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Two questions, will stocking stufftacular go on sale soon? Second, will the NC Mall be having a black friday sale?~~silly_mistake
Yes & Yesser! The Stockings should be on sale by the 30th of November and the Black Friday GBMC Sale is next Friday the 23rd! Keep your eyes peeled this sale only goes through that weekend.

Hi there! *gives ceremonial cookies* I and a few other users have had a little mixup with our issue 850 submissions in that they have been added to the current issue, #847, it seems like an honest mistake, but it's quite distressing to have spent a lot of time on something (I'm not the fastest writer on Neopets :P) and then have it go into the wrong issue. I was wondering if you would consider giving us the 850 avatar, or reconsider adding those articles to the 850 issue? Thanks for reading! :)~~fat_hungry_chicken
There has been a lot of questions about this so I will address it now. As much as I would love to put every single entry that is titled "for the 850 issue", I cannot accept every single one. Lately there have been sooo many submissions which is great, but when it comes to the other issues leading up to 850 content is still needed for these issues as well. Otherwise there would just be no Neopian Times until that issue or way less than usually expected. For this reason I can only select a certain number of entries for this special edition. So rather than rejecting perfectly good pieces I submit them for the weeks that still need content. I hope this clears things up, I wish I could make you all winners but this is why it's a special edition.

As a whole, neopia is awesome. I don't think the staff get enough credit. I can't imagine, after having gone through learning the amount they have, having to Jump in to the middle of something that has been around since I was a teen. The way things are created and supported now are entirely different to what must be archaic in comparison on some pages of Neopia. I'm not the most talented player but I enjoy the rest and relaxation the community brings. We can all agree a big thanks in is order for keeping our safe harbor of ever evolving fun going. Thanks, everyone who works on Neo related stuffs. *offers cookies* Thank you again and have a great day! ^_^~~ kougralover3833
That means so much! It is a big struggle we face on a day to day basis. This site has been around for such a long time and with that comes different teams of different styles and code and art and sometimes that can't be interrupted or changed without complications to follow. We are lucky to have an amazing staff who can combat these issues every single day but it's definitely a challenge to say the least.

Hi TNT! If we draw a series of comics, should they be submitted all at once? Or should it be weekly? I thought it would be all together but I have heard of users getting all their entries published in one issue because of that.~~pokemon_master_a74
You can do either method. But I honestly prefer one-two at a time. You will never see more than one of your comics in the same issue(unless a mindless mistake occurs.) Users are not permitted to have more than one submission per issue.

So i like that some old places gets some updates. I also noticed few things, first being Xendrik's Mansion and second that shopkeepers checks at first you before you are allowed to buy stuffs and if given wrong answer, they kick you out from their shops. Does all this means new plot is coming or new event? ~~neopieceluffy
Hmmmm...guess you'll have to follow along to find out...

Hello, I was wondering if you could clear up a disagreement my friend and I have about the pronunciation of Xendrick! She says the first sound in it should be [z] like the 'x' in 'xylophone', and i think since the Lost Desert is not-so-vaguely inspired by a real world location where languages are spoken that have the [x] sound like the "hard ch" in worlds like 'chutzpah', it should be that! Is there an intended pronunciation to prove one of us right (or both wrong?) ~~neofreak628
Let me close the case for's ‘ZEN-drik’....boom XD. Hope this helps the debate.

Now that The Wraith Resurgence is over (or so Neopia thinks...), will Queen Fyora be returning to the Hidden Tower any time soon? I don't know how much longer the Gray Faerie can go without some quality, cloud-moping time. ~~randompurplepigs
Now that Fyora is healed and healthy again, she will return to the Hidden Tower, yes. Soon? I guess it all depends on how you define soon, right? shifty eyes

I was just wondering if we would find out what happened with Magons trial before the events happening in the Lost Desert take off?~~nyssaap
Not before the events in the Lost Desert take off, but before the story winds up.

Blue Grundo: You try making a cake in space, lady! ~~vivinovember

Donny's Corner: Donny says most of the fixes this week were centered around the birthday party to keep the cherry on top of the cake. He says be sure to play all the games because he spent a lot time perfecting each streamer and present bow.

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