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NT COLLAB ISSUE INFO: So, as many of you might've heard we have our new collab issue coming up!! The theme for it is: Reunions & Celebrations and it will be on March 16th!
In preparation for this issue, please please have your submissions in by March 7th!! I am veryyyy excited for this issue of celebrations!!!!

Hey Scrappy! *offers a plate full of Lutari Island delicacies* First of, thank you so much for bringing the Random Contest back!! But unfortunately, things are a bit unclear... :c You guys linked us to the Spotlight + Art Gallery guidelines - one specifies that the file should be 300x300 and the file 50K (Spotlight). Art Gallery's, on the other hand, say 500x500 is ok and the file can be 80K. Which one should I follow? D: I made an entry, but it is on Art Gallery's requirements - is that ok? What is the ideal size for the Random Contest?
I know we've gotten some pretty large images for Random Contest before so there isn't a strict size that you have to follow. I would try to keep it somewhere around 500x500 (80k file size) but if you go a little over your image can still be submitted!

Hey Scrappy! *hands over a giant brownie* First I'd just like to say that I really love and appreciate all the new site updates and especially the W.R. plot. You Neo-staffers are awesome! I look forward to these special site events all year, so I was hoping you could tell us if we can expect another round of Daily Dare or Charity Corner in the near future?
So, I'm glad you brought this up as I wanted to give you guys an update on Charity Corner! It took a little longer than expected to reach a solution that we all agreed on! As I mentioned before, we wanted to make sure if we were to change anything it was still fair and beneficial for everyone! I think we have finally reached a solution we can all agree on so you can expect to see one in the near future!!

Hey TNT, I accidentally ate all the cookies on my way here. Sorry. But I have a... *Rummages Through Pockets*... Um... Bag of Honey-Chokato Crackers if you want any. I've got 3 questions: When a Neopian enters a question for the editorial, are Sparky and Scrappy the only two who get those? About how many submissions to the editorial are there in a week? And, when a question isn't answered in the editorial, was the question still read and considered? ~davymuncher
*look of utter and complete unamusement* Okay so first off, no on Sparky...just Scrappy. Second, at least a few hundred (high percentage of repeated questions though). Third, yes all questions/suggestions/concerns that are submitted to editorial are read and considered, even if not published!

Hiiiiiii, Scraaaaappyyyyyyyy! *throws cookies in slow motion, some of which shatter before you catch them* Sorry, that would be the lag. What's up with all the lag?
Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!! Soo, funny story about that lag (which is clearly gone now)...a member of TNT might've caused it...possibly...totally and completely accidentally.....

However, we have fixed it and they've been banished and now remain locked away for the rest of their days!!

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