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Hi Guys!

So, as you can see, you are all officially invited to the Faerie Festival! They're calling all Neopians throughout all the lands to join the Faeries, and of course Scrappy, to party it up in Faerieland!!!

P.S. I finally got an invite!!!

Okay, fun stuff out of the way, lets move onto the questions....

Hey, it's really getting obnoxious moving around the site in its current state. Sometimes I just want to check up on my Neofriends without having to spend several minutes of that process clicking cars and street signs. Is there a plan to remove that horrible feature in the near future? Thank you for your time.
Yes, we know they are annoying. Yes, we are working on removing them. I can't give you an exact date that'll happen because I don't know the exact date but it's in the works!!

Hellooo, when does the Premium Sale end? It's been on for a while!
Yup it has! We figured since it was a little late that we would give everyone a little bit longer to sign up! However, it is actually ending at the end of this week so if you haven't signed up already you should go check it out! Awesome deal, awesome perks, awesome life! (Scrappy's motto)

Hi, I wanted to know if TNT plan on making new wearable for Halloween? I felt like we were lacking some from last year. ~fairgrounds
Well, my friend, Scrappy LOVES Halloween!! Sooooo, I might've gone a little crazy with the items but if you love October as much as I do then you will definitely not be disappointed!!

Hi Scrappy, thanks for compiling the rules page! The page mentions that user scripts that "help you play the game" are not allowed. However, what about user scripts that give you ZERO game advantage? For example, there's a script that can hide your favorite pets from showing up at the Lab Ray so that you don't accidentally zap them, and a script that does the same for when you select which pet to use a morphing potion on. Lots of people have accidentally zapped or morphed their beloved pets and these scripts try to stop that without giving you any in-game advantages whatsoever. Would something like this still be against the rules? Thanks! ~qwandu
I totally understand that some of the scripts don't particularly give you an advantage but unfortunately none are allowed to be used! It's one of those rules that can have far too many loopholes if we start using a case by case basis so we gotta stick to a hard no for this one! Sorry about that!!! I do hope none of your precious pet get unintentionally zapped!!

Hi there, Scrappy! *offers you a warm pumpkin spice latte* Could you please tell us if the Poetry Contest is going to be updated again? It hasn't had new poems since Grundo Day, and Draiks and Techos are feeling pretty down about it. Thank you! ~painted_dreams87
Oh yummy! I needed this deeply! I am very glad you brought this up because I wanted to mention it! Ugh, don't tell me that they're sad...that makes Scrappy so sad!! I've just been absolutely SWAMPED buttttt this leads me to some exciting news! Scrappy is getting an apprentice! She will arrive on Monday and will start helping me out...she's new so if she makes a mistake please be kind!

So yeah, with her help we will get the poetry contest up and running again (and don't worry, we will be releasing all the ones we've missed the past two weeks)!

Hi Scrappy! *offers you a sundae with everything on top* Could you please give us any more information about the extra pet spaces that we will be getting? Are they coming soon? Will we get more than 1 extra space? Any hints you can give us would be awesome. We're all so very eager. Thank you! You're the best! :)
*stares at the sundae with disgust* Somebody. Take. That. Disgusting. Cherry. Off. My. Sundae.....*TNTer runs over and grabs it* Ah thanks buddy! Scrappy hates cherries!!! I will gladly accept the rest of the sundae though!!!

Anyways, that pet Well, I would start brainstorming ideas for your next pet if I were you (both premium and non-premium)....but that's just me.

curiosity is getting the better of me.... inquiring minds want to know...which November is the upcoming plot..... 2017, 2018, 2019 or????? thank you and hands out a big tray of dark chocolate chip cookies......
Mmmmmm coooooookiesssss!!!!! Well, right now it is set for 2042 but honestly, we are making AMAZING progress so I think we might even be able to bump that up 3-4 years :)

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