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Hi all! Happy Friday! Just a few announcements this week. First: please remember you can only have up to 3 collaborators on any given comic,article or story. Second: The Caption Contest avie has been properly awarded as of now. So from now on we will be sure to stick to every 10th contest receiving the Funny avie and regular contest's top five will receive the Hilarious avie. Thanks for your patience with this. Thirdly: Staff Tourney has begun so take your pick to guess and see who's score will dominate, you have until the 12th! Last but not least: Have a great weekend Neopians! :)

Given that Adobe is discontinuing the flash plug-in, what is going to happen to all of the neopets features that run on the program?~~theeviltwinofdoom
As mentioned, we are looking into many solutions here. We understand the issues with flash and will find the best way to make sure no part of our lovely community here gets lost!

Hi! A lot of people are frustrated at the release of the new stamp avatar because there are stamps in that album that are so incredibly rare, so far only a very very small number of people are capable of getting it. Because of this, we're wondering if you're planning on bringing Sloth auctions/trades back to re-introduce some of these rare stamps into the market so that they 1) don't inflate excessively and 2) are actually obtainable so people don't turn to illegitimate means of getting them. Doing weekly Sloth auctions (or every fortnight, or monthly) for the oldest retired stamps (e.g Scary Tree, Commander Garoo, Coltzan, Midnight Jelly World etc.) would be perfect.~~ noitalletsnoc
I understand. I will take it up with TNT and Sloth of course to see if this is possible.Will keep you updated from here.

Dear Scrappy and Jade, I absolutely love the music in Fiendish Formations, but now that the link to its page is gone I have no way to listen to it. I was wondering if anyone would consider adding its music to the Music Page, which seems like it hasn't been updated in years. (I imagine it can get similar treatment to Hannah and the Ice Caves' Music Page music since both games have different tracks for the title screen than the in-game music.) Also, please give my compliments to whoever is working on the music around the site. The music for the Advent Calendar videos, new games, and plot videos since the company transfer is higher-quality and more complex than any of the music I've heard before on Neopets, especially the Advent Calendar music. Please keep up the good work! Also, could any more of the new music tracks be added to the Music Page?~~jaylahcat
It's such a cinematic song right? This is a great idea!! I'll inquire with the Music Page Committee about this possible musical addition.

Helloooo TNT! *hands ketchup-flavoured ice cream, since the jellied eyeballs I usually offer would melt in this heat* So I love my spiffy team avatar and was super happy to get it... but then I saw in the FAQ that they're only temporary. Why would you do this to me, guys? Can we keep them after AC ends? Pretty please, with non-gross food on top?~~redvengeance_x
Ohhh ketchup flavor...idk about that but i'll answer your question anyways. Let me find out more info on either why this is temporary, or if we are able to make these permanent.

OK SO, this is kinda a weird question and I hope I don't get in trouble for it, haha! I have four accounts currently, and I have this dream of doing the whole "starting over" thing, but I don't actually want to lose everything I have or shut down my accounts or anything. So I came up with the idea of making a fifth account under a new nickname, and leaving the other four to either rot or just keep active but as side accounts, and focus on the new account as if I were starting over, and as a "new person"... Not with the intent to cheat, scam, etc. etc., but for my own personal satisfaction. Is... this still against the rules? I don't want to blatantly pretend to be someone else, just, not connect the new account to the other ones and use a different nickname. I haven't even made a fifth account yet, cuz if this isn't allowed I don't want it, but I'm not willing to risk it without an answer. Please help my dilemma D: And please remove my username ^.^ For, er, obvious reasons...~~kasia797
You can create a new/separate account, of course! But won't your pets on the other accounts miss you…? :(

Donny's Corner:

This week's fixes are brought to you by Donny, duhh who else, it's called Donny's corner for Peet's sake. The real question...who's Peet and what in Neopia did he do so wrong to earn sucha a phrase...deeper questions that even I don't have the answer to...Anyways here are some fixes from the week.

We have fixed 43 wearables with restriction/zoning issues

Mac and Cheese Pizza and Spaghetti and Meatballs Pizza fixed to function as other pizzas do.

Fixed the Giant Jelly’s prize pool (Hah! Got you! There’s no such thing as the Giant Jelly!)

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