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Hi Scrappy!!! Will the new Caption Competition avatar be attainable every round?? The last round have not received theirs yet.
So, no the Caption Contest avatar will not be available every round. However, it will be given out every 5 rounds with the old one being given out on special occasions as well!

Hi Scrappy, I was just wondering, how long will the Charity Corner perk shop be available for? Will it be permanently open like plot prize shops, or can we expect it to leave prior to the next Charity Corner? Thanks! ~raccoon353
You can probably expect it to close before Granny decides to have her next Charity Corner event but it'll be open for awhile! You all have plenty of time to get those perks!!

Hey Scrapadoodle! First things first, can I just say GREAT JOB TNT with the perks shop for CC. I know lots of players were apprehensive, but I think you guys nailed it! My question is this... before I make final choices on how to spend my CC points, I wanted to know if any of the boons can be purchased more than once? I have *heard* that the avatar and site theme boons are single use only, which makes sense, but can, for example, the 24 hour games multiplier perk be purchased again after it expires the first time? Thanks!
Thank you, thank you! The team definitely did a great job with it this year and they worked endlessly to get it all done for you guys! So yes, for those perks that can be purchased more than once they will have a sentence at the end of their description looking something like this: "This perk can be applied twice." Maybe of the perks are single use though!

Thank you for the wonderful Charity Corner perks, and especially the increased limit in the user shops! :o Between Charity Corner and The Wraith Resurgence plot having happened at the same time and going through the end of March, I was wondering... is Daily Dare still happening this year? And the Festival of Neggs? ~violetflowersinavase
Wellllll, I don't know if you've heard but the Festival of Neggs is in full swing in Neopia! Topsi is out and about the hunt for neggs is on. Go join 'em before its over!
As for Daily Dare, it's safe to say we'll be hearing from our friend AAA realllll soon!

Hi, Scrappy. Can we get a timeline on the items marked "coming soon" in the perks shop? Thank you. ~fire_earth_aqua__77
Our team is working (with the meepits) to get those last perks out for you guys! They will be out as soon as possible but we will also make sure everyone has plentyyy of time to activate them once released!

Hi there, Scrappy! Firstly I'd love to thank all of TNT and yourself for the amazing perks from the Charity Corner - loving the Site Theme and Avatar ones. My question is - do we get to keep the Site Themes and Avatars forever and do we use the Site Theme and Avatar perks once or do we get to use them again later on down the track? May you please let us know? Thank you for your time, I appreciate it! ~alvissofcaldia
Nope, once they are yours then they are yours for a lifetime! Enjoy them, my friends :)

I really love how charity corner was done this year, I think it's fair to call it a smashing success! Will it keep this style next year?
Ah thank you, we are glad that so many people have enjoyed it! Not entirely sure if this style will remain for the next event but it was fun to switch it up a bit!

I received my keychains and pins from Overpowered yesterday in the mail, I got one of each keychain and pin, and they are nice - however I for some reason had the impression that they would have codes with them to redeem (like all other past Neopets merch)?? And there has been hinting around about this from you guys early on - my question is... is it too late now? Or if you do decide to give codes, would we still somehow be able to receive codes for what we have already purchased? To be honest, the codes were about 90% of the reason for my purchase. :( Thanks!
Well first, we're very excited you got some awesome Neopets merch!! We're hoping that much more will come in the future as well! As for your question, the codes will be launching soon and yes, if you have already bought some merchandise we will send you a code to be redeemed!

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