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Hey Scrappy, happy almost-October! I just wanted to say I'm so excited for the MME and I can't wait for this mysterious wraith plot 0:-) But I just wanted to ask, will there be a Haunted Hijinks this year? Last year's HH was my favourite NC event :* ~suixx
Will there be a Haunted Hijinks?! Didn't you hear Scrappy a couple weeks ago when I said how much I LOVE HALLOWEEN!! Now now, I will admit that I don't love it as much as I love the entire Month of Celebrating but I do love it indeed. So yes, yes we will! And it will be awesome.

I feel like no one ever bothered to ask. What's your favorite Food? We always offer cookies and brownies, but what really entices you more? ~chocolatjellopudding
Cookies and brownies. And pizza....I loooooooooooooooooove pizza.

On behalf of those who support Xandra as the one true tyrant of neopia, I dutifully demand that Fyora free Xandra from stone, and return her to her rightful position as representative of the pets. :) Yours Sincerely, The Xandra Fan Club ~morganjoisle
Request denied.

Do we need to keep it on the Destroyed Faerie Festival theme to participate in what is happening? Or can we change our theme and still participate?
Nope!! The theme is there for you to sit in all the sadness and betrayal of what has happened. And to prepare you for what is yet to come....

Hello Scrappy C: you mentioned a few weeks ago that we would be getting a new Wonderclaw Machine, however we have since had a new Shenanigifts Party (which we are also thankful for), but Shenanigifts last update before the Fireworks Party was Summer 2016 and the last updated to Wonderclaw is over 2 years ago! Isn't it time for a new Machine, and soon ;)? *hands you some cookies*
Hm, I said that? Are you sure? Welllll, I think it just might be time for that new machine then! And believe me, that whole 2 years for a new one is ABSOLUTELY unacceptable and will not happen again as long as Scrappy is a free Neopian!

Greetings Ms Scrappy! Wanted to say that I love the new Faerie Festival prizes! Just beautiful! And am thrilled to see a new faerie! Kaia is fantastic! Shenkuu meets Faerieland! Super! I was hoping that her outfit might be made into a wearable for our pets. Her hairstyle, wings and her kimono are so lovely. Maybe even Kaia contacts for that extra special Shenkuu faerie flair? Maybe go all out with a Kaia day. Kaia neoboard smiley. Kaia avatar. Kaia plushie. Kaia usuki. Kaia balloon. Everything Kaia! Thank you for all the great new content you have been providing. Much appreciated. Have some of these exclusive Kaia inspired cookies I made just for you. Yummy!
Wow....that is a lot of Kaia. That might be a bit aggressive, I'm not going to lie to you butttt I feel ya! She's absolutely amazing, isn't she?! I will definitely see what I can do with some themed items in her honor!!

Hey Scrappy! Where's all the love for the annual gormball tournament that we had last week? Who won?
Scrappy HATES Gormball. Sorry. No love from me!

Hey Scrappy! Do you think we could get an update to the coming soon page? You could even add in what you said last week about the HTML5 update!! Thanks for all you do!
That's an absolute, no doubt about it stupendous idea. Definitely stay tuned for more info on that....

Okay we have quite a few things to discuss...

1. Yes yes we get only some of you have baby items and mightttt be a little unenthusiastic about the new NC ones released for the Festival! So, to mend your customization little hearts, we've decided to make those items wearable for all pets! Those changes will be effect in the next few days (the names will probably stay the same though) so keep an eye out for em :)
Anddd for those of you who have baby pets and loved them...yes more are on the way!

2. These backup boards. Okay. I got A LOT of questions about these, which is lovely because I wanted to talk about them anyways! I know there is a lot of uproar and while they were never to much of an issue before, they seem to be becoming something of a problem. So, TNT is going to have a round table meaning (with snacks, obvi) and decide what we want to do! I will have an update for you next week!!

3. My apprentice is HEREEEEEEEE! And she wrote ya'll a note!

Hello All,

YESS It's finally me the rumored apprentice, well I guess it was never really a rumor though since Scrappy let you in on the secret. But you know it's fine. I am Jade and I'm new to the Neopian Times and I'm soooo excited to show you all what I got!! It's a pleasure to meet all of you, and hopefully I'll run into you at the Trading Post because let me tell you I've got the coolest collection you've ever seen it has all these different….ohh apparently Scrappy said that was enough introduction. Well glad to be here and hopefully you all with start to notice the subtle differences now that I have some control….mwahh hahaha. Okay well bye then.

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