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Hiya how's it going!? Welcome back to the Neopian Times, I know it's been a few weeks but we are back in action this Friday! From all of us here at TNT HQ we want to say thank you to those who came to meet n greet us at Comic Con. It was truly amazing to meet some of you who have been Neopian residents for 10-15 years +. You guys are awesome, interesting, creative and hilarious beings and I hope to see you all again one day! We want to do more meet ups in the future so keep an ear to the ground. Speaking of Comic Con, not to worry everyone, soon very soon we will be holding some social contests for a chance to win some of the prizes we were giving away this past weekend. So keep an eye on our socials for more details to come.

Hi Scrappy! I was using the shop wizard to try and find the cheapest Bitten Green Apple and found one that was significantly cheaper than the rest. Upon clicking on it, it turned out that the owner of the account was frozen and that the item could not be bought. Would it be possible to have the owners of frozen shops not appear in the shop wizard? Thanks a bunch!~~machao14
Hi there, remember an apple a day keeps the doc away! Anyways, we have seen this question quite a bit. The problem lies in that just because users are frozen does not mean we remove everything they ever did on the site, in the chance that the user gets their account back, it would be kind of unfair. So we see your point, so we can look into it for sure, but for now this is the delema we are in the middle of.

Is the Arch of Roses coming back to the NC Mall?~~ kittycat5540
IT ISSS! Get rosey my friend!

Aaaah! Help! There's still a wraith hanging around on the Anchor Management page! My pet is too scared to go near it, might Fyora possibly send some of her finest soldiers to deal with the lingering threat?~~ohsounicornly
Jeez I guess that poor guy never got the hint the war was over...I'm sorry it scared your pets, to be honest that's why we've waited this long too. He's scary and I'm pretty sure he bites...We are assembling a skilled techincal squad to remove the Wraith. In the meantime be cautious do NOT attempt to feed it your leftovers, we have no idea what he will do to have been warned!

Hiya TNT; Long time entrant of the Art Gallery here. This isn't the first time it has happened, but my latest AG triumph netted me rare and magnificent...codestone. x_x It's very disappointing when this happens, especially nowadays when I spend over ten hours on one piece. Are there any plans to update the prize pools for the art gallery and other creative contests on the site to make us creators feel a bit more appreciated, and more motivated to submit our best work? Thanks~~linkoftime
Hey linkoftime, wicked username! Do people still say wicked? Well I do! Anywhozzles, GOOD NEWS EVERYONE! We will be updating the Creative Contests Prize Pool verrrry sooon! We are drafting plans and sketching things out and using the item generator to give you guys some artful prizes, so please hold onto your quills and brushes, it will be here before you know it!

Gives you a plate of space rock cookies! Please make a album for the Lost in Space items to go and how to remove them. In the nc collectible album it only goes as high as Curses and The Cursed! Great job you guys are doing to improve the site! Keep up the Good work. Thank you~~hillsongvfusion
Ohhh space cookies, that's a new one! Thanks! Scrappy has volunteered her lovely services so she has promised me she will get this done...Guess I'll just wait here with my space cookies till it's done...Okay she doesn't seem to like the staring thing so I'm just gonna pretend like I'm looking past her...Still not working okay well she said she'll get it done, so thanks for the cookies and compliments you're too sweet!

Donny's Corner:
It appears that no one has been showing up for work lately. Not really sure what the deal is. As soon as something is fixed you'll be the first to know.

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