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If someone were to do a serious, non-comedic comic, would it have any chance of getting into the times?
If does indeed have a chance! However, it depends on the nature and content of the comic. If Scrappy likes it, then you gotta good chance of getting in! It still has to be appropriate and worthy of The Times, of course :)

Hi, Scrappy! *throw cookies* I know we are going to have a plot in November, but I'm wondering if we'll have Game Master Challenge this year as well ~fleohr
Hm, short answer: Yes.
Long Answer: How dare you ask such a thing? Scrappy is EXTREMELY competitive in nature. Did you not see me dominate in the Staff Tournament?? I would NEVER pass up an opportunity for a challenge!!! You better get ready to bring your A-game!!!!

*mentally yelling at myself* Breathe, Scrappy. Breathe. Ah, okay, so I get a little caught up sometimes. My b. So the answer is yes.

Hi there Scrappy, you mentioned that you recently got an apprentice. I was wondering if you could tell us all a little about him/her?
Ah yes!! She started this week and you all will LOVE her!!! I couldddd tell you a little about her, but I figured I would let her do that! She's out roaming the streets and learning the lay of the lands! But I think we might be able to drop by the editorial for a little note next week :) Stay tuned, folks....

Hi Scrappy, You've made mention that customization was getting an HTML5 update & the site in general. Just wondering if we could get a progress update? (I & we all know that these things take time) Thank you.
Between you and me, progress is moving about as fast as a Skeith after a huge meal of ice cream and cookies!!!
Just kidding, that would be a little crazy, progress is actually moving pretty steadily! This is one of those things where you guys won't really notice until it's over butttt it is indeed moving along! It's a very exciting time in the TNT offices!

1. Mystery Pic had a little freak out this week. We exchanged heated words but it's all good now! A new one is posted and will remain until next weeks normal time :) Good luck!

2. Training and planning and snacks, oh my! These things have kept Scrappy busyyyy (especially those snacks)! SO, as an apology for my lack of presence in all your lives, we have a little treat planned for you in the NC Mall next week! Also, once my apprentice gets all nice and settled then I SWEAR Scrappy is back to her present, awesome, Scrappy-like self!

As always, thanks for being patient and the best little buddies I could ever ask for! You guys seriously make waking up before the sunrise every day more than worth it!!

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