/Petpets certain colors? And why cant we name Petpetpets?!?
Every year on pet days new paint options are available for the pet on their pet day. There are sooooooo many paintbrushes with new ones being created each year. So it just takes time for all 55 pets to be available in all colours. As for the petpetpets.....unsure, sorry. I'll try to ask around the office for ya.

Hi TNT! I really liked this years GMC, just wanted to adresss something, it seems like the new Raiders Gloves can't be wear by kacheeks, and mine really want to, could you do something about it please?
I see this too. I have spoken to the artists so we will get those Kacheeks gloved in no time.

What is the link address to the Advent Calendar?
The Advent calendar will be on the homepage the whole month of Celebrating as well if you want to find it there. But I agree let's have another link to it here just in case: Advent Calendar

Hello, TNT! It looks like we already have plushies for Chuffer Bob and Brucey B. Could we please have plushies for the other Cheat! game players too? Capara, Little Timmy, Branston, Kalora, Princess Fernypoo, Agent 00 Hog and the Spectre?
I'll pose it to the artists :)

Heya! So, I have a question about the species change premium perk. I had assumed you needed to wait a year before using it. So, if you used it on December 3rd, you needed to wait until next December 3rd. But other people seem to think it resets on the first of the year, like monthly transfers. So if you used it on December 3rd, you could use it again on January 1st. Obviously, since it's new, no one has used it twice and can clarify. But... I'm hoping you can! Which is it?
No worries, you are correct in your first statement. It’s a year so if you use it on December 3rd you get the next one on December 3rd 2019.

Hi TNT! *gifts a yummy pumpkin pie* Mr. Coconut hasn't been seen in the editorial in ages... Is he doing OK?~~notearslefttocry
He's been pretty quiet these days. Rumor has it he's trying to focus on himself and focus on the important things in life.

Mr Coconut returns...

Donny's Corner: Donny is back! But with only one item to report. He says he does a lot of behind the scenes types of fixes that would probably bore you so hence why most his fixes aren't "reportable" as he puts it. But he did mention that he fixed the highly requested Exquisite Aged Bookshelf. We will check back with Donny next week.

Hi TNT! Since the Beauty Contest FAQ seems to have disappeared when the old ticket system did, could you list the rules for it once again? They're now scattered throughout old editorials and even though there's a few petpages linking to said editorials, I think it might be helpful to have them in one place. ~~_help_de_jaguar_

• No flags or national symbols (Neopets worlds and Altador Cup flags are an exception to this!)
• Entries may only be used for one pet. This means that although the member can enter the same image as many times as they like for their pet, (unless they won gold with that image)they can never enter it for another pet (even if they trade the pet off the account).
• No religious symbols
• No copyright or trademark symbols (their username is fine but they cannot put anything else)
o This includes not being able to use images from copyrighted characters or items, that are not owned by Neopets, i.e. Neocola is fine however a name of a soda brand is not fine. Characters cannot be drawn to appear to be cosplaying any character those copyright is not held by Neopets, for example for Pokemon characters.)
• No real life weapons! If it's a Neopets weapon this is fine however real life weapons cannot be used in any images. This also includes any graphic imagery which could include, blood or death scenes.
• No personally identifiable information (including URLs and real names)
• Images only, meaning no photographs used as backgrounds (however they can draw the image and take a picture of the images and submit that). Also, no non-drawn works, meaning they cannot use sculptures, plushies or other hand-made or manufactured items in their artwork.
• All art must be created by the member, with the except of site images.
o Beauty Contest entries can be staff drawn art, that the user has attempted the alter. All alterations must look like they took at least five minutes of the members time to be accepted into the contest.
• Anthropomorphic Images
o These are fine but there are rules that need to be followed for accepting these images.
 The image must first and foremost be drawn as a Neopet. After that it is fine to have human characteristics added, the image cannot be a human drawn with Neopet features drawn on. These are very obvious when they are submitted and usually will look like Neopets characteristics were added as an after thought.
• Stolen Images cannot be accepted! The person entering has to create their own image or alter an official Neopets image.
• No nudity may be present in any images.
• Can only advertise on the account the pet is also on
o In addition Neosigs are only allowed on the Art Boards/Spotlight Boards and Premium Boards that contain a link to their BC entry and boards about BC entries can only be on the Art Board. If posted off these boards, it will be considered spamming and the entry can be removed.
• Can only vote once per species per contest from your main playing account.
• No URLs in the image or speech and the speech for the entry does have to abide by all site/chat rules.

Need more help?
If you have a question that you think should be answered, click here and you can use our submission form. The most common/bizarre questions will appear here next week.

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