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So, Rico confirmed the merchandise that was found recently on Overpowered (not sure if I can mention it) is legitimate and licensed. Are there any plans to ever bring back rare item codes with merchandise, release new RIC prizes or anything of that nature?
Yes, the merchandise is official and licensed! We are planning on implementing those codes very soon so whenever you buy a piece of merchandise you will receive a rare item!! We will make an announcement on the codes once up and running!

Any hints as to the timeframe of Charity Corner? Pretty please...*slides over chocolate chip shamrock cookies*...*thinks it's not enough so slides over an extra large cheesy pizza too*...*waits patiently for scrappy to chew*
PIIIZZZZZAAAAA!!!!!! Just what I needed today! So Granny Hopbobbin has been working overtime to find the perfect cause for this years donations! She has made her choice, along with a few other interesting changes that I think you guys will enjoy! You can expect to see her start popping up very soon!

Hello. I would like to know, as I'm sure others do also, how much longer before any new steps are going to be added to the plot, if any, and how much longer is it going to last? Normally I wouldn't ask but I haven't seen any info regarding this. Thank you.
Yeah so first off, we are very sorry for the delay!! All the Neopians have done an amazing job so far at fighting this battle and you have become valiant warriors! I know if you stay focused you will defeat this darkness soon!! Again, I'm very sorry for the down time and making you all wait. New steps will be coming out soon and I think this can be over soon once and for all! I will also be sure to update everyone with more info next week!

Hello! If we submit a piece of writing to the NT or a contest and do not hear back within a few weeks, how long should we wait before resubmitting or should we not resubmit? Thank you :) ~racoon188
Hm, sometimes it just takes a while for us to filter through all the AMAZING posts!! We will get to your submission though, no need to resubmit!

hey TNT *tosses Neocash Printer* are we still going to see our regularly scheduled annual events like Faerie Quest Event, Daily Dare and Festival of Neggs soon? February has come and gone and we didn't get the Faerie Quest Event. It was pushed back once because of the Obelisk War and Jellyneo has found some new Delina Quest items so FQE seems like a definite. Festival of Neggs coincides with Earth's Easter which is April 1st (no, that's an April Fool's). Daily Dare has become shorter and gets pushed around a lot (and bullied to stay away for 3 years). You keep teasing about Charity Corner too so that seems like a shoe in to start relatively soon. ~perduco
Yes, yes, yes!! So, Charity Corner will be starting very very soon! Festival of Neggs will be coming up during its usual period and Daily Dare will be moved a little later (mid-April). With everything going on we had to make a few changes but it will all be there!! As for the Faerie Quest Event, I know Delina is itching to give out some new quests but not under this time of duress. Maybe once things have settled down for the Faeries they will return with all new quests for you!
As for April Fools, well I guess that depends on if we have any fun tricks up our sleeves this year...

Howdy Scrappy! Has there been any attempt to make Yooyuball playable from mobile devices for this years Altador cup? I'm really stoked for the AC this year, and it would be so much more convenient to be able to play from my phone or a tablet instead of needing to use the computer. ~davymuncher
I feel ya! Always on the go these we are working on moving everything to be available on mobile devices and our Altador Cup games are definitely a big focus! You will also start to see some of our maps being compatible with mobile devices in the coming weeks! We want you all to enjoy Neopia wherever you go!!

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